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Philip Barlow - home

Philip Barlow - home

Hungarian artist creates impossible-looking sculptures from pencils An artist’s eye always sees things, as humble as a pencil, in a much different way than the others. While pencil is a mere writing and drawing instrument for most of us, artists such as Dalton Ghetti use them to create wonderful pieces of complex art for the rest of us to admire. Another artist, specializing in miniature artworks, is a Budapest-based artist and sculptor known by the name of Cerkahegyzo. The sculptor, whose tools are nothing more than small carving tools, fine blades, needles, sandpaper and files, uses the wood and lead of a pencil as the base and body of the sculptures. Paying homage to Ghetti, the artist has also replicated his sculpture of heart, screw and linked chains.

Graphic design company in Altrincham, south of Manchester, providing creative design for print, web design, illustrations and logos. It's Hard to Believe but These Are Not Photographs (39 pics) Unbelievable paintings that are not photographs. Alyssa Monks - Oil on linen Paul Cadden - Small drawing pencil on paper Kamalky Laureano - Acrylic on canvas Gregory Thielker - Oil on canvas Lee Price - Oil on linen Ben Weiner - Paintings of paint Ron Mueck - Sculpture, mixed materials Kim Ji-hoon - Pencil Christina K - Drawing on tinted brown paper Ray Hare - Acrylic painting on canvas Daisy - Charcoal Pedro Campos - Oil on canvas Dirk Dzimirsky - Graphite on paper Thomas Arvid - Limited edition Giclee on canvas Rafal Bujnowski - Black and white paint Paul Cadden - Pencil on paper Robin Eley - Oil on Belgian linen Samuel Silva - Ballpoint pen Gottfried Helnwein - Oil and acrylic on canvas Kelvin Okafor - Graphite pencils Franco Clun - Pencils on watercolor paper Amy Robins - Colored pencil on cartridge paper Mike Bayne - Oil on wood panel Robert Longo - Charcoal on mounted paper Diego Fazio - Charcoal pencil ryan Drury - Oil on wood

Recycled Plastic Bottles Partially Filled with Colored Water Used to Create a Parking Canopy Daniel Gordon: “The Green Line” is a nod to Matisse’s 1905 portrait of his wife (PHOTOS). Daniel Gordon, courtesy of M+B For Daniel Gordon’s latest series “The Green Line,” the artist used photography and collage as tools to create works referenced from Matisse’s well-known 1905 portrait of his wife titled The Green Stripe (La Raie Verte). “The title is a nickname for the painting because of the artificial shadow displayed as a line down the center of her face,” Gordon wrote via email. To create each piece, Gordon sorts through photographic images found on the Internet, prints them, and builds 3-D tableaux he then shoots with an 8x10 view camera. He said he is inspired by not only Matisse’s art but also his philosophies. “I’m interested in taking ideas that were radical in Matisse’s day (collapsing space through the blending of foreground and background, multiple angles viewed at the same time, and Fauvist color and expression, among others) and moving them into a contemporary photographic space,” Gordon wrote via email.

Ólafur Arnalds // Discography For Now I am Winter (2013) Living Room Songs (2011) Another Happy Day OST (2011) ... Dyad 1909 (2009) Found Songs (2009) Variations Of Static (2008) Eulogy For Evolution (2007) belle maison Johan Thörnqvist » art I only used photos taken with my phone for these: « Previous ·« Previous ·· Next »

Heike Weber Installations Utterly amazing installations by Heike Weber. She draws with permanentmarkers on acrylic floor and walls – surfaces that have reached up to 600 m2. I can’t begin to imagine how time consuming these breathtaking installations must have been. Via TRIANGULATION Artists Series 35 - Florian Nicolle Name Florian Nicolle Category Illustration Age Gender Female Location Caen, France Medium Digital & Paper In Artists Inspire Artists’s “Artists Series” we single out one amazing artist who’s work could stand alone. Art Forums - A Singular Creation Art Community • Tutorial: Painting Realistic Eyes We would like to ing you this feature tutorial by Linda Bergkvist, renowned in the digital arts community for her gorgeous portrayal of characters. In this tutorial, Linda shows us step by step how she paints realistic eyes. About Linda Bergkvist Linda Bergkvist is a renowned digital artist who currently lives in Sweden. Linda Bergkvist's website can be found at