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Marta Nael: Illustrator and Matte Painter

Marta Nael: Illustrator and Matte Painter
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Yuko Rabbit Robh Ruppel College Boss Films thrived and Robh also freelanced in Los Angeles, working on the movie 'Misery' with Rob Reiner and Norman Garwood. He also went back to the Art Center College, where he crossed over and did some teaching on their invitation. "They wanted an additional teacher for the landscape class and I taught that for several terms and then I said, 'Hey why don't we start doing this on laptops, because most of these students are going to be working digital anyway', and from then on we went out into the field and painted on our laptops, from life." Ruppel had turned his class into a digital landscape painting session. Robh also found figure drawing education at the California Art Institute, run by Fred Fixler. This is where he met Morgan Weistling, Greg Pro and Glen Orbik and others. Influences"I found influences all over the place, from Syd Mead, Joe Johnson, John Berkey. Disney work Robh Ruppel worked at Disney Feature Animation for 11 years.

The Art Of Marta Nael - Draw As A Maniac and stay positive From a very young age, Marta Nael showed extraordinary aptitudes regarding drawing and painting. It soon became apparent to her what she wanted to become as a grown-up. Marta has a love for all artistic disciplines but after completing her Fine Arts degree she discovered her passion: matte painting and concept art. Chek Marta’s blog at Enjoy The Gallery Leave a Reply Jim Colorex Katsushika Hokusai - The complete works Feng Zhu Design Superhero In Pension By Andreas Englund - Draw As A Maniac and stay positive Ever wonder what is to be a supehero. I gues the answer is “YES”. But ever wonder what is to be an old superhero ready for pension? Chek him on

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