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Nazi trove in Munich contains unknown works by masters 5 November 2013Last updated at 11:02 ET Artworks were looted from occupied countries or confiscated for being "degenerate" Previously unknown artworks by masters are among more than 1,400 pieces found in a trove of Nazi-looted art in Munich, German officials say. Sigmar Polke Skip to content Home Tag Archives: Sigmar Polke Sigmar Polke Posted on June 20, 2010 by The Gym | Leave a comment Showcase of Colorful Portraits by Evgeny Parfenov <div id="noscript">Please activate JavaScript in your browser!</div> Splashnology Magazine Powered by Netrinomedia Showcase of Colorful Portraits by Evgeny Parfenov Evgeny Parfenov is a freelance illustrator from Russia with a creative style of illustration.

War Steed "War Steed" - ink, watercolor and gouache on paper - 12" x 9" Artwork © Lawrence Yang 2011 my blog | my site | purchase inquiries Stéphanie Rousseau Ce site utilise des cookies pour améliorer votre expérience de navigation.OK ! En Savoir plus All Art Direction Graphic Design illustration Photographie Redactionnel WebDesign

Van Gogh Teaches Us How To Keep Life Interesting : 13.7: Cosmos And Culture The two paintings are unmistakably by Vincent Van Gogh. Both show a street scene in the south of France, dominated by sturdy trees with limbs thrust upwards. Both show the same trees and the same houses and pedestrians — almost. The Road Menders and The Large Plane Trees (Road Menders at Saint-Remy) were painted by Van Gogh in May 1889. They're so alike that they are sometimes called "copies."

Theo Altenberg Theo Altenberg has been active in so many artistic genres that it seems like a silly simplification to call him a painter. There is an intriguing drama in his yummy olis-on-cardboard that hints to his other talents. In these seemingly random splashes and smears of mixed oily color, the viewer finds him- or herself looking for scenery, people, recognizable forms. Whether this was Altenberg’s intention or not is irrelevant. What matters is that it gives us pause. mica angela I was born ages ago into the traveling circus of military life, and have been fortunate enough to have seen a decent chunk of the world as a result. At a young age, I developed a sort of Darwinian added appendage, as my sketchbook rarely left my hands. People who didn’t take the time to get to know me simply called me “that girl that draws.” A few years out of college, I decided to join the US Army, where I met my husband, Matthew. I happily served 4 years in Hawaii as a Photolithographer, leading a prepress topographic mapping team.

Maxfield Parrish Art and Illustrations About Maxfield Parrish During the Golden Age of Illustration, Maxfield Parrish's "beautiful settings and charming figures" enchanted the American public. His work includes immense murals in office buildings and hotels, magazine covers, and advertisements as well as his book illustrations. The Amazing Art of Tzviatko Kinchev Tzviatko Kinchev is born in Sofia, Bulgaria and he is an extraordinary talented young man. He is studing in The National Academy of Arts and also working for Haemimont Games as an 2D artist. Check out his works and how he uses a great colorful palette of warm colors.

colleen clark Thank you so much for all of your lovely messages everyone!! I’m not going to publish too many more because I don’t want to overload anyone’s dash and make them annoyed but I appreciate every single one and I am going through and answering them privately now! I love you guys thank you for being so sweet and welcoming to me I am so glad Tumblr exists omg wellankitman asked: Thank you so much. The Haven for Scofflaws, Roustabouts, and Ne-er-do-wells: Search results for yoo hoo This is my cat Skeletor, or "Skelly" as he's commonly called. As you can see, he is a great lover of literature. I post this picture of him because he's awesome and also because I include him as a recurring character in lots of my stories. In "Finnigan's Last Resort", Skelly is a companion and friend to the main character. He represents loyalty, friendship, and perseverance in hard times. In my stories, I use him as a device to connect the audience with the happenings of the story.

Paintings by Lou Ros Self-taught artist Lou Ros began his career by tagging walls and buildings with friends at the age of 17. Now 26, he’s exhibiting his paintings worldwide with no less than seven upcoming group and solo exhibitions in Miami, New York, Paris and elsewhere. Some of the pieces above are from his Faces series, many of which were shown at an exhibition earlier this spring at Tache Gallery. (via art fixx) No, This Is Not Photoshop. A Makeup Artist Created Marge Simpson on a Real Person Posted Apr 11, by Christen Grumstrup In this photo, makeup created the yellow skin color and big eyes. Flowers were used for the hair. Her red lips are actually painted on her neck.