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Franck Bohbot's Portfolio - WORKS

Franck Bohbot's Portfolio - WORKS


Info - Julien Douvier About me : My name is Julien Douvier, 24 years old, I studied graphic design in France along with editorial / print design and advertising design. I'm now a freelancer looking for projects opportunities. What tools do I use to create my animated photos ? I use most of the time a Canon 600D with various lenses, a tripod, Sony Vegas Pro and Adobe Photoshop. Franco Fontana Franco Fontana is an Italian photographer born in Modena, on December, 9th, 1933. He is best known for his abstract colour landscapes. Fontana's photos have been used as album cover art for records produced by the ECM jazz label. He is known as the inventor of the photographic line referred to as concept of line. His Style[edit] Franco Fontana is above all interested in the interplay of colours and he had based his own vibrant and original language on that.

Seung-Hwan Oh Impermanence ‘Impermanence’ is about an idea that all matter including all the life forms collapse in our spatial-temporal dimension we belong to. The conceptual idea was inspired by the second law of thermodynamics. Impermanence_Untitled_DavidHyun 2013150x150cmPigment PrintEdition of 5 Impermanence_Untitled_Akio Flying Surface The most important thing is the nature of the item, its essence. This is the way Jean Nouvel describes his project Flying Surface, because he thinks of this piece more as luminous object rather than a luminaire, looking for the essence of light. Flying Surface has been developed for the illumination company, Troll in 2006, and it is essentially made with a stretched fabric and produces a floating-like surface when its inside light is switched on. I think that this is perhaps the most minimalist lighting design that can be made.

gallery — Coffee 'N Clothes @lateafternoon @s.tio @evangelinenafthalia @eggcanvas @polabur @thedamselindenim K-NARF K-NARF is represented by CLIC GALLERY_NYC / ROBERTA MOLIN CORVO GALLERY_MILAN 0FR GALLERY_PARIS / CELINE MOINE GALLERY_LYON CLEAR GALLERY_TOKYO TOKYO STUDIO @ 0fr. TOKYO_NAKAMEGURO from Monday to Thursday, 0fr Tokyo becomes my artist studio in Tokyo. AUG. 2014 TAPE-O-GRAPH, ORIGINAL MULTIPLE [OM]#2 available from my K-STORE 01 unique large size TAPE-O-GRAPH Lucien Rose Complex / Atelier du Pont Architects: Atelier du Pont (Member of PLAN01) Location: Rennes, France Project Team: Anne-Cécile Comar, Philippe Croisier -Stéphane Pertusier Project Leader: Aquilino Torrao Client: Archipel habitat and City of Rennes (library) Landscaping: Ronand Desorneaux & Cabinet Lengyel Architectes Project Area: 7,300 sqm Budget: 9.2M Euros Project Year: 2009 Photographs: Luc Boegly Dreamed by of Edmond Herve, Mayor of Rennes from 1977 to 2008 and a leading figure on the French political scene, the new Lucien Rose Complex created by Atelier du Pont is in keeping with an area that has historically belonged to the city’s more prosperous inhabitants: the down-town Thabor Botanical Gardens district. This could have evoked a trend from the distant past – a sort of ‘ghettofication‘ where the poorer classes took over ‘posh’ neighbourhoods but it has resulted in a happy marriage instead.

Lisson Gallery Jason Martin effects oscillations between sculpture and painting, with the vigour of action painting but a controlled hand. He is perhaps best known for his monochromatic paintings, where layers of oil or acrylic gel are dragged across hard surfaces such as aluminium, stainless steel or Plexiglas with a fine, comb-like piece of metal or board in one movement, often repeated many times. Striations catch the light, their rhythmic textures suggestive of the ridges in a vinyl record, strands of wet hair, the grain of a feather – and whose titles flirt with association (Comrade, Amphibian, Corinthian).

Daunay / Atelier du Pont Architects: Atelier du Pont / Member of the collective PLAN01) Location: Paris, France Project Director: Aquilino Torrao Project Team: Anne-Cécile Comar, Philippe Croisier, Stéphane Pertisier Co-contractors: evp Ingénierie, Structural design engineers; Delta Fluides, construction services General Services: FARC Project Area: 658 sqm Budget: 1,380,000 euros Project Year: 2009 Photographs: Luc Boegly This large block of 8 flats merges smoothly into the heterogeneity of the Impasse Daunay cul-de-sac. Facing the street, the textured glass skin covering the facades pays discreet homage to the glass walls of the artists’ studios in this Père Lachaise neighbourhood.

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