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Makingof Maschinen Project In Zbrush | AVCGI 360 Check this awesome makingof Maschinen With use of Zbrush and photoshop.Artist create a cinematic character inspired by major studios such as Blur, Blizzard and others. Artist profile- 911 Total Views 74 Views Today Dan Roarty - Character Artist Pierre-Olivier Levesque - Badass Zbrush Sculpting Collection Watch some amazing Stuff done by Pierre-Olivier Levesque in Zbrush. Below is some various he has worked on in 2014 at Gameloft and some personal stuff. All Done in zbrush and render in vray and keyshot (the lastest). For the solider He used: zbrush / maya / marvelous designer / xnormal / mari / quixel / marmoset This one is based on the concept of Karl Kopinski:

Cameron Kerby : 3D Artist : Portfolio Cameron Kerby Copyright 2013 Anthony Jones — Robotpencil Clément Melendez - Level Designer - Portfolio Role: Pre-production: I prototyped gameplay mechanics and missions for a few months, then was put in charge of the Vertical Slice level. Production: I designed the 6th level in the game, York (labelled PAX ROMANA), from beginning to end. This involved the usual: documentation, block-out, asset placement, AI scripting, scripted events, mark-up, bug-fixing, optimization, balancing, etc. I was also the owner of the LD scripting tools (creation of modules, requests for tools, maintenance of the editor). Description: The game tells the story of Marius Titus who witnesses the murder of his family at the hands of barbarians. Challenges: Many factors made this project challenging: new IP, launch title for a new console, new team, new genre for the company... More than anything, I learnt how to balance communication, level-design tasks, documentation, and associated tasks such as maintaining the editor tools, training newcomers, reproducing bugs, creating test-maps for programmers, etc.

Gurjeet Singh on Building Great Lowpoly Characters Gurjeet Singh is a 3D artist who specializes in high and low resolution modeling. He’s been working on games, CGI-movies, and even helped to build some of the exciting sculptures for the fans of The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. Professionally, Gurjeet has contributed to a number of cool games like Dead Rising 3, Batman: Arkham Origins, Firefall, WildStar and worked on collectibles for Mass Effect and Skyrim. A Little Introduction The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Shrine of Talos My name is Gurjeet Singh, I have been working in this industry for more than 5 years now. Building 3D Models The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Daedric Armor Always look for proportions, bigger shapes, and silhouettes. If I am working with a concept, I give it my best to match everything, do a lot of research about the character, gather references, and add more charm to the model while keeping the original feeling of the concept. The Sister of Battle Concept This was a really fun and long project for me. Achieving 2D Look in 3D Tools

Leroy Simpson - 3D Character Artist Speed Sculpts | Tom Parker Welcome to my Speed sculpt section, this is where Im gonna plonk all my speed sculpts (Hopefully with timelapse videos) So they are all in one place as alot of people are finding them helpful and would like them all in one place. These were all part of a learning process for me which I hope to continue whenever I get the chance as Im learning so much from tackling all the different subject matters and the time limits really train you to nail forms and not jump into your detailing too soon. They may not be masterpieces but I learnt alot through their creation. new speedey, 1.5 hours, based on a piece of concept art taken from the art of tangled. Male Anatomy Study, 1 hour total time Speed sculpt of King of the Cosmos from Katamari :) 1.5 hours, vid incoming 2.5 hours on this one, samael from darksiders, Im not happy with the chin but just ran out of time. another speedy, Theme is aliens, only 45mins on this one. 1hr 30mins in all. many thanks and here he is with glasses Like this:

beancube® - Ryan Bargiel - Ryan BargieŁ - Environment Artist - Corridor One : Cry Engine 3 Jumping into Cryengine 3, learning the tools and engine over a few weeks. A clean and vibrant scifi corridor containing some detailed elements to bring a point of interest to the scene. In Memory of Franky, R.I.P. Nuclear Logistics Unit ToolBox - Tools MainBoard >> back <<