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BIO/BIBLIOGRAPHY : PATRICK GUNS Born in 1962 in Brussels (Be), lives and works in Brussels.....SELECTED SOLO EXHIBITIONS .2014No to Contemporary Art, ISELP, Brussels (Be).I Know A Song To Sing On This Dark, Dark, Dark Night, curator Denis Gielen, MAC's, Grand-Hornu (Be). 2011May 35th, Galerie Polaris, Paris (Fr). 2010My Last Meals***, galerieofmarseille, Marseille (Fr).Wassup Stranger, Elaine Levy Project, Brussels (Be). 2009My Last Meals***, curator Martin Hochleitner, Margret-Bilger-Galerie/Stift Schlierbach, Schlierbach (At). 2008My Last Meals***, Galerie Polaris, Paris (Fr). 2007I like Africa and Africa likes me – part II, Elaine Levy Project, Brussels (Be).I like Africa and Africa likes me – part I, Cultuurcentrum, Hasselt (Be).Himmelblau, Galerie Polaris, Paris (Fr). 2005Femme et Plateau, Galerie Polaris, Paris (Fr). 2003The Fading of Colours, curator Eva Wittocx, Kunst nu, SMAK-Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst, Ghent (Be). 2005Kunst & Zwalm, Zwalm (Be). 1992Lumières éphémères, Brussels (Be).

Histoire des Arts – 2.0 » Guernica Monumentale par sa taille comme par sa force symbolique, ce tableau « Guernica » illustre le drame de la guerre civile espagnole. C’est l’une des œuvres emblématiques de Picasso qui en dit autant sur la vie de l’artiste que sur l’histoire de son pays. Pistes et documents complètent cette découverte. Le cirque contemporain, la piste et la scène Les nouveaux artistes du cirque à la rencontre des autres arts : ceux des acteurs, des danseurs et des musiciens. Le Pot doré Un objet sorti du quotidien par le travail de l’artiste, un emblème voyageur qui va de Berlin à Pékin. « Le Pot » de Jean-Pierre Raynaud n’est décidément pas un pot de fleurs comme les autres. Les clefs de l’orchestre : le boléro de Ravel Qu’est-ce qui explique le succès du Boléro de Ravel qui pourtant, n’est qu’une inlassable répétition, un quart d’heure durant, de deux mêmes thèmes ? Pierre Soulages parle… Ces entretiens, riches et captivants, ont été réalisés en 1998 chez Pierre Soulages à Sète.

How young, diverse and uncensored women are speaking out DM Sliders, Fuckboys, sex toys, sex woes, Cyborg Consciousness, cultural appropriation, body shaming, Colonization, Intersectionality, Feminism, Race, Drake, Drake + Serena Williams, Drake vs Meek Mill, Zayn Malik worship, Afrofuturism and renting-but-not-quite-surviving in London. These are just some of the topics dished out and dissected by a wave of women-led chatty podcasts making space for banter, laughs and cultural critique. Despite being sidelined and silenced in most media realms, an online audio refuge has been forged for the voices of young, diverse and uncensored women. The “undiluted REAL TALK” served by best friends Zezi Ifore and Irene Agbontaen will get you hooked! You’ll soon find that nothing is off limits for these two, their #JISTY discussion topics ranging from sex and dating to Drake and racial politics...with friends and guests chipping in too. The Latest: Taylor Swift’s colonial fantasy, sister rivalry and menstrual cycles

Anna Wintour has some harsh advice for fashion students Anna Wintour descended from the lofty floors of Condé Nast to dispense some “off-the-record” advice to aspiring designers and students at Central Saint Martins earlier this month. Alongside the newly appointed International Editor, Suzy Menkes, the American Vogue editor imparted some tough-love advice on how to make it in fashion to an audience that included CSM students and past graduates and designers like Simone Rocha. Given that Wintour has guided Alexander Wang, Rodarte and Proenza Schouler and a long list of others to success over her 25-year tenure at Vogue, following her advice might give you a good chance of following suit. Here’s what we learned: "I do think there is a tradition in England, that you can do anything with nothing,” Wintour noted. “Go get a job,” Wintour stated in no uncertain terms. "Please listen to me when I say: an interesting creative presentation is just as effective as a fashion show," Wintour pleaded. Watch Anna Wintour in The September Issue below:

Works between 2003 and 2012 | Tjalf Sparnaay Tjalf Sparnaay Oilpaintings Home News Press Works Biography Books Video Limited editions Artdealers Contact Works Internet ravit la culture En créant une zone de réappropriation illimitée des contenus, le web ouvre la voie au remix populaire de la culture. Un fait majeur dans l'histoire de la propriété intellectuelle et de la création que décrypte André Gunthert, chercheur à l'EHESS. Dans son célèbre article “L’œuvre d’art à l’époque de sa reproductibilité technique”, publié en 1939, Walter Benjamin dessine l’opposition paradigmatique de deux cultures. Face à l’ancienne culture bourgeoise, appuyée sur le modèle de l’unicité de l’œuvre d’art, les nouveaux médias que sont la photographie et le cinéma imposent par la “reproductibilité” le règne des industries culturelles. Un demi-siècle plus tard, la révolution des outils numériques nous confronte à une nouvelle mutation radicale. La dématérialisation des contenus apportée par l’informatique et leur diffusion universelle par internet confère aux œuvres de l’esprit une fluidité qui déborde tous les canaux existants. Mythologie des amateurs L’appropriation comme fait social

An illustrative and humorous look at female sexuality London-based illustrator Polly Nor pays homage to the 21st century girl – her feats and flaws included. From relationship mishaps to weekend regrets, she offers a droll and candid expression of female sexuality that’s a welcome detour from the tedious image of objectified women, promulgated through mainstream media and pornography. “I am questioning the ubiquitous male vision (of women),” she tells us, offering instead an “alternative view on sexuality, relationships and emotions from a modern-day female perspective.” Taking inspiration from “funny texts, angry tweets, memes and selfies”, as much as typical “girl chat”, her illustrations often begin with a “line of dialogue or image in mind” before putting pen to paper. Unlike writing, though, for this Loughborough graduate, “illustration is the easiest and most natural way” to broach her subject:

Is Fashion Education Selling a False Dream? | Education, Education Report 201... LONDON, United Kingdom — The fashion education sector is booming. As the scale and scope of the industry has grown over the last decade, and social media has opened up a once secretive business to the masses, the appeal of fashion as a career opportunity has grown with it, leading more and more young people to pursue fashion education. “Fashion education has grown enormously in scale compared to ten years ago,” says Sara Kozlowski, Director of Education and Professional Development at the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA). “In some cases institutions have experienced enrollment increases tripling student populations.” In the United Kingdom, there are more than 30 colleges and universities now offering fashion degree courses, with thousands of fashion design graduates each year. So, how to navigate this increasingly complex fashion education landscape? Students were particularly complimentary about their teachers. Institut Français de la Mode, Paris, France | Source: Courtesy

Star Wars fine art goes on show in Manchester May the Fouth has become an unofficial day of celebration for Star Wars fans. So it makes sense for a collection of art related to the George Lucas series to go on show today. Manchester's Generation Gallery is hosting an event featuring the official Star Wars fine art collection, running until May 25. It is 35 years since Luke Skywalker and friends hit our screens but these portraits of the more alien characters from the series look like they come from even further back in time. Gallery manager Robert Marks said: "Lucasfilm are shaking things up, working with a new breed of retro artists to create pieces of illustrative art that I think will really surprise fans. "The studio are releasing a collection of Victorian inspired portraits featuring the Star Wars characters, these pieces especially, are a good example of how daring this artwork is." The collection also includes work by John Alvin, the cinematic artist who created posters for more than 130 films, including ET and Blade Runner.