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Fantastico!, Art References Tumblr Accounts!

Fantastico!, Art References Tumblr Accounts!
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Artistic Anatomy Is learning to draw anatomy in a classroom more secure (since there is a teacher to check the work and possibly a book to study from) in practicing artistic anatomy drawing, or should artists focus on just practicing from images on websites/blogs like this tumblr? Asketh - pjmx24 Depending on the size of your class and where you are, your teacher can be a great guide to help you and show you what areas you need to focus on more to improve and give you good material to work from! If your class size is too big (ideally a class of no more than 15 is optimal for a teacher to give extensive feedback to all students) you might not get enough feedback to really improve as much as possible to your full potential. Outside of class (or if you have no class) you should focus on drawing in a sketchbook dedicated for life drawing/anatomy. Hope that gives you some insight!

Tablet Pressure Curve Tool | Secret Laboratory This application is designed to improve experience with Wacom tablets. Sometimes you have to press your pen with unnecessary force to get maximum opacity. It is possible to modify pen response through tablet configuration, but the available options are limited and maximum required force is unchanged. This application allows you to modify all three control points of tablet sensitivity curve and subsequently achieve custom and improved pen sensitivity. Download: Tablet Pressure Curve Tool version 2.0 (22/4/2015)(for Windows 7/8 with Wacom tablets) Tablet Pressure Curve Tool version 1.6 (29/08/2013)(for Windows XP/Vista/7 with Wacom tablets) Windows 32-bit || ReadMe Some application actions require elevated privileges to run correctly. Informations: Version history

Reference Images for Artists Foreshortening Tricks Hi folks! Tutorial Tuesday is going to be a basic one – I’m a bit under the weather currently so this may not be the best post, but I want to give you something that I feel is important in the world of drawing – some pointers on foreshortening. Check this out. Foreshortening is basically an optical illusion created from a compressed looking drawing in perspective. This perspective is distorted in order to create a false sense of depth, and is used a lot in comics – Superman flying with his outstretched arm coming out of the page, or a fist connecting with a villain’s face, etc. These comic drawings you see that appear to come off the page use some form of foreshortening to create that illusion. There’s several ways artists choose to render their drawings using foreshortening. Receding Plane Technique Scruffy Ronin uses a method that relies on a drawing a flat plane that recedes into space as a boundary. Five Points in Foreshortening Size, Overlapping Shapes, and Surfaces Blocks and Circles

3DsMax- Batch export/import - JosBalcaen This is a handy script if you want to transfer your models from one 3d-package to another. Category: Free work Downloadable: Free This is the perfect script to transfer your models from 3ds Max to ZBrush/Unity/UDK/… Basically it batch exports objects to multiple files. Supported formats : max, obj, fbx, 3ds, ase, dwf, dwg, dxf, dae. General features Very easy to use scriptAll options are saved.This means all checkboxes, text fields will remember your change. Export features Reset geometry. So no need for an export scene. How to install You can easily run the script by dragging it in 3ds Max. Create button If you want a button in 3ds max, you need to create one yourself. Save the script to a location.

Learn From Webcomics Recently, well-known cartoonist Andrew Dobson announced his retirement from art, citing online bullying as the cause. And, certainly, there was a thriving anti-Dobson community both on Tumblr and elsewhere that didn’t pull many punches. Dealing with the knowledge that people think so little of you has to take a toll on a person. It isn’t my place to say whether or not a person should stop writing, drawing, what have you. My place right here is to talk about what this sort of thing means, because I know most of you have wanted to quit at some point, or will. But, we can’t. Dobson quitting is a good thing. When you care about what you do enough that you find a way to use the pain, then you know you’re going places.

TL;DR The second bit of advice a beginning artist usually gets is “draw from life”. And it is excellent advice! After all, if you can't draw what is right in front of you, you certainly won't be able to draw what you see in your imagination either. But the advice is a bit short, and will usually leave the artist behind unsure of what to do next. Materials? Figure 1.1. So... a ream of the cheapest copier paper you can find, or in a pinch, the inside of a pizza box. The most important thing to keep in mind is to start with the largest shapes, and gradually work down to the small details. The best way to explain this is by example. The first step is to block in the large shapes. Figure 1.3. Now pause and check if everything is still correct. The proportions are okay: the line through the eyes is supposed to be a bit below halfway (say, at 5/8ths) the lines of the ear tips and the chin. Figure 1.4. Eyeballing diagonal lines through your figure is called “caliper vision” by [Ryd]. Figure 1.5.

15 steps to landing your dream art job In our regular profiles of leading digital artists, we ask our interviewees for their careers advice. Normally, it’s just a paragraph of text. But Yekaterina Bourykina‘s answer was so detailed, we thought it was worth an article in its own right. Below, you can find the Blizzard Entertainment character artist’s 15-step plan for landing your dream art job, plus links to useful resources. Some are tailored to the games industry, but the advice they contain applies to VFX work and illustration too. 1. 2. 3. 4. All of Yekaterina’s work – like Archer, our main image – carries a discreet ‘YBourykina’ signature. 5. Further reading: ‘Your portfolio repels jobs‘ Veteran outsourcing manager Jon Jones reveals the main mistakes artists make in online portfolios. 6. 7. Dedicated to helping digital artist improve their skills, Facebook group Ten Thousand Hours provides a platform for honest feedback, and runs regular art challenges. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. CrunchCast and CrunchBites Jim Thacker

Sketch's Studios 50 Clever Tutorials and Techniques on Traditional Drawing - Smashing Magazine Advertisement Traditional drawing is certainly way harder than digital and it is true that people are able to progress much faster digitally, but one should learn the traditional type of drawing and painting before starting digital drawing, since it often lays out the foundation for screen design. This article contains a mixture of traditional drawing tutorials, drawing techniques and some methods for transforming and preparing your creations for screen design. Traditional Drawing Tutorials Marilyn Portrait TutorialA truly fantastic drawing tutorial to learn how to draw a portrait of Marilyn Monroe with pencil. Portrait tutorialThis is a step by step tutorial on how to draw a realistic portrait. How to draw lipsIn this tutorial artist will explain how to draw the structure of the human lips. How to Draw a CarFor this tutorial the artist will show the different steps he takes in drawing a realistic looking car. Evil skull drawingLooking for a terrifying evil skull drawing tutorial?