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Amnesty International Australia

Amnesty International Australia
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Caritas Internationalis - Towards a civilization of love Online features This web feature presents an online version of Jakelin Troy's book on Aboriginal breastplates titled King Plates: A History of Aboriginal Gorgets. Minor revisions and enhanced with the National Museum of Australia's collection of Aboriginal breastplates. A slideshow of images taken from different visits to ANZAC Cove. (2004) Student multimedia works inspired by the Australian Journeys gallery. (2009-11) This symposium explored the legacy of the 1948 American-Australian Scientific Expedition to Arnhem Land. The website includes links to the symposium audio and proceedings and the Museum's collection records. (2009) A collection of photographs taken by people living in Australia's Murray-Darling Basin, showing local landscapes, resources, cultural heritage and characters. (2004-06) The Museum collects cartoons to develop a visual archive of Australia's political history that is an important resource for the Museum and the nation in years to come. Australia Oxfam Australia - For a just world without poverty CLAIRE MARTIN : LIGHT JOURNEYS Slab City has been created by a small but committed community of squatters in the Colorado Desert of South Eastern California, USA. Taking its name from the concrete slabs that remain from an abandoned World War II base, it is a tragic yet romantic landscape that commands its residents to possess the same balance of beauty and beast. Unbearable temperature highs in summer weed out the many who inhabit the free space in winter leaving only the most resilient, or the most unfortunate, as permanent residents. Claire began her career by pursuing a degree in social work, however, switched her focus to photography when she realised that change can also be effected through this medium. Médecins Sans Frontières Core documents outlining MSF's principles are the Charter,[5] the Chantilly Principles, and the later La Mancha Agreement.[6] Governance is addressed in Section 2 of the Rules portion of this final document. MSF has an associative structure, where operational decisions are made, largely independently, by the five operational centres (Amsterdam, Barcelona-Athens, Brussels, Geneva and Paris). Common policies on core issues are coordinated by the International Council, in which each of the 24 sections (national offices) is represented. The International Council meets in Geneva, Switzerland, where the International Office, which coordinates international activities common to the operational centres, is also based. The organization actively provides health care and medical training to populations in about 70 countries and frequently insists on political responsibility in conflict zones such as Chechnya and Kosovo. Creation[edit] Biafra[edit] 1971 establishment[edit] New leadership[edit]

ANTaR United Nations University Walk Slowly, Live Wildly — Think. Dream. Dance. Love. Worship. Be. Australia's aid program The Australian Government’s development policy Australian aid: promoting prosperity, reducing poverty, enhancing stability and performance framework Making Performance Count: enhancing the accountability and effectiveness of Australian aid outline key aspects of our aid program. Documents Australia's development policy and performance framework are available in PDF and Word formats. The need for change The world has changed—and our aid program is changing too. Where we work The Australian aid program now focuses more clearly on our Indo-Pacific region. What we do: re-shaping the aid program The purpose of the aid program is to promote Australia’s national interests by contributing to sustainable economic growth and poverty reduction. A strategic framework will guide the re-shaping of Australia’s aid program over coming years. Figure 1: The strategic framework for the aid program: promoting prosperity, reducing poverty, enhancing stability More details on the priority areas: How we deliver aid

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