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ASU - Ask A Biologist

ASU - Ask A Biologist
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Photo ID — BETA | Merlin Bird ID app – Instant Bird Identification Help for 400 North American birds About Photo ID Help us test Merlin Bird Photo ID The Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Visipedia are collaborating to develop computer vision technology to identify birds in photos. Help test our new tool! Note: Merlin Bird Photo ID does not work on tablets or mobile devices at this time.

Smithsonian Science Education Center - Contents tagged with NGSS - Tags Informal Educators Also Face the Challenges of Meeting Next Generation Science Standards As the newest member of the SSEC team, I bring a unique perspective to our curriculum and publications department—that of informal science education. I’ve taught in informal science and environmental education programs for over twelve years, including managing park naturalist programs in Delaware, and starting up and running the Education and Outreach Program at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (SERC). I’ve worked with schools, clubs, senior centers, scouting organizations, pre-K groups, birding and environmental clubs, boating and yacht clubs, home schoolers, special needs groups, and more.

Educational Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Environment, Biographies BioWiki: The Dynamic Biology Hypertext - BioWiki Next Generation Science Standards › The Einstein Project The Einstein Project The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) were released in the spring of 2013 and are in the state adoption process nationwide. The Einstein Project is committed to providing districts and teachers with the best inquiry science curriculum, material support and professional development. We will continue to provide science units that align with the current WI Model of Academic Standards while supporting those districts that wish to transition to the new instructional approaches and strategies found in NGSS. Feel free to call (920.884.8800) or email The Einstein Project with questions about specific units and NGSS. NGSS Basics: Next Generation of Science Standards - Explore the Standards Framework for K-12 Science Education Achieve- NGSS Adoption and Implementation Workbook NGSS @ NSTA Hub- resources for all aspects of NGSS Venn Diagram of Practices in Science, Math & ELA Common Core Literacy & Science! NGSS in Wisconsin: CESA 7 Science Center- NGSS Tools for Lesson Alignment

The Photosynthesis Cycle" The Earth's atmosphere is mostly composed of nitrogen. Oxygen makes up just 21 percent of the air we breathe. Carbon dioxide, argon, ozone, water vapor and other gasses make up a tiny portion of it, as little as 1 percent. These gasses probably came from several processes as the Earth evolved and grew as a planet. But some scientists believe that the Earth's atmosphere would never have contained the oxygen we need without plants. Photosynthesis is a complex reaction. 6CO2 + 12H2O + Light -> C6H12O6 + 6O2+ 6H2O In other words, while we inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, plants inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen. Without the sun to feed plants (and the plants to release oxygen), we might not have breathable air. Obviously, plants are important, but not just because they give us food to eat and oxygen to breathe.

Discover The Forest Start Your Own Adventures... The forest and the outdoors are a place for adventure, learning, fun, and discovery! There are so many possibilities. It might be tough deciding where to begin. Check out these games and activities, which can help get you going. Forest Snapshot Game Get behind the lens and take photos of your favorite forest friends in their natural settings. Junior Ranger Program Join! Fun activities you can take offline!

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