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Yeondoo Jung

낮잠 Afternoon Nap c-print 2004 신데렐라 Cinderella c-print 2004 여우가 재주를 넘어요. Fox's Magic Trick c-print 2004 키다리 꽃 Giant Flowers c-print 2004 아이가 사흘동안 잠을 못자서 가구가 떠다녀요. I am coloring, my mom and sister are taking a picture c-print 2006 가수가 되고 싶어요. 빨강모자 Little Red Riding Hood c-print 2004 고래가 꽃으로 변해요 The Magician Turned the Wale into a Flower. c-print 2004 Miss Sparkle Sprinkles the Magic c-print 2005 남자와 남자가 결혼을 해요. 엄마의 풀밭 Mother's Garden c-print 2004 쌍둥이 공주 Princes Twins c-print 2004 Rabbit Family Hopping Around c-print 2006 비오는 어린이날 Rainy Children's Day c-print 2004 부자와 가난한 사람 The Rich & Poor c-print 2004 숲속의 잠자는 공주 Sleeping Beauty c-print 2004 백설공주 세계동화 Snow White c-print 2004 텔리비젼이 너무웃겨 Television was so funny c-print 2004 무지개 파도위의 세쌍둥이 Three Brothers Riding the Rainbow Waves c-print 2004

10+ Most Beautiful Island Photography on Earth Today, we want to have a little break and have a deep breath while looking at these magnificent and beautiful island photography from around the world. Island in Lhaviyani Atoll Source Bora-Bora Island Source Source Bay of Islands, New Zealand Blue Hole Source Fiji Islands Source PALAU Island Source Tahiti Island Source Midway Atoll, Hawaii MiniIsland, Honolulu, Hawaii Source Faroe Islands Source Needle Island Island Houses Source Koh Pannyi, Phand Nga bay, Thailand Source Article Друзья избранное + Tegan and Sara // Nie Nie // Color me Katie // Uppercase // Draw!Pilgrim Aura Joon // Love & Photographs // Modern Findings // Knitcore // Curious Pug School of Vintage // Elise Blaha // Bleubird // Midkid // Janae Hardy // Polli Love Everyday Life // The Veda House // Lather, Write, Repeat // Oh Hi // Arvonia Sync // Lo Fidelity Love // Shannon Bear // Rockstar Diaries // Plink on Beauty Goodknits // Susannah Bean // Love Elycia // Dan Mitchell Style // Oh Hello Friend Wild Olive // Charm School // Tabitha Emma // Fieldguided // Daydream Lilly Frecklewonder // Previously Owned // Modern Kiddo // Strawberry Lemonade Green Frog // Jr.Society // Kelly Hicks // Doecdoe // Hello Owl // Mint The Brick House // Thrift Collective // Forty-Sixth at Grace Red Velvet // Hindsvik // Oh, Little Rabbit // Eat Pray Create // Three Potato Four Curiosity Shoppe // The Cottage Cheese // Wonderland Room // Sweet Shop Vintage AM Radio // Pop Pop Portraits // Annily Green // Christy Studio // Thief and Bandit

Kalle Gustafsson Extraordinary Pinhole photography by Justin Quinnell India Song After a life-changing journey to Rajasthan in 2008, artist Karen Knorr wanted to celebrate the visual richness found in the fables, myths and stories of northern India using sacred and secular sites to highlight the caste system, femininity and its relationship with the animal world. Interiors of palaces, mausoleums, and holy sites were photographed with a large format camera and a variety of animals were photographed separately in sanctuaries and zoos. Knorr combined the two elements, fusing high resolution with analogue photography. The result is an impressive and spellbinding series I hope to see in person someday. The Dream Walking Society The Dream Walking Society Contributors: Alice Baxley & Ryan BaxleyCat KhanDanny RobertsDavid RobertsGeri HirschStacy Dupree from ameadowlark ※ 23,836 notes definitelydope: The Pools (by Mark Littlejohn) from everythingwhenithinkofstuff ※ 229 notes Paolo Roversi from stylesight ※ 55 notes black-and-white: Iceland II (by Michael Schlegel) from black-and-white ※ 948 notes veritae: Space and Beyond by Nick Frank. from black-and-white ※ 1,636 notes Deep from black-and-white ※ 3,086 notes from constantstateofflux ※ 741 notes from constantstateofflux ※ 15,884 notes from constantstateofflux ※ 96 notes ※ 30 notes ← Earlier Posts