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Highlight | iPhone App - A fun way to learn more about people nearby Germany´s No. 1 for Wireless LAN and Network Connectivity - LANCOM Systems s Free iPhone app! Your Fitbit One is always tracking, even when the display is asleep. Press the button to view your stats. Your flower will grow and shrink, depending on how active you've been recently. To track your sleep, press and hold the button on your tracker until you see the stopwatch. Press and hold the same button when you are awake to end your sleep recording. Use Silent Alarms to wake from sleep without disturbing your partner. Your One gently vibrates on your wrist to silently wake you. Your Fitbit One contains a rechargeable battery. When plugged into the Charging Cable, it takes about 2 hours for your tracker to be fully charged. Your activity information is sent to your computer when your tracker is within 20 feet of the plugged-in Wireless Sync Dongle Syncing happens automatically. One™ syncs wirelessly and automatically with smartphones that support Bluetooth 4.0. For a full list of supported devices, visit: steps distance calories burned fitbit smiley clock

Products – Radiopark™ Broadcasting Solutions Our team permanently develops new products for our customers. The Radiopark™ unit Oceanbar Records is specialized in realizing CD productions. It covers every aspect of a CD production procedure: conception, licensing, artwork, digital editing & mastering, production and shipment. For the use in radio-like programs, the Radiopark™ team also produces your own station identity: jingles, instrumentals and teasers. Radiopark™ runs digital recording units with state-of-the-art technology. Audacity: Free Audio Editor and Recorder

Willkommen bei Roombase, Ihrem Partner für Hotelmedien, Hotel TV, digitale sat anlage INDI: inferring novel drug interactions INDI is a large scale method for prediction of pharmacokinetic (Cytochrome P450-related) and pharmacodynamic drug-drug interactions. INDI is based on the observation that similar pairs of drugs tend to form similar interactions, and utilizes multiple drug-drug similarity measures for the prediction task. Disclaimer: The results displayed on this web page are predicted drug-drug interactions. The prediction algorithm is described in the manuscript "INDI: A novel framework for inferring drug interactions and their associated recommendations", Molecular Systems Biology, 2012 8:592. The manuscript affiliated researchers and Tel Aviv University shall not be liable for any damage, claim, demand, cost or expense of whatsoever kind or nature directly or indirectly arising out of or resulting from or encountered in connection with the use of this web site by any person using it Freely available sources for known drug interactions include DrugBank and How to cite us:

goingsoft GmbH: Gäste-Internet Zugangssysteme für Hotels und das Gesundheitswesen netcontrol: intelligente und professionelle Internet-Zugangsverwaltung Das netcontrol System von goingsoft ist die perfekte Lösung, um seinen Gästen Internet zu bieten und den angebotenen Dienst auch abzurechnen. Egal, ob im Zimmer, in der Lobby, Seminarbereich; in Hotels, Krankenhäusern, Ferienresorts oder ganzen Ferienregionen – netcontrol ist so flexibel und vielseitig, wie es auch die Anforderungen Ihrer Gäste sein können. Unsere Philosophie dabei ist ganz klar: Einfacher Internet-Zugang für alle Gäste ohne aufwendige RegistrierungMinimierung des Verwaltungsaufwandes für die Betreiber durch innovative AuthentifizierungsvariantenSo viel Kontrolle wie möglich soll beim Betreiber des Netzwerks, also dem Anschlussinhaber bleiben. netcontrol gilt nicht umsonst als eines der sichersten und stabilsten Internet Zungangssysteme auf dem Markt: Unsere langjährige Erfahrung und mehr als 600 aktive Systeme sprechen eine klare Sprache.

CX for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad on the iTunes App Store Captive Media Washroom Gaming System | Captive Media According to published research, the average visit time for a UK male is 55 seconds – equivalent to two standard TV ad slots! Marc Cieslak of the BBC Click programme reviews Captive Media’s System The Captive Media system consists simply of a hi-definition screen, fitted at eye level above the urinal, where it commands the full attention of the user. When not in active use, it plays a mixture of adverts and content from one of our twelve ‘PTV’ channels. But when a user approaches, it flips into gaming mode, using patented technology to detect not only his presence … but the direction of his stream. All of this is done without ANY alteration to the bowl or plumbing – just one sleek unit, wall-mounted with power and internet.

openbiomind - A toolkit for analysis of gene expression, SNP and other biological datasets using advanced machine learning techniques OpenBiomind is a toolkit for analysis of gene expression, SNP and other biological datasets using advanced machine learning and pattern mining techniques, and includes traditional clustering, hybrid clustering, and other techniques. OpenBiomind is modular and command-line driven. Components communicate via standardized file formats. • Dataset enhancement, with information extracted from gene and protein ontologies, as well as other dataset treatments/transformations (such as feature selection and creation of validation folds) • Multiple classification model generation, for a given dataset using several modalities of GP. • Important Feature computation • Clustering using direct expression or MOBRA/MUTIC transformations • Cluster visualization (conventional, raster,color-coded) • Graph vizualization showing various inter-relationships among features: co-expression, co-occurrence and utility and differentiation ranks OpenBiomind is developed in Java and designed for portability and simplicity.

Allgemeine Funktionen der Online Umfragesoftware / Umfragetool von easyfeedback Durch ständige Weiterentwicklung ist es uns gelungen eines der besten Online-Umfrage-Tools zu entwickeln. Ob die einfache Bedienung, das Arbeiten mit Empfängerlisten oder die vielfälltige Auswertung – easyfeedback macht es Ihnen einfach leicht. Responsive Design Egal ob Desktop, Tablet oder Smartphone - alle Umfragen machen jetzt auf jedem Engerät eine perfekte Figur. Ergebnisse in Echtzeit Der große Vorteil in einer Online-Umfrage liegt an der automatischen Zusammenfassung der Ergebnisse - und das in Echtzeit. Sofort einsatzbereit easyfeedback ist eine browserbasierte Software für die Sie nur einen Internetzugang benötigen. Benutzerverwaltung Arbeiten Sie im Team an Ihren Befragungen. Anlegen. Im Live-Modus sehen Sie Schritt für Schritt wie sich Ihre Umfrage aufbaut. Tipps | Leistungsbeschreibung im Detail | Häufige Fragen Ihre Daten sind mit dem SSL-Verschlüsselungsverfahren gesichert.

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