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Interactive Map of Europe, Europe Map with Countries and Seas

Interactive Map of Europe, Europe Map with Countries and Seas
Europe is the second smallest of the inhabited continents. It is a part of the Eurasian land mass that includes Europe, Asia, Asia Minor and the Arabian Peninsula. As many large islands east and south of Asia are usually included in Asia, the Eurasian land mass extends from Iceland to New Guinea, from the Atlantic to the Pacific and from the Arctic to the Indian Oceans.

Global Warming Interactive Pronunciation of Countries in English Beautiful Earth 5 Amazing Towns on Perilous Cliff Sides Spot Cool Stuff loves a good cliff-side town. There’s something about them that’s romantic, daring and a little impossible. Here are five of our favorites places where no one with vertigo would want to live: Castellfollit de la Roca, Spain Castellfollit de la Roca, in the Catalonia region in the middle of Spain, has a doubly impressive location—this 1,000 person village is perched on a spit of land with cliffs on both sides. LEARN MORE | READ | ShareThis Manarola, Italy The uber-colorful Italian village of Manarola is not the most precariously placed cliff-side settlement of the five in this review. LEARN MORE | READ | MANAROLA B&Bs | BUY WINE ONLINE | ShareThis Al Hajjarah, Yemen Yemen is one of Spot Cool Stuff’s favorite travel countries (though, sadly, these days the security situation there for travelers is spotty). LEARN MORE | READ | ShareThis Bonifacio, France Many of the planet’s cliff-side towns were originally built in their location for some military reason. Ronda, Spain

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