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Fire fluid simulation

Fire fluid simulation

peter blaskovic | escape motions This is my experimental research in field of art, graphics, math, physics... I have fun to mix different subjects together and finding a new ways of expression. Some of them have great usage in new medias, production or simulations, some of them are just for fun. :) Experiments are created in Processing or Flash . If Java applet is not running in a browser window try to: 1. reload page and wait a while, if it doesn't help, 2. delete browsers cache and restart browser, if this doesn't help, 3. download latest Java from here for Windows or manually from here for all operating systems and reload page.

Psykopaint Cut MP3 Files Online Animated gif over a jpg image It is a tweet from Ryan Seddon that gave me the idea to use a <img> element with a background image to reduce the weight of large animated (gif) images. The original image the artist is using is an animated gif file that weighs 387.5 kb I sliced the image to save the animated part as a gif file (size 152.7 kb) and the static part as a jpg file (size 66.7 kb). The markup The CSS The Result Spinning dice (this image is not the original one used for calculation of file weight.) Throwing a .png file into the picture I didn’t spend much time on creating the animated gif which results in a choppy animation and some slight misalignment. As shown below: 3 layers (Note that I did not bother using a filter for transparency in Internet Explorer.) The jpg The gif

SupervisionCam Homepage English HTML5-Powered Web Applications: 19 Early Adopters HTML5, rumored as Flash killer, is a brand new web technology that raises a revolution lead by Apple in web application development. It contains canvas element for images and animation drawings, support video and audio embedding, and includes storage database for offline web applications. Most important of all, you don’t need a plugin to get all these features, your latest browser supports that. Sounds pretty cool, but what HTML5 can do actually? 19 HTML5-Powered Web App DeviantART muro Muro is HTML5-based sketching app that works in all modern browsers, and you can dive in and start drawing on a blank canvas, all without Flash or any other plugin. HootSuite HTML5-based social media dashboard with some great features: geo-location tweet searching, choice between new and old style retweets, connection to Google Analytics, drag and drop editing, custom interface and much more. X-Worlds Something cool and interesting for kids of all sizes. Aviary’s Image Editor CSSWarp Flickr Browser CSS3.0 Maker

25 (Free) 3D Modeling Applications You Should Not Miss 3D-modeling tools help turn individual ideas into beautiful models and prototypes for a variety of fields. These tools allow building and customizing models from the ground up, no matter if you are a keen beginner or a professional engineer. Popular in various industries such as film, animation, gaming, architecture, and interior design, 3D models are key aspects of various projects. Choosing the best modeling software is often difficult because of various aspects and the wide range of features available in these tools. Read more: 25 Websites to Download 3D Printer STL Models Wings 3D Wings 3D is an advanced sub-division modeler which offers a wide range of modeling tools and a customizable interface, along with a built-in AutoUV mapping tool, as well as export facility for common 3D formats. Supported Platforms: Windows | macOS | Linux [Download here] Daz Studio Supported Platforms: Windows | macOS [Download here] Open SCAD Supported Platforms: Windows | macOS | Linux | BSD [Download here]

Peindre en ligne et peinture en ligne : sélection de 26 logiciels en ligne à ne pas manquer Peindre en ligne pour agrémenter un blog, fabriquer un fond d’écran ou tout simplement élaborer un dessin pour l’imprimer ou l’envoyer sous forme de photo à vos amis, les usages de la peinture en ligne sont nombreux, personnellement je les utilise plutôt pour embellir ce blog, mais avec les réseaux sociaux, on peut aussi s’amuser à diffuser largement (je pense à Instagram ou à Pinterest). Bonne lecture et bons dessins ! Avec ce billet vous allez pouvoir peindre ce que vous voulez, imiter Picasso, Pollock et Wharol ou faire des dessins très personnalisés. Certains de ces sites proposent des figures imposées qui sont spectaculaires, d’autres sont totalement ouverts et vous allez dessiner pratiquement comme dans la vraie vie. Avec ce site, il suffit de faire tourner la souris pour obtenir les effets qui sont présentés dans la mosaïque suivante. Ce service en ligne a bien progressé, il propose de nombreuses options pour dessiner. Le fractal, délirant impossible à maîtriser. Content

How To Save Artwork from Flame Painter | online paint program Flame Painter is a unique paint program, it belongs to my 'I am an Artist' experimental project. I think with tools which inspires you, everyone can be an artist. You can try it here, change different brush settings and paint your own flame paintings. When you change the background from black to white, the palette changes from additive to subtractive and the feeling of the painting is very different. Check out new Rebelle - the real watercolor and acrylic paint program, Amberlight - abstract art tool based on particles, or Fluidance motion effect program. You can try more experiments here. NEW: This is a new Flash version of Flame Painter Free, we removed the old Java version, because it is not anymore supported correctly by most of the browsers. Tools: FADE - fade in/out [ on | off ] GRADIENT - color gradient [ on | off ] COLOR - brush color SATURATION - brush saturation OPACITY - brush opacity SIZE - brush size SPEED - brush speed FOCUS - local forces NOISE - crazy noise parameter