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Microsoft Kinect - Microsoft SDK - Unity3D. From Unity3D.

Microsoft Kinect - Microsoft SDK - Unity3D

Kinect « Search Results. Coding4Fun Kinect Service - Home. Kinect Toolbox - Home. Multiple Kinect Studies - Computer Graphics Lab - TU Braunschweig. Mirceapiturca/OpenDepth. MetriCam Developer Documentation. Gameoverhack/ofxOpenNI. Weka 3 - Data Mining with Open Source Machine Learning Software in Java. Weka is a collection of machine learning algorithms for data mining tasks. PrimeSense/Sensor - GitHub. Mobile Kinect. Abstract We have developed a mobile, battery-powered, wireless depth camera based on (and compatible with) Microsoft's Kinect.

Mobile Kinect

In order to promote the use of this device across a wide range of domains, we are making the circuit diagrams and PCB layouts for the additional circuitry available. Our design only uses the front 'camera' circuit board of the Kinect, a second bespoke board of the same small size that plugs onto the back of this board in place of the standard large kinect board, which in turn plugs via USB into a Gumstix embedded linux computer running an open source driver and streams via an 802.11n dongle.

The design would work equally well with a Raspberry Pi or other SBCs with a bit of hacking. This work is part of the RCUK Digital Economy PATINA project, for more information see Below is a video of an early version we built last year. Details Schematics and Board Layout Parts List Embedded Hardware. Games & Apps. Download KinectA. Kinect Development in HTML, Unity3D and Flash. How to install and use OpenNI + Microsoft Kinect SDK all together.

If you are a developer of Kinect applications and you make use of Microsoft Kinect SDK, OpenNI, OpenKinect and others open source frameworks, certainly you already faced the scenario where you had to uninstall a USB driver and install another to make use of different framework.

How to install and use OpenNI + Microsoft Kinect SDK all together

That is a pain and a wasting time. The good news is that there is a good work done by Tomoto where it is possible to install OpenNI and Microsoft Kinect SDK USB driver in the same machine. This installation enables the use of OpenNI, Microsoft Kinect SDK or both at same time. In other words, you can use calls to both libraries in the same application enabling your app to make features from both frameworks. Lets see how to install and run this bridge. OpenNI Download unstable version of OpenNI from Go to Downloads > Open Sources and get unstable from NITE From OpenNI site go to Downloads > OpenNI Modules and download NITE from there.

Kinect-mssdk-openni-bridge - Experimental module to connect Kinect SDK to OpenNI. 日本語版は下の方にあります / Scroll down to see the Japanese version.

kinect-mssdk-openni-bridge - Experimental module to connect Kinect SDK to OpenNI

Sweet Apps: Robots + Xbox Kinect = 1 Awesome Sweet App. Using the XBox Kinect with LabVIEW Robotics Starter Kit. I put an XBox Kinect on the LabVIEW Robotics Starter Kit to perform better obstacle avoidance.

Using the XBox Kinect with LabVIEW Robotics Starter Kit

I also recommend using some connectors when hookup power to the Kinect and Fit-PC. I prefer Molex connectors: 70107-0002 and 50-57-9403 See for info on how to hack in to the power on Starter Kit. For the other hardware modifications: I used some standoffs to hold a piece of foam poster board over the Starter Kit. Then I used some velcro to attach the FitPC and Kinect.

Kinect Drivers for Labview. OK, I been researching for a while, and I would like to create the drivers for the Kinect for use them in LabVIEW, the task is not easy at all, it's a challenge.

Kinect Drivers for Labview

But, having the drivers allow us to comunicate the Kinect with LabVIEW in a directly way, is the first step, the second step, is to make an easy program that allow us to move the motor, or to turn on the LED in different colors. If anybody is interested in helping with this task, here are a couple of links that might be helpful for the challenge.

So far, OpenKinect is the website which have a lot of information related with the task, here is the link below where they explain how to send the data. When you install the driver, the Kinect's LED will be blinking, that means that your driver was succesfully installed, the drivers come in .inf files, so, the correct way to install them is right click in a .inf file and later, click in the install option. Kinesthesia - A Kinect Based Rehabilitation and Surgical Analysis System, UK. University: University of Leeds Team Member(s): Chris Norman, Dominic Clark and Barnaby Cotter Faculty Advisors: Prof Martin Levesley, Dr Pete Culmer Email,, Country: United Kingdom Title: Kinesthesia.

Kinesthesia - A Kinect Based Rehabilitation and Surgical Analysis System, UK

Using the Kinect with LabVIEW and the Upgraded Microsoft .NET API. User Tracking with LabVIEW and Kinect based on the OpenNI Interface. I found a way to get the user recognition to work in LabVIEW using Microsoft Kinect.

User Tracking with LabVIEW and Kinect based on the OpenNI Interface

It is based on the OpenNI interface with PrimeSense middleware components and drivers. A short video presenting some of the features is available: To get it working, you will need to install the previously named components. Kinect Open Source Programming Secrets. Kinect Open Source Programming Secrets (KOPS) is the only book that explains the official Java wrappers for OpenNI and NITE.

Kinect Open Source Programming Secrets

(If you want installation instructions, scroll down this page a little.) The main drawback of using the PrimeSense Java wrappers is their lack of documentation. As I explain in chapter 1, I had to decompile the libraries' JAR files, and work out the correspondences between the Java source and the somewhat better documented C++ OpenNI/NITE APIs.

This is why including "secrets" in the book's title isn't too excessive :). This book covers programming topics not found elsewhere. Early (sometimes very early) draft versions of KOPS's chapters can be downloaded from here (see the links below). If you're looking for Killer Game Programming in Java then it's here. What this Book is Not About I'm concentrating on the Kinect without including chapters explaining OOP concepts such as classes, objects, and inheritance. How to Do Gesture Recognition With Kinect Using Hidden Markov Models (HMMs) December 22, 2011 (@11:33 am) Note: The precious little I know about machine learning I learned from the brilliant Frank Wood, whose talk at the Machine Learning meetup inspired me to finally put together this post.

How to Do Gesture Recognition With Kinect Using Hidden Markov Models (HMMs)

I also worked with my friend Frederik Lang on the material presented here, but the shortcomings remain all my own.Microsoft’s Kinect sensor is the first large-scale, commercial release of a depth camera device—a camera that can see in 3D. Though depth cameras are not exclusive to Microsoft (and, in fact, the Kinect’s hardware design is licensed from the Israeli company, PrimeSense), Microsoft’s novel use of the device as a game controller is driven by the company’s own software for analyzing its 3D data, including proprietary algorithms for feature selection, scene analysis, motion tracking, skeletal tracking and gesture recognition.

Now, suppose we want to do this kind of analysis ourselves. Qtkinectwrapper - QtKinectWrapper provides a set of Qt classes wrapping the OpenNI/Kinect API. QtKinectWrapper provides a set of Qt classes wrapping the OpenNI/Kinect API. It allows to get depth map, camera image, user skeleton, timestamp, etc. The wrapper use a background thread to handle the Kinect stuff, which makes it multicore friendly. The threading is entirely transparent to the programmer. News 07.05.2013: Updated for Qt 5.x (Qt 4.x: need to adjust the .pro file to get the right Qt modules, and change some Qt include path) QtKinectWrapper: Updated to use OpenNI and NiTE 1.5. Our Kinect Controlled living room. Recently I created a project for a Swedish Kinect contest at this was my second entry, my first one (and third place winner) was my Robosapien project. I have always been fascinated by home automation, I bought my first X-10 system ten years ago.

My friends thought I was insane, “-You can just get up an shut the light off". But that’s not the point, it’s not because I’m lazy it’s all about removing obstacles, what if when I enter a room the lights turns on, when I go to bed everything turns off. Saves energy, saves time, removes obstacles. Dell Inspiron Zino HD 410 Review. It's time to play! - ZBOX nano AD10. Finding an alternative to the Mac Mini. Are there any good alternatives to the Mac Mini? I only know of the Asus Eee box.

Size is an issue; performance not so much. Basically, I'm starting to think about upgrading my 2007 Mac Mini, and while I like the Mac, I'm wondering if I can get a similar computing experience from a PC alternative. I have no particular attachment to either Mac or PC, and I have a netbook running Jolicloud, so Linux could be considered. I use the computer for everything from photo editing to basic video processing, but mostly for media consumption and web surfing.Chris Taylor. E-LIFE - Client brief & design. Oliver Kreylos' Research and Development Homepage - Kinect Hacking. Avin2/SensorKinect - GitHub.