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Open Source Multitouch Software for Education

Open Source Multitouch Software for Education

handy AR Overview The Handy AR presents a vision-based user interface that tracks a user's outstretched hand to use it as the reference pattern for augmented reality (AR) inspection, providing a 6-DOF camera pose estimation from the tracked fingertip configuration. A hand pose model is constructed in a one-time calibration step by measuring the fingertip positions relative to each other in presence of ground-truth scale information. Through frame-by-frame reconstruction of the camera pose relative to the hand, we can stabilize 3D graphics annotations on top of the hand, allowing the user to inspect such virtual objects conveniently from different viewing angles in AR. Fingertip Detection Fingertips are detected using a curvature-based algorithm on the contour of a user's hand. Camera Pose Estimation Interaction The Handy AR can be used for interacting with AR objects such as world-stabilized objects using other marker-based AR library such as ARTag. Videos Source Code Publications T. T. T. T.

SWFTOOLS My Tours — Turn your city walks, museum tours and audio guides into an iPhone application Belmond Grand Hibernian, Irland – Inbetriebnahme 2016 | Luxuszug in Irland Erleben Sie an Bord eine Welt des Luxus – moderne Waggons, die sich an der Architektur Dublins inspirieren, feinste Küche mit lokalen Spezialitäten und faszinierende, abwechslungsreiche Landschaften. Der Zug bietet mit eleganten Abteilen mit eigenem Bad und WC bis zu 40 Gästen Platz. Das Intérieur des Zuges mit zwei einzigartig gestalteten Speisewagen und einem gemütlichen Panoramawagen spiegelt stolz die irische Tradition wider, ohne auf moderne Annehmlichkeiten verzichten zu müssen. Unsere Rundreisen sind mit zwei, vier oder sechs Übernachtungen buchbar. Abfahrtsort ist Dublin und angefahren werden Sehenswürdigkeiten in der Republik Irland wie auch in Nordirland. Der Zug Die einzelnen Waggons tragen Namen der irischen Countys und sind mit Dekorationselementen ausgestattet, die die traditionellen Stoffe und Muster des jeweiligen Countys widerspiegeln. Gäste können wählen zwischen 16 Doppelabteilen mit Stockbetten und 4 Doppelbettabteilen. Gastronomisches Angebot Rundfahrten & Ziele

How to Control Animata With OSC from Max/MSP and Pure Data « Månsteri:::[mons-te-ri] If you haven´t heard of Animata yet, you should head over to and educate yourself. Download the software and go through the tutorials. I also recommend reading through the mailing list, it has tons of useful information. Controlling Animata with a mouse and doing real-time animations is pretty cool by itself, but Animata really shows its true potential when you control it with OSC. There is a Processing example available from the Animata site that controls Animata with sound input. Unfortunately, the Kitchen Budapest guys are busy improving the software and there isn´t really good documentation available about the OSC messages needed to control Animata. I assume that you know something about OSC, Pure Data and Max/MSP, because I don´t want to write a huge post explaining everything from the beginning. One more important thing. DOWNLOAD MY EXAMPLES. All incoming messages to Animata must be sent through port 7110. Moving a joint, x and y are float values:

swfmill swf2xml and xml2swf Stories from the stores » Not for the squeamish…. I often get asked what skills you need to be a curator. As a medical curator, the one I’ve found most useful is having a strong stomach. Unsurprisingly, we have large amounts of blood-related items in the collections including bleeding bowls, lancets, leech jars, cupping sets and even mechanical leeches. Lancets with a case showing a bloodletting scene 1750-1850 (A647881, Science Museum, London) Blood was let from patients to restore their the balance of their humours. For instance, a fever was a sign of too much hot blood running through the body so to return equilibrium, blood was let from a vein into a bleeding bowl. It required some skill to hit the right spot and to know when enough was enough. Barber surgeon's shop sign, England, 1680-1830 (A631340, Science Museum, London) But it’s not just people on dry land that require treatment. Richard Phillips' document wallet, England (A633734, Science Museum, London) Bloodletting was not only confined to humans – animals too were bled.

Animata Google Hangouts || AS3 Bridge and Testbed | Hook - Labs Das Intro Oh the Google, so huge and so many new things going on at the same time. Recently we have had a bit of time to play around with one of Google’s newer experiences, the Google Hangout. If you don’t know what that is you can get a bit of a feel for it by watching their video here: The long and the short of it is that that you can create or join a hangout to video chat with up to 9 other people, making it a max of 10 people in the same hangout at the same time. Before we get into it all, here are the goods: (Source On GitHub): Start a new Hangout session with the Testbed app: Of course video chatting is neat and all, but it’s not all that new of a concept, so Hangouts doesn’t stop there. 1) Hangouts On Air - you can have lots of viewers of the hangout while still limited to 10 participants - anything sent through the video/audio stream will be recorded and posted on youtube . Yay!

Planning Your Desert Adventure - Alice Springs Desert Park Home > experience > Planning Your Desert Adventure These web pages are designed for teachers and students who want to make their tour of the Australian deserts the experience of their life. Learning packages and interactive planning tools will allow you to focus on the most rewarding aspects of these amazing deserts and diverse cultures. Enter via the navigation on the left. You will never look at the desert in the same way again!