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3D Scan 2.0 Scanning The only things you need are our framework, the Kinect and some AR markers. Therefor we constructed some Scan Tablets Point Cloud Kinect for artists Animata – OSC – MoCap – Stuff On February 1, 2012, I gve a talk at Tiny Army about using the XBox 360 Kinect to drive 2D and 3D animation software. This is a write-up of my notes and slides. There are all sorts of details I've omitted because they didn't really figure into the actual talk, and describing how to really make use of the assorted sowftware from my talk could each be a talk of their own. I'm thinking of writing all this up in more detail (plus covering more tools and stuff) and publishing this as an E-book.

Kinect tutorial 1: First steps - Robotica Go to root: PhD-3D-Object-Tracking Microsoft Kinect device. This series of tutorials will explain the usage of a depth camera like Kinect for "serious" researching purposes. Acceleglove Motion Capture Glove Products Hand Motion Capture The AcceleGlove™ is a light-weight glove with seamlessly integrated sensors that lets you use your hand to control any computer application or device. The AcceleGlove can be used for Silent Communications, Robot control, Medical Rehabilitation, Telemedicine, Training, Gaming, and Virtual Reality/Simulation environments.

OpenNI to Max/MSP via OSC – tohm judson OpenNI is a “natural interaction” software that uses the Kinect for XBox 360. Using this, connected to a Mac, we can control various software via OSC. Here, I will show you how to get the data into Max. The idea here is that you are like me, longing to try, but missing the few crucial steps that the README’s forget about the amateur hacker. Preliminaries: ReconstructMe and Realistic 3D Scans May 10, 2012 in Scanning by Tim Owens I’ve been playing recently with a great new piece of software called ReconstructMe which is free for now and Windows only. It uses the Xbox Kinect (an incredibly worthwhile investment for 3D scanning) to create 3D models. The greatest thing about this software is it stitches together scans in realtime so 360 degree scanning is easier than it has ever been before and the results are stunning. For this print I sat in a rolling chair with the Kinect mounted on a tripod faced at an angle and slowly turned 360 degrees to build it.

'Kinect For Windows' (Not Xbox) and iclone Important Info & links I suspect that this is the latest version of mocap compatible with Kinect for Windows Sorry ;_; - but we must hide our super awesome content to protect it from bots Register Now to view these links/content Version 1.1.1316.1 And the Version currently available cracked by Zeus is this Which is only compatible with Kinect for Xbox Still Waiting and keeping my fingers crossed.

Some Easy Ways to Get Kinect Controlling Music, Visuals on Mac and Windows Time for a skeleton dance. Synapse, seen here doing user skeleton tracking on the Mac. While we wait for Microsoft to send the new Kinect – yes, we’re on the list for one here at CDM HQ – there’s still plenty to be done with the current generation of Kinect. And it’s likely that you’ll find even more of these on the cheap when there’s new hardware out there. The problem is, apart from using Microsoft’s prescribed development tools on Windows, working with Kinect can be a bit tricky. What if you want to plug in a Kinect and play around quickly to try some possibilities?

Max/Msp to Kinect Via OSC for Offical Microsoft SDK Today I finished the very first stages of my 4th year research project which was finding a way to take data from the Xbox Kinect and send it to Max/Msp. By using the Ventuz OSC C# wrapper i was able to pack all the X, Y, Z data for all the skeletal points into an OSC bundle and send that to Max where it was unpacked in the patch. The data sent from the Kinect is the unchanged co-ordinate system of values in metres rangeing from -1 to 1. That being said the data sent from Kinect to Max can be used by any device that is capable of reading OSC packets .The format of the OSC message is /joint/skeleton_[1/2]/[joint] x, y, z This is a simple implementation allows quick and easy access to the full power of the kinects skeletal tracking in windows for users of the offical SDK over OSC.

Using Kinfu Large Scale to generate a textured mesh This tutorial demonstrates how to use KinFu Large Scale to produce a mesh (in meters) from a room, and apply texture information in post-processing for a more appealing visual result. The first part of this tutorial shows how to obtain the TSDF cloud from KinFu Large Scale. The second part shows how to convert the TSDF cloud into a uniform mesh. The third part shows how to texture the obtained mesh using the RGB images and poses we obtained from KinFu Large Scale.

IKLONE ZERO 3D animation with ICLONE: ICLONE WORLD - MUNDO ICLONE 3. iCLONE 5 PRO - NOVEDADES DE LA VERSIÓN 11. iClone G5 NEXT GEN & Street Dance: Asombrosos motions de STREET DANCE para aplicar a los avatares. Kinect Open Source Programming Secrets Kinect Open Source Programming Secrets (KOPS) is the only book that explains the official Java wrappers for OpenNI and NITE. (If you want installation instructions, scroll down this page a little.) The main drawback of using the PrimeSense Java wrappers is their lack of documentation.

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