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Kinect as capture scanner

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Kinect as a capture device for 3D modeling , a tracking device and a controler of many devices such as audio , lasers etc.

3D Capture at 60fps. Poisson Reconstruction in Meshlab. Multiple Kinects - 3D Body Scanning Demo by [TC]2.avi. Oliver Kreylos' Research and Development Homepage - Kinect Hacking. Main Page. Roadmap. In the current roadmap, there are several pieces of distributable software that we will produce: libfreenect The libfreenect software includes all code necessary to activate, initialize, and communicate data with the Kinect hardware. This includes drivers and a cross-platform API that works on Windows, Linux, and OS X. The API will have bindings and extensions for these languages/platforms: C C++ .NET (C#/VB.NET) Java ( JNA and JNI) Python C Synchronous Interface Community members are exploring the possibility of also exposing the API to: OpenCV (in progress by Brandyn) MATLAB (in progress by Brandyn) AS3 Processing Pure Data pix_freenect fux_kinect LabView (in progress by Ryan Gordon) Network sockets Data socket engineering If your favorite language/platform/software is not listed here, you can jump in and help develop it.

This distributable is located in the repository. OpenKinect Analysis Library Final name TBD OpenKinect Apps. Microsoft Kinect in Blender – Realtime Point Cloud Demonstration at BlenderNation. The Tech Behind Avatar Kinect. Object recognition using Kinect on the PC. DIY 3D Scanning with Microsoft Kinect and Processing. Kinect Point cloud. Kinect Face Tracking. Avatar Kinect - CES 2011: First Look Debut Trailer | HD. Point cloud with Microsoft Kinect and Face Capture with Microsoft Kinect. 3D Facial Performance Capture using Kinect.