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A new Kinect is on the way. The second Kinect (v2) for Windows is coming on July 15th, the device will cost $199.

A new Kinect is on the way

Microsoft Kinect Release Developers Night vision Windows Tom Cooper, 8 days ago Editor Informer Technologies, Inc. A new Kinect is on the way. Build your own gaming controllers with this DIY kit. If you've ever wondered just what it would take to build your own motion controller, you're in luck.

Build your own gaming controllers with this DIY kit

The answer might usually be something like "a degree in programming and a bucket of cash," but right now there's an alternative that won't have you pulling your hair out or staring at mind-numbing walls of code. The VERVE is a simple plug-and-play system of sensors that allows you to take regular real-world objects and turn them into video game controllers, or really whatever else you'd like create. For example, use a motion sensor and a button to turn your bike into a driving simulator. Grab a touch sensor and motion sensor to make an Angry Birds slingshot. Combine a button and force sensors to cobble together your own Minecraft axe.


Installing and Using the Kinect Sensor (Kinect Windows SDK) Kinect Motion Capture Tutorial. Tutorial 4 : Kinect Motion Capture Recording and Cleanup Disclaimer: This guide was created by Reuben Fleming, a free-lance Animator and 3d Artist.

Kinect Motion Capture Tutorial does not own this guide. Rather, by us sharing this in this in our website, we would like to share Reuben Fleming’s work to aid the Kinect community in better understanding the Motion Capture feature of the Kinect. Also, this move to feature his guide on our site is to give due recognition to creator of this guide. Codes - GENERATIVE GESTALTUNG. Kinect Developers. Hi, If you are visiting this page so you tried to open

Kinect Developers

Actually is closed and no longer available because of huge amount of spammers. I moved all projects and posts to here. Coding4Fun Kinect Projects. iPi Soft. Quick Start Guide for Dual Kinect Sensor Configuration - iPiSoft Wiki. 'Fabricate Yourself' by Karl D.D. Willis (@KarlDD) allows visitors to print 3d models of themselves #openFrameworks #Kinect. Fabricate Yourself is a project by Karl D.D.

'Fabricate Yourself' by Karl D.D. Willis (@KarlDD) allows visitors to print 3d models of themselves #openFrameworks #Kinect

Willis that documented the Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction Conference. Given the tangible theme of the conference Karl decided to engage the community by capturing and fabricating small 3D models of attendees. Search Results for “kinect”: SourceForge. Kinect Paint. Kinect. Kinect (codenamed in development as Project Natal) is a line of motion sensing input devices by Microsoft for Xbox 360 and Xbox One video game consoles and Windows PCs.


Based around a webcam-style add-on peripheral, it enables users to control and interact with their console/computer without the need for a game controller, through a natural user interface using gestures and spoken commands.[9] The first-generation Kinect was first introduced in November 2010 in an attempt to broaden Xbox 360's audience beyond its typical gamer base.[10] A version for Windows was released on February 1, 2012.[6] Kinect competes with several motion controllers on other home consoles, such as Wii Remote Plus for Wii, PlayStation Move/PlayStation Eye for PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Camera for PlayStation 4. Technology Kinect sensor[9] is a horizontal bar connected to a small base with a motorized pivot and is designed to be positioned lengthwise above or below the video display.

Kinect. DaVinci Goes Touchless With XBox Kinect. The launch of Xbox Kinect has caused much excitement in the open source community.

DaVinci Goes Touchless With XBox Kinect

In the last few weeks, developers have managed to tap into the hardware with impressive results. We’ve seen applications ranging from gesture-based experiences to 3D imaging. We’ve taken this exciting opportunity to port our popular DaVinci experience to the Kinect platform. Gestures are used to create objects and control the physics of the environment. Coding4Fun. Kinect for Windows Quickstart Series. Kinect for Windows. The 9 Best Kinect Hacks To Date. How-to: Successfully Install Kinect on Windows (OpenNI and NITE) UPDATE: For more Kinect blog posts, consider visiting my new website

How-to: Successfully Install Kinect on Windows (OpenNI and NITE)

The website will always be up-to-date with the latest SDKs and sensors. Playing Kinect games is a really great experience. Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360 - Xbox: Project Natal Blog. Puppet Parade by Emily Gobeille and Theo Watson of @design_io #openframeworks. Puppet Parade is an interactive installation by Emily Gobeille and Theo Watson of Design I/O that allows children to use their arms to puppeteer larger than life creatures projected on the wall in front of them.

Puppet Parade by Emily Gobeille and Theo Watson of @design_io #openframeworks

This dual interactive setup allows children to perform alongside the puppets, blurring the line between the ‘audience’ and the puppeteers and creating an endlessly playful dialogue between the children in the space and the children puppeteering the creatures. The setup consists of a stage where two puppeteers can control puppets displayed on a large interactive screen. The audience can stand in front of the screen and interact with the puppets directly, making food for them to eat which transforms their appearance or just engaging in a fun dialogue with the puppet, the performer and themselves. There are two kinect cameras mounted on the stage which tracks the arm position of the two puppeteers, mapping their arm position and angle to the body of the puppets.

Blender. The good folks at ZigFu have created a great way for people to set up the things they need in order to start using their Kinect right away.


The package will install OpenNI, NITE and Sensor Kinect with just the click of a button. This will definitely come in handy if you're new to the game of have to configure multiple workstations in a short amount of time. Kai Kostack's Home. NI Mate. NI mate Documentation (last update 22.1.2012) General Delicode NI mate is a program that uses OpenNI standard compliant devices such as the Microsoft Kinect, the ASUS Xtion and the PrimeSense Carmine to track body movement, converting this motion data into standard OSC or MIDI messages that can be received in any client program.

Installation On Windows If you have previously installed SensorKinect, OpenNI or NITE, it's strongly recommended that you either uninstall all of them or update them to the latest versions before installing Delicode NI mate. If you have any other device drivers (like the Kinect for Windows SDK) installed other than SensorKinect you must uninstall these before installing Delicode NI mate. OpenNI - OpenNI > Home. OpenNI - OpenNI > Home. HOWTO: Kinect + OpenNI/NITE skeleton tracking and gesture recognition in gentoo. Thanks to the folks at PrimeSense libraries are now available for skeleton tracking and gesture recognition.

UPDATE: Check here if you've gotten NITE working and want to try using the kinect as a Minority Report style mouse.UPDATE:I've added a description of how to track multiple hands under the Sample-PointViewer description. Here's how I got things working in gentoo: Kinect OpenNI-NITE ofxOpenNI Skeleton with openFrameworks on Linux. At last, after some setting up we got the Nite library accesible from openFrameworks on linux thanxs to the work of the independent community. To make it work, we followed closely these instructions to install the OpenNI libs, Primesense's Sensor drivers, and the NITE library. We got some of the "InitFromXml failed: Can't create any node of the requested type! " error reported by other, but it was solved after rebooting, deleting the three folders (OpenNI, Sensors and NITE), and repeating everithing.

We used as wrapper Alohas's "ofxONI_notYetAddon" with some changes. We also had to change the name of several "Status" variables to "theStatus" on the XnStatus.h file as follows: Using Kinect + OpenNI to Embody an Avatar in Second Life. Download the software to connect the Microsoft Kinect to Second Life. At the MxR Lab at the University of Southern California Institute for Creative Technologies we are developing methods of recognizing social gestures in order to explore the transference of emotion and gesture between a virtual world and the real world.

Thai Phan an engineer at the MxR Lab, using the OpenNI toolkit as a foundation has developed new software which utilizes Kinect to read gestures and triggers corresponding server-side scripts within Second Life. OctoMap - 3D occupancy mapping. Openni_kinect/kinect_accuracy. This page discusses both the precision and the accuracy of the Kinect sensor. If you are not sure what the difference between precision and accuracy is, check out this Wikipedia page.

Precision of the Kinect sensor Because the Kinect is essentially a stereo camera, the expected error on its depth measurements is proportional to the distance squared. The experimental data shown in the graph below confirm the expected error model. Openni/Contests/ROS 3D/RGBD-6D-SLAM. Openni/Contests/ROS 3D/Minority Report Interface. Import Kinect Data into Blender - Video Tutorial. Kinect dans le Blender Game Engine. Search Results. Bloop: Blender Motion Capture with Kinect. Processing - V // Pixelnerve. Kinect and Processing. Arbeitsgruppe Digitale Medien: Bloop. Kinect. Augmented Reality with Kinect Fusion - Point Cloud Library. Kinect to help the blind ‘see’ in augmented reality. Nicolas Burrus Homepage - Nicolas Burrus homepage. Open kinect. Main Page _ OPEN Kinect.

Google Groupes. - Kinect hacking news and community. Kinect open PC. Kinect Nation. Flexible Action and Articulated Skeleton Toolkit (FAAST) View topic - GlovePIE vs FAAST. View topic - Kinect integration with Glovepie (Download link and sample) Using Kinect in Glovepie with OSC messages and OpenNi framework. PPJoy 0.83 – Télécharger gratuit. FAAST Video Gallery. The Kinect Accelerator. WIN&I - Precise gesture control. Télécharger - Logiciel gratuit Emulation. Download the Developer SDK for the Kinect. WIN&I - Precise gesture control. Kinect for Windows – Building the Future - Kinect for Windows Blog. Kinect : mise à jour beta du SDK pour Windows. Microsoft outlines Code Space, looks to include Kinect in conference rooms, PTA meetings (video) Jeux Kinect. SkiRangerGame - Home. Applications téléchargeables.

Joshfire Framework. Kiretu: Kiretu: Kiretu – A Kinect reconstruction tutor. Introducing Kiretu - A Kinect reconstruction tutor - OpenKinect.