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iPi Soft- Markerless Mocap

iPi Soft- Markerless Mocap
You don’t have to have any markers. You don’t have to wear any special clothing. You just turn it on and it records. Anthony Hoit, The Graphic Film CompanyWe aimed for a realistic feel and iPi Motion Capture helped achieve this dramatic moment in a way we couldn’t otherwiseIan Kirby, The Sequence GroupiPi Mocap offered a wider capture area than the alternatives, and the cost and ease of use allowed us come in on budget and on scheduleLouis du Mont, We Are FormationUsing iPi Mocap saved us countless weeks of character animation production and gave us stunning results that looked triple APaul Olsen, N3V GamesiPi is what mocap should be all about – making your ideas reality in a matter of minutesDavid Gonzalez, President of Mission Critical Studios.

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Kinect for artists Animata – OSC – MoCap – Stuff On February 1, 2012, I gve a talk at Tiny Army about using the XBox 360 Kinect to drive 2D and 3D animation software. This is a write-up of my notes and slides. Animation export and motion transfer - iPiSoft Wiki Use File > Export Animation menu item to export all animation frames from within Region of Interest (ROI). To export animation for specific take, right-click on take and select Export Animation item from pop-up menu. Default iPi Character Rig The default skeleton in iPi Mocap Studio is optimized for markerless motion capture. It may or may not be suitable as a skeleton for your character. Default iPi skeleton in T-pose has non-zero rotations for all joints.

Qualisys Track Manager – QTM – Qualisys Motion Capture Systems Qualisys Track Manager, Qualisys’ unmatched motion capture software, makes the motion capture process a breeze. Measure indoor or outdoor, in-air or underwater, passive or active – all in one uniform and consistent experience. Motion capture everywhere Qualisys Track Manager, or QTM for short, is Qualisys’ main software that handles the motion capture process in an efficient and user friendly way. QTM supports hardware made by Qualisys as well as a variety of external equipment. The software is an integral part of Qualisys’ motion capture system and is used for a wide range of application scenarios such as indoor or outdoor, in-air or underwater, with passive markers or active markers, real-time or post-processing, ensuring a consistent and familiar user experience.

'Kinect For Windows' (Not Xbox) and iclone Important Info & links I suspect that this is the latest version of mocap compatible with Kinect for Windows Sorry ;_; - but we must hide our super awesome content to protect it from bots Register Now to view these links/content Version 1.1.1316.1 And the Version currently available cracked by Zeus is this

Body Scanning We scan a full body in ultra high resolution 15k colour using our 80 X DSLR photogrammetry system. If you are looking for a portable fast body scanning solution we can use our ultra compact Artec M scanning system. Using the Artec we can scan a full body in about 2 minutes and provide you with a model within the hour. face animation software: we put markerless motion capture at every desk » product Tracking ExpressionsGaze TrackingHead Pose TrackingRealtime TrackingOffline Refinement30fps Excellent tracking is the core of faceshift. We can track with high accuracy, because we learn your personalized avatar. The avatar is created from a few training expressions, and the resulting tracking is very stable, accurate and expressive.

IKLONE ZERO 3D animation with ICLONE: ICLONE WORLD - MUNDO ICLONE 3. iCLONE 5 PRO - NOVEDADES DE LA VERSIÓN 11. iClone G5 NEXT GEN & Street Dance: Asombrosos motions de STREET DANCE para aplicar a los avatares. Angel - the first open sensor for health and fitness Hundreds of contributors from all around the world have shown their support for open health innovation. Together, we're out to change the future of health. THANK YOU FOR BELIEVING IN US! Markerless Motion Capture Designed for Animators - Animation Software - OpenStage 2 – Organic Motion Real world animation doesn’t end with motion capture; no matter how high the quality, motion capture is just the beginning.To get the right gesture, emphasis and pose, talented animators and directors want to choose their shots, angles, and then layer on custom keyframed details in a process known as hybrid animation. The latest features in OpenStage animation software make this easier than ever. Animators can work with reference footage from any or all of the OpenStage 2 cameras in the animation tool of their choice, such as AutoDesk Maya(TM) or AutoDesk 3D Studio MAX. Export the camera locations and orientations in an FBX format, import the reference frames as image planes and start customizing the action to suit the needs of the character and story.

NYC Production & Post News A Review of iPi Soft's Markerless Motion Capture System » NYC Production & Post News Motion capture or mocap has made its place as part of a modern animator’s toolkit. For many styles of animation, going with mocap instead of traditional animation saves time and cuts budgets. However, until recently, only productions capable of investing in many thousands of dollars worth of cameras and software from companies such as Polhemus and Vicon Systems could even consider using this approach. However, in the decades since mocap began as a tool for photogrammetric analysis in biomechanics research, advances in technology have continued to drop the price point of entry. Harnessing Game Gear Now, iPi Desktop Motion Capture software from Moscow-based iPiSoft combined with Microsoft’s Kinect interface has pushed mocap down to a price point well under $1000.