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Oldelaf - La Tristitude (Clip officiel)

Oldelaf - La Tristitude (Clip officiel)

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Sátántangó In the years since its release, Sátántangó has received wide acclaim from film critics, and is considered one of the greatest films ever made. In 2012, it appeared in the British Film Institute's Sight & Sound critics' top 50 films. Plot[edit] In a desolate village, after the collapse of a collective farm, Futaki is having an affair with Mrs. Schmidt (Éva Almássy Albert), as he is awakened at dawn by the ringing of church bells, even though the nearest church had been destroyed long ago.

Top 50 des bébés animaux les plus mignons de l’histoire de la mignoncité C’est l’instant cute de la journée. Et le web version mignon, c’est avant tout des chats, et des bébés. Que se passe-t-il quand on mélange les 2 ? 10 (or 11) Cool sources for free VJ loops Hi, I usually prepare my loops from downloaded videos on the Internet. For ethical reasons I always try to get “free” material, in the sense of having open source-style licenses like creative commons. Here there is a list of cool webstes where to get good stuff: 1) This is my favorite one, all the material is free, you can choose different media types and there is a very cool library of vintage videos called Prelinger collection: with a lot of 50’s and 60s commercials and documentaries.

Les 100 meilleures photos sans Photoshop La nature et l’être humain sont les artistes les plus doués du monde. Quand ils se réunissent, ils donnent naissance à des œuvres d’art impressionnantes. Aujourd’hui, partage avec toi une collection d’œuvres créées par la nature et capturées par un appareil photo. Voici ce qui se passe quand tu jettes de l’eau chaude dans l’Antarctique Streaming music for free: Listen all your favorites tracks — Ubster You can examine the results of our analysis for below. According to the initial settings, the IP address of the site you are looking for is registered in the system as When we test the opening speed of, it is 23 ms. to switch between pages. As well. You can see the other results by examining the below of the page.

Adding fancyBox to WordPress (without a plugin) by: Rich Hauck I wanted to add a fancyBox popup effect to any image that was embedded into the content area of a WordPress post. I didn’t want to use a plugin for such a simple thing, and didn’t want to have to assign a CSS selector class every time I embedded an image. I found some add_filter() scripts online, but they had a tendency to overwrite some of the fields set in the admin’s media window. How to implement fancyBox in WordPress – creating your own plugin Ok first of all, you will need original fancyBox script created by Jānis Skarnelis that can be found at In this tutorial I used latest fancyBox version 2.1.5 Once you finish download, create new folder and call it myfancybox. Extract the file and copy all content from fancyapps-fancyBox folder to myfancybox folder.

Jared S Tarbell Jared holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from New Mexico State University. In July 2005, Jared co-founded Etsy, an online marketplace to buy and sell handmade goods. When not engaged in programming, Jared nearly always tries to find himself outside, exploring the mysterious wilderness areas of New Mexico. New contract work is not being accepted at this time, thank you. Publications: New Masters of Flash 2004, APress ISBN forthcoming Flash 3D Cheats Most Wanted, APress ISBN 1590592212 The Hidden Power of Flash Components, Sybex ISBN 0782142109 Fresh Flash: New Design Ideas, Friends of ED ISBN 1903450993 Flash Math Creativity, Friends of ED ISBN 1903450500 Employment: Levitated, Albquerque, NM Etsy, Brooklyn, NY Boeing, Seattle, WA Bloomberg, New York City, NY Harbor Research, Cambridge, MA AVLabs, Austin, TX New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM