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War Cartoons

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Vietnam Political Cartoons. USA WWII Cartoons 1941-1945. PBS WWII Cartoons. Many people have described their wartime experiences in letters home.

PBS WWII Cartoons

But very few have chronicled war for the people doing the fighting. Bill Mauldin, World War II's most famous cartoonist, is one of them. In 1943, when he was 21, Mauldin's division shipped overseas to North Africa. Mauldin had been drawing cartoons since he was a boy, and he was quickly assigned to cover the war for the 45th Division News, and then for Stars and Stripes. His cartoons, featuring a scruffy pair of foot soldiers named Willie and Joe, scored an instant hit with the soldiers who saw them. Dr. Seuss Went to War. By Richard H.

Dr. Seuss Went to War

Minear Dr. Seuss (Theodor Seuss Geisel, 1904-1991) was a life-long cartoonist: in high school in Springfield, Massachusetts; in college at Dartmouth (Class of 1925); as an adman in New York City before World War II; in his many children's books, beginning with To Think That I Saw it on Mulberry Street (1937). Because of the fame of his children's books (and because we often misunderstand these books) and because his political cartoons have remained largely unknown, we do not think of Dr. Seuss as a political cartoonist. WW1 Political Cartoons. Korean War Political Cartoons. By Daniel Russ on November 30, 2011 Korean War Political Cartoon Koren War Political Cartoon.

Korean War Political Cartoons

WWI Political Cartoons. Spanish-Cuban-American War Cartoons. Civil War Political Cartoons. Civil War Political Cartoons PDF.