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The Kings Speech - Last Speech. Topics. The London Blitz, 1940. The London Blitz, 1940 The appearance of German bombers in the skies over London during the afternoon of September 7, 1940 heralded a tactical shift in Hitler's attempt to subdue Great Britain.

The London Blitz, 1940

During the previous two months, the Luftwaffe had targeted RAF airfields and radar stations for destruction in preparation for the German invasion of the island. With invasion plans put on hold and eventually scrapped, Hitler turned his attention to destroying London in an attempt to demoralize the population and force the British to come to terms. At around 4:00 PM on that September day, 348 German bombers escorted by 617 fighters blasted London until 6:00 PM.

Two hours later, guided by the fires set by the first assault, a second group of raiders commenced another attack that lasted until 4:30 the following morning. The blitz underground stations. A Soldier Writes - At War Blog. World war 2 propaganda posters. American Women in WW2 - U.S. Army Girls - It's Your War Too (1944) Full Length Educational Film. George VI - King's Speech, September 3, 1939. This is the King's Speech which George VI broadcast to his people in Britain, and throughout the Empire, immediately after Britain's Declaration of War against Germany on September 3, 1939.

George VI - King's Speech, September 3, 1939

The following is the text of that speech, which the King delivered standing up (even though his official portrait depicts him sitting down): Soon after the King delivered this speech, other Dominion governments also declared war against Germany. WWII HOME FRONT NEWSREEL "AMERICA'S CALL TO ARMS" 70972. African American Pioneers (Experiencing War: African Americans at War: Fighting Two Battles, Stories fromthe Veterans History Project, Library of Congress) World War 2 in 7 Minutes. THE WAR . Search & Explore . Media Gallery.

African-Americans in WW II. Left - Howard P.

African-Americans in WW II

Perry, the first African-American to enlist in the U.S. Marines. Breaking a 167-year-old barrier, the U.S. Marine Corps started enlisting African-Americans on June 1, 1942. The first class of 1,200 volunteers began their training three months later as members of the 51st Composite Defense Battalion at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. African-American Soldiers in World War II Helped Pave Way for Integration of US Military. Millions of Americans fought in the military during World War II, including nearly one million African-Americans.

African-American Soldiers in World War II Helped Pave Way for Integration of US Military

African americans in world. THREE FRONTS: Testimonies of Black American World War Two Veterans by LILI BERNARD. Lesson Plans: Take a Memo. Take a Memo: Understanding African American Soldiers on the Home Front Primary sources can be documents, pictures, or artifacts that were produced during a certain time.

Lesson Plans: Take a Memo

Instead of merely reading second-hand descriptions (secondary sources) of how African American soldiers felt about discrimination during WWII, a thorough historian will also want to read any official papers from those soldiers. Brigadier General Benjamin O. Davis wrote about those realities in a memo to the War Department in 1943. Lesson Plans: Analyzing WWII Propaganda Posters. Winning Over Hearts and Minds: Analyzing WWII Propaganda Posters Propaganda played a key part in the United States’ war effort.

Lesson Plans: Analyzing WWII Propaganda Posters

Although much more subtle, propaganda was as much a weapon of the war as manpower and ammunition. In addition to the radio broadcasts, movies, and comic books, over 200,000 poster designs were produced during WWII by the Office of War Information (OWI), The Treasury Department, branches of the armed force, and recruitment bureaus. Lesson Plans: My Dear Little Boys: A Letter Home from War. "My Dear Little Boys…" Interpreting a Letter Home from the War Letters written by soldiers in World War II to family, loved ones, and friends were a lifeline between the writer and those on the Home Front.

Lesson Plans: My Dear Little Boys: A Letter Home from War

By carefully reading these letters, students can learn about the experiences of war, and the emotions, fears, and desires of soldiers away from home, enriching their understanding of historical sources, war, and human relations. Objective:Students will analyze an individual soldier’s feelings about World War II and in turn learn how to use letters as a primary source for research. Lesson Plans. The Museum has created these Lesson Plans that you may print out for your classroom use.

Lesson Plans

Each lesson comes complete with directions, enrichment suggestions, and reproducible handouts and incorporate primary sources. Most lessons can be modified for middle or high school level. War. Evelyn born 1930 talks about 1939 evacuation of children. Rationing In Britain. Woman World War II Pilot Honored. Woman World War II Pilot Honored During World War II, American women pilots were trained to fly non-combat missions so that men could fly fighter planes.

Woman World War II Pilot Honored

U.S. officials gave the women permission to fly military aircraft as civilian pilots, but not in battle or over enemy lines. Bernice Falk Haydu was one of those pilots. She is now 94 years old. She was recently recognized for her service. Remembering 70th Anniversary of End of World War II. Remembering 70th Anniversary of End of World War II World War II ended 70 years ago this week.

Remembering 70th Anniversary of End of World War II

On August 15, 1945, Japan surrendered to allied forces led by the United States. World War Two - Japanese internment camps in the US. Amache (Granada), CO Opened: August 24, 1942. Closed: October 15, 1945. Peak population: 7,318. Gila River, AZ Opened July 20, 1942. Closed November 10, 1945. Peak Population 13,348. Heart Mountain, WY Opened August 12, 1942.Closed November 10, 1945. How World War II Changed Everything.

A rare and famous object can open your eyes to the way the world can change. Sometimes, you see the change when you look at an inexpensive package of candy. That's part of the surprise of visiting the New-York Historical Society, where last year, in an exhibition about political revolutions, we displayed the original Stamp Act -- the law that set off the Boston Tea Party -- and where this year, as part of our show about New York City's role in World War II, we are exhibiting a tube of M&M'S. What do M&M'S have to do with the war? Quite a lot, as it turns out. Country Joe & The Fish Live @ Woodstock 1969 Fish Cheer_I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixing-To-Die-Rag.mpg.

Bob Dylan- Masters of War. Lesson Plan - Japanese American Internment. History as Histories In this lesson, students make deductions about life in an internment camp by reading and comparing letters written to Clara Breed. World War II General Resources. WWII Web Sites Encyclopedia of the Second World War The Second World War is a Spartacus Educational website and enables one to research individual people and events of the war in detail. The sources are “hypertexted” so that the visitor can research the newspaper, organization, etc., that produced the source. Untitled. Untitled. Untitled.

Perfect. World War II Posters. Propaganda Posters. WWII: A Soldier's View. Untitled. World War II General Resources. 10 Things You Probably Never Knew About Full Metal Jacket. When it comes to pop-culture allure and romanticized brutality, Stanley Kubrick’s “Full Metal Jacket” is arguably the most influential of all Vietnam War movies.

R. Lee Ermey’s iconic portrayal of the sadistic Gunnery Sgt. Hartman has served as a de facto recruiting mechanism for the Marines since the film’s release in 1987. I remember watching the same VHS copy of “Full Metal Jacket” about a hundred times before I enlisted as a Marine combat correspondent, choosing the same military specialty as Private Joker.

During the 10 years I served in the Corps, it was a rare occasion to find a Marine who didn’t love the film. Despite FMJ’s widespread popularity, there is a crap-ton of behind-the-scenes drama and literary awesomeness from the original novel that gets missed if you’ve never looked into the film’s backstory. DVD you never saw. 1. Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund - Founders of The Wall. Mickey Mouse In Vietnam. How photographs told the story of the Vietnam War. 5 December 2013Last updated at 08:12. The Vietnam War. Platoon.pdf. War & Peace. War: What Is It Good For? War. War. Vietnam War History - Vietnam War. Born4thJuly. Room 167: Today's Movie - "Born on the Fourth of July" Info on Ron Kovic: Interview: Info on the movie: Lesson Plans/Projects relating to themes dealt with in this movie:

Top 10 Songs About War. AfricanAmericanWWII_Study_Guide.pdf. George Takei: Why I love a country that once betrayed me. Japanese-American Internment. Many Americans worried that citizens of Japanese ancestry would act as spies or saboteurs for the Japanese government. Life After Death. Untitled.