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Research, resources and essay writing

Research, resources and essay writing

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European discovery and the colonisation of Australia European mariners Francesco Bartolozzi (1727-1815), Captn. James Cook, F.R.S, 1784, print: stipple engraving. Image courtesy of the . The first records of European mariners sailing into 'Australian' waters occurs around 1606, and includes their observations of the land known as Terra Australis Incognita (unknown southern land).

Services For Year 11 & 12 Students The University Library offers free library membership for Year 11 and 12 students who need access to comprehensive research materials. The Year 11 and 12 program is available to all South Australian schools and includes: Membership for up to 12 months. Propaganda Australian propaganda was designed to maintain public anger about German atrocities and idealise Eora: Aboriginal Sydney Eora: Aboriginal Sydney, 1770 - 1850, offers an insight into Sydney and the local indigenous community in the years following the arrival of the Bèerewalgal, 'people from the clouds', in 1788. United by a common language, strong ties of kinship, and a rich saltwater economy, the indigenous inhabitants survived as skilled hunter-fisher-gatherers in family groups or clans scattered along the coast. They identified themselves as Eora (yura), simply meaning 'People', a word derived from Ee 'yes' and ora 'here' or 'this place', revealing their deep connection to the land.

The First Fleet Over 252 days, the First Fleet brought over 1500 men, women and children half way around the world from England to New South Wales. Detail from Botany Bay; Sirius & Convoy going in ... 21 January 1788.from 'A Voyage to New South Wales' by William Bradley, December 1786 - May 1792, Safe 1/14 On 13 of May 1787, the fleet of 11 ships set sail from Portsmouth, England. Led by Captain Arthur Phillip, this historic convoy, which later became known as the First Fleet, carried officers, crew, marines and their families, and convicts from Britain to a distant and little known land on the far side of the world. Asia Pacific 3MT 2020: WatchSA university finalists share their Three Minute theses Last updated: 14 September 2020 In these terms and conditions News Pty Limited will be referred to as News. These Terms and Conditions apply to the following types of subscriptions: The Advertiser+ 12 Month Plan Digital Membership, The Advertiser+ 12 Month Plan Digital Membership & Weekend Delivery, The Advertiser+ 12 Month Plan Digital Membership & 7 Day Delivery, The Advertiser+ Digital Membership, The Advertiser+ Digital Membership & Sunday Delivery, The Advertiser+ Digital Membership & Weekend Delivery, The Advertiser+ Digital Membership & 7 Day Delivery, Sunday Mail Home Delivery, Sunday newspaper home delivery, Weekend newspaper home delivery, 7-day newspaper home delivery , news+ Full Access Subscription, news+ Full Access & Sunday home delivery, news+ Full Access & Weekend home delivery, news+ Full Access & 7-day home delivery. The Advertiser Digital Print Edition, The Advertiser App Only. Each of these is a Subscription under these Terms and Conditions. Pricing

Curriculum connections - Vrroom Australian History The collection of records in Vrroom offers a window into key events and significant themes of 20th-century Australian History – events such as the birth of the Commonwealth of Australia in 1901 and themes relating to people, power and politics, immigration,national identity and environmental issues. In 2012 Vrroom is linking grouped primary sources with the Australian Curriculum: History. See Traversing Antarctica, the Australian experience. Vrroom can help teachers and students find archival records relating to nine broad research topics.

Australian science timeline 2.24 This timeline began as a starting point for people looking for terms and names to use in Web searches relating to the history of Australian science and technology, and only later acquired links to relevant pages for some of these. Suggestions for additions, corrections and such are welcome — but if possible, please provide a year — suggestions which lack a year are far more likely to miss out on a place. The email address that I supply here will not reach me unless you put my first name at the front. The rest is -- which is a spam dump. I particularly solicit suggestions for links to Web sites covering individual items here.

1808 Rum Rebellion On 26th January 1808, officers and men of the New South Wales Corps marched to Government House in Sydney in an act of rebellion against Governor William Bligh. Bligh was arrested and the colony was placed under military rule. This was the only time in Australian history that a government was overthrown by a military coup. The military stayed in power for two years until Lachlan Macquarie, the fifth Governor of NSW, assumed office at the beginning of 1810.

Libraries SA Access Libraries of South Australia from your mobile device. Manage your SA OneCard Network account, search the catalogue, renew and reserve books and digital content. The app's key features include: Use your phone as a library card - store your membership number and barcode on your phone Search the catalogue - locate items on the catalogue and place holds with just a few clicks eBooks & audiobooks - read our massive range of titles on your tablet or phone

Burke and Wills: Then and Now Join us on a fascinating real-time journey across Australia. On 20 August 2010, the Burke and Wills Environmental Expedition (BWEE) sets out to retrace the steps of the 1860 Burke and Wills expedition. As the BWEE progresses along the route of the track, from Melbourne to the Gulf of Carpentaria, Dr Jonathan King and cinematographer Michael Dillon will interview Indigenous elders, local farmers, and scientists about current environmental issues. The 1860 expedition, organised by the Royal Society of Victoria, set out with various objectives: to collect scientific data about Australia’s flora and fauna, to survey the land and identify good pasture, and to be the first complete crossing of the continent from south to north. Whilst the 1860 expedition has been mythologised as a tragic disaster, its members, including William Wills and Ludwig Becker, documented the people, land, and weather that they encountered in often beautiful, and occasionally startling, ways.

Classroom learning What's new Indigenous cultures and contact history Encounters includes an interactive map, digital timeline and online activities. It is based on the powerful stories shared by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the Encounters exhibition.

Natural Resources Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges As a student, your voice and opinions are important! You should know that what you have to say is valued, and that you can contribute to the solutions to local issues. Having a say on things that matter to you is often termed ‘youth voice’ or ‘student voice’.