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Australian History Timeline

Australian History Timeline

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DNA traces Aboriginal Australian history › News in Science (ABC Science) News in Science Tuesday, 8 May 2007 Anna SallehABC Aboriginal Australians are descended from the same modern human ancestors who left Africa to populate other parts of the world, says a new genetic study. The study supports the Out of Africa theory about the dispersal of modern humans, but scientists disagree over how many entry points people used to reach Australia. Georgi Hudjashov, of Tartu University in Estonia, and colleagues report their study online today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Gallery of Australian Biographies The biographies are short, precise accounts of Australian historical and contemporary figures from all walks of life. Intended as a starting point for students’ own investigations, the biographies contain information such as date of birth, achievements, honours, and contributions to Australian society. It is anticipated that students will be encouraged to interpret these lives against social and historical contexts and make their own informed judgements about the influences that shape them.

Things To Do In Australia There are a lot of things to do in Australia from the outback to the shores you can always find something going on to suit you. Maybe you're into more traditional holidays like touring around Australia's largest city of Sydney or going on a wonderful shopping trip in Melbourne. Or maybe you like to get off the beaten track a bit and take an outback adventure or take a train journey on one of Australia's spectacular trains. There are some great holiday ideas at the bottom of this page and some more on our Australian Tourist Attractions page..... you can also get some great hints and tips about visa's, driving in Australia, train travel and much more on our Australian Travel Guide page. Australia is an incredibly diverse country so no matter what your idea of a great holiday is there is always something to do, different things to see or experiences to enjoy downunder....

The five funniest moments in Australian history History, let's be blunt, is hilarious. It's hilarious for the same reason life itself is hilarious: it's filled with weirdos and idiots screwing everything up in the worst ways possible. But the beauty of history as a comedic resource is that it all happened ages ago, so you don't have to pretend to feel sorry for the people it happened to. Australian Heritage - the magazine A Nation sub-divided The dotted lines that mark the borders of Australia’s states and territories, learned by many of us from plastic templates that we arduously drew around in primary school, may seem long-fixed and of little interest. But each of these lines has a story that reflects a stage in our history as a nation, as David Taylor writes.

The Human Journey – Episode 1 (1999) clip 2 on ASO Clip description In June 1997, an inspired piece of scientific investigation by paleoanthropologist Dr Ron Clarke and his team resulted in a remarkable discovery in a cave in South Africa. Curator’s notes This program offers a well-written script and great narration from Hugo Weaving, one of Australia’s finest actors, to explain what ought to be impossible to visualise: the planet and its life forms millions of years ago. With stunning re-creations of a wild and untamed planet of ice ages, massive land and sea movements and intense temperature fluctuations, we follow the fortunes and the migratory journeys of various groupings of hominids, as they make their way out of the trees, across the plains of Africa and eventually further north.

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Aboriginal trade: Museum Victoria Question: Did Aboriginal people in Australia have any contact with other countries before European contact? Answer: Yes! The first European contact with the land we now know as Australia is generally held to have been by Dutch explorers in 1606. We know how important internal trading relationships and routes were to Indigenous peoples, but people are often not aware that a relationship developed between Aboriginal people in eastern Arnhem Land and visitors from overseas. Macassan people from what is now known as Sulawesi (Indonesia) annually visited the northern shores of Australia, the place they called Marege’.

Parliament of NSW - History of democracy in NSW The Parliament of New South Wales is Australia's first and oldest Parliament, and its complex of buildings includes the oldest building surviving in the Sydney Central Business District (CBD). Sydney was founded as a convict colony by the British in 1788. Limited provision was made for infrastructure, convict labour being the main source of public building. When Governor Lachlan Macquarie (Governor of New South Wales from 1810-1821) arrived in the colony, he found there were no permanent hospital facilities. 7 Sydney spent time You spent time in Australia quite recently, so tell us about that. To 'spend time' in a place is to be there for a while. You can also spend time with people. Notice the following: JAM - j-a-m pulse Welcome to j-a-m pulse, successor to the very popular PeacePulse, an on-line tool that helps you remember to take just-a-minute for yourself at regular intervals throughout your day. This is the practice that enables just-a-minute to make a real & positive difference in life. j-a-m pulse is controlled by the functions next to the bell symbol in the top right of the j-a-m website window. You can switch j-a-m pulse on or off by clicking the on/off button.

Australia Australian History Trove Pictures of Australia Take a look at the Picture Australia site. This site will not be officially lauched for a while yet. I provides a single point of access to over 450,000 digitised images from pictorial collections of many leading cultural heritage institutions. Indigenous culture & history Knowing & understanding 1. Read an Aboriginal Dreaming story and: enact or retell the story through mime, dance, drama, music or a series of paintings compare stories from other cultures and look at the similarities and differences, particularly with the messages and themes of the stories

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