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Australian Colonial History

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1788: Was life the same for everyone? Australian Curriculum: English Year 4 Sequence 1: Finding out what we know Sequence 2: Exploring an informative text: Avoid Being a Convict Sequence 3: Exploring the text: Captain Arthur Phillip and the First Fleet.

1788: Was life the same for everyone?

Ancient Australian History. At the time of colonisation of Australia, Great Britain was in need of new land to place its convicts.

Ancient Australian History

After early sightings of Australia by James Cook, it was decided that Australia would become a new British colony where convicts would be sent and used for labour in establishing the new colony. In 1788, the first fleet of ships landed in Botany Bay and so began the colonisation of Australia. European Exploration (1400-1788) - Before the English officially landed on Botany Bay in 1788, tthere were many expeditions to find the Great Unknown South Land, that was believed to be full of gold. The first European to discover was thought to have been Willem Jansz, a Dutchman who sailed along part of the Gulf of Carpentaria in 1606 and landed on Australian soil. First Landing - In August 1786, the British government decided to start a convict settlement in New South Wales. Early Years - Governor Phillip left Sydney in December 1792. Eureka Stockade. DD Units - Mid. Sec. - Making a Nation. Teaching and learning activities Introduction In a federation, each state keeps its own government but agrees to join with other states to set up a national government.

DD Units - Mid. Sec. - Making a Nation

Throughout the world, states have decided to federate or break apart from time to time. ‘My Story. Australian History Book-Our Sunburnt Country. A highly acclaimed Australian history book that all will enjoy.

Australian History Book-Our Sunburnt Country

A Library Treasure This Australian history book will capture your child’s interest with its smooth-flowing stories and charming illustrations. Our Sunburnt Country begins with the arrival of Australia's indigineous people and continues right up to modern times. Its simple but engaging style will bring to life the historical events that have shaped this nation and culture. Charlotte Mason Favourite Numerous Charlotte Mason Living booklists and forums highly recommended this book. I first read this book to my two oldest children when they were 7 and 8 and they LOVED IT. They were not the only ones to benefit for I learnt my Australian history for the first time (better late than never!)

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It's fast and easy... Yes, Please make this my home page! Don't show this to me again. Our Colonial Past - Yr 5 - Library Pathfinders. British Colonisation of Australia history resource. British Colonisation of Australia worksheet. Australian explorers cyberquest. Australian Art. Collection Introduction The National Gallery of Australia's collection of Australian art reflects its unique national responsibility to present the story of visual art in Australia.

Australian Art

The collection includes works of consistently high quality and outstanding aesthetic merit – works by artists from all Australian states and territories and by Australian artists working overseas, as well as works by artists living for a time in Australia. Famous Indigenous Australians. Australian Stories Government website. NSW History sample unit. The Australian Colonies.

Australian Colonial History

The Australian Curriculum v5.0 Year 5. The English curriculum is built around the three interrelated strands of Language, Literature and Literacy.

The Australian Curriculum v5.0 Year 5

Teaching and learning programs should balance and integrate all three strands. Together the strands focus on developing students’ knowledge, understanding and skills in listening, reading, viewing, speaking, writing and creating. Learning in English builds on concepts, skills and processes... Read full description The English curriculum is built around the three interrelated strands of Language, Literature and Literacy. New Australian Colonies – sample history project. Sample unit Swan River. Sovereign Hill Education - Teaching Kits. Welcome to Sovereign Hill Education Victoria’s 1850s goldrush heritage is alive, exciting and very hands-on at Sovereign Hill with creative, stimulating and interactive experiences for school students and kindergarten classes.

Sovereign Hill Education - Teaching Kits

Students experience Sovereign Hill indoors, outdoors, above-ground and below-ground, giving a tremendous variety for school excursions and ensuring an action-packed, fun day. Sovereign Hill Education Sovereign Hill Education provides programs that are developed and delivered by Sovereign Hill Education officers, who are all experienced teachers. We provide unique on-site sessions, "Discover It Yourself" programs and education materials suitable for all students and designed to achieve Find out more Costumed Schools Program The Sovereign Hill Costumed School Program is a unique, two-day costumed role-play experience where children are fully immersed in the 1850s, learning about manners, costume, behaviour and re-living the discipline of school life on the goldfields. AusVELS History Progression Points 2013. History Scope and Sequence. Level 5 History. The Level 5 curriculum provides a study of colonial Australia in the 1800s.

Level 5 History

Students look at the founding of British colonies and the development of a colony. They learn about what life was like for different groups of people in the colonial period. They examine significant events and people, political and economic developments, social structures, and settlement patterns. The content provides opportunities to develop historical understanding through key concepts including sources, continuity and change, cause and effect, perspectives, empathy and significance. These concepts may be investigated within a particular historical context to facilitate an understanding of the past and to provide a focus for historical inquiries.

Resources - primary and secondary. Sample pages Colonial People. Sample pages Heroes and Villains. Primary Australian Curriculum Macmillan grid of resources. Sample of history TRB. Curriculum Guide for Australian History Mysteries. Looking at History through Museum objects. Burke-Wills_education_kit.