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La faute à Ève

La faute à Ève

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Stereotypes can be damaging, so how can we stop children picking them up? How can modern parents raise the next generation to be free from corrosive gender and racial stereotypes? By the time children start elementary school, gender and race shape their lives in many ways that parents might want to prevent. As early as first grade, girls are less likely than boys to think members of their own gender are “really, really smart.” And by just age three, white children in the United States implicitly endorse stereotypes that African-American faces are angrier than white faces. Grayson Perry: The rise and fall of Default Man Attack of the clones: Default Man is so entrenched in society that he is “like a Death Star hiding behind the moon”. Artwork by Grayson Perry Grayson Perry's guest-edited issue of the New Statesman is on sale on Thursday 9 October. Visit to get a copy Paddle your canoe up the River Thames and you will come round the bend and see a forest of huge totems jutting into the sky. Great shiny monoliths in various phallic shapes, they are the wondrous cultural artefacts of a remarkable tribe.

5 Ways People Police Women Who Dress “Immodestly” Originally published on Feminspire and cross-posted here with their permission. This morning, as I ventured onto Facebook to see if anything interesting had happened during the night hours, I noticed a picture that a relative had posted. It had a little piggy on it, and generally I like little piggies, so I clicked on it. Then I saw what the picture says (it was one of those e-cards that no one actually emails to each other anymore). “Dear Girls, Dressing immodestly is like rolling around in manure. You’ll get attention but mostly from pigs.

Nakkiah Lui: “It’s Not Racism That Australia Needs To Get Rid Of; It’s The Privilege Of Whiteness” By Nakkiah Lui, 3/6/2015 On Friday May 29, the NSW Reconciliation Council brought their sell-out event ‘I’m Not Racist, But…‘ to the University of Sydney, as part of National Reconciliation Week. Hosted by Gretel Killeen, the forum’s aim was to generate an open discussion around racism in Australia; it featured ten-minute talks from artist and writer Adam Geczy, writer and screenwriter Benjamin Law, TV host and VJ Yumi Stynes and playwright, writer, and actor Nakkiah Lui, followed by a panel discussion and Q&A.

Fifty Abusive Moments in Fifty Shades of Grey Yes, you read that title right. I'm so tired of being told that there's no abuse in Fifty Shades of Grey, that I've decided to compile something of a list. A list of fifty abusive moments, to be precise. Raising a Moral Child Genetic twin studies suggest that anywhere from a quarter to more than half of our propensity to be giving and caring is inherited. That leaves a lot of room for nurture, and the evidence on how parents raise kind and compassionate children flies in the face of what many of even the most well-intentioned parents do in praising good behavior, responding to bad behavior, and communicating their values. By age 2, children experience some moral emotions — feelings triggered by right and wrong. To reinforce caring as the right behavior, research indicates, praise is more effective than rewards. Rewards run the risk of leading children to be kind only when a carrot is offered, whereas praise communicates that sharing is intrinsically worthwhile for its own sake. But what kind of praise should we give when our children show early signs of generosity?

What’s wrong with saying that things happen to men, too? Short answer: Nothing in and of itself. The problem occurs when conversations about women can’t happen on unmoderated blogs without someone showing up and saying, “but [x] happens to men, too!” (also known as a “Patriarchy Hurts Men, Too” or PHMT argument, or a “What About The Mens?” or WATM argument). Why So Many Straight Women Watch Lesbian Porn Over the years, Karen, 35, has established exactly what she likes when it comes to online porn. Three or four times a week, she goes in search of new videos in some of her favorite categories -- Big breast play. Squirting. Lesbian. When she spoke to The Huffington Post, Karen had recently watched a video that hit all of her sweet spots: two women who didn’t have “perky, fake boobs,” but instead looked real, like they could be moms. They were in bed, kissing and fondling each other.

The French Approach to “Anti-racism”: Pretty Words and Magical Thinking I first came to France twelve years ago during my junior year abroad. I was the first person in my family to get a passport and I could barely contain my excitement. In the winter of 2003, two years before the riots that followed the untimely deaths of 15 year old Zyed Benna and 17 year old Bouna Traore, I landed in Paris bright-eyed and bushy tailed, armed with a very shaky grasp of French and a naive fascination with this beautiful country. As an African-American, I was vaguely aware that France did not deal with issues of race the way we do in the United States. And when I happened to forget, French white people were keen to remind me. In one of the sociology classes I took at a university in the south of France, I hesitantly raised my hand to ask a question.

Swanson: Disney's 'Frozen' Is A Satanic Push To Turn Kids Gay Religious Right talk show host Kevin Swanson railed against the Disney film Frozen on Wednesday, accusing Disney of using the movie to turn children gay. Swanson told cohost Steve Vaughn that Satan is using the movie “to indoctrinate my 5-year-old to be a lesbian.” Swanson: Man, how many children are taken into these things and how many Christians are taking their kids off to see the movie Frozen, produced by an organization that is probably one of the most pro-homosexual organizations in the country? You wonder sometimes, I’m not a tinfoil hat conspiratorialist, but you wonder sometimes if maybe there’s something very evil happening here. If I was the Devil, what would I do to really foul up an entire social system and do something really, really, really evil to 5- and 6- and 7-year-olds in Christian families around America?Vaughn: I would make a movie.Swanson: I would buy Disney.

“Private Parts” – Katja Tetzlaff: Illustrator. Educator. Activist. 25 different anatomical variations of the vulva “Shhhhh! They are called “private” parts for a reason!” Every plant, animal, and, needless to say, human has genitals so we shouldn’t be ashamed to talk about them, especially with youth who are often under- or misinformed about endless variations of sex anatomy and functioning. Despite the two “standard” versions of a penis and a vagina you see in textbooks, penises and vaginae (pl. of vagina) come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. What is male privilege? Before discussing “male privilege” it is first important to define what privilege means in an anti-oppression setting. Privilege, at its core, is the advantages that people benefit from based solely on their social status. It is a status that is conferred by society to certain groups, not seized by individuals, which is why it can be difficult sometimes to see one’s own privilege.

Eating Disorder Recovery Advocacy Is Usually Fatphobic – Here Are 4 Ways to Start Fixing That Recently, I had what felt like an awesome idea. I had gone to bed at night, feeling really overwhelmed about how full I felt, about how bloated I was. And that, very quickly, translated in my eating disordered mind into “I ate too much.”