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Marvel Cinematic universe

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Updated: "Visual Guide to Marvel Character Movie Rights" Infographic by The Geek Twins [Infographic] Find out which movie studio owns which Marvel comic book character in this simple graphic.

Updated: "Visual Guide to Marvel Character Movie Rights" Infographic by The Geek Twins [Infographic]

Why isn't Spider-Man in the Avengers? Will there be a crossover between the Fantastic Four and the X-Men? This has since been hotly debated, but it raises the question. Why aren't all Marvel superheroes in the same movie? Update: Updated based on Kevin Feige's comment about Namor and added Guardians of the Galaxy In the 1990s, Marvel Comics started selling the movie rights for their characters to different studios. Who owns the movie rights for the Fantastic Four? Version 1 All characters associated with the main character are the property of the studio. Doctor DoomHuman TorchInvisible WomanMr. Check out some of our other infographics!

Les futures sorties Marvel annoncées. Patron de Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige a dévoilé il y a quelques heures le planning des prochaines sorties de la compagnie à compter de 2016.

Les futures sorties Marvel annoncées

Au programme, des suites, bien sûr, comme le troisième volet d’Avengers (qui sera - surprise, surprise - scindé en deux parties), mais aussi des titres consacrés à des petits nouveaux comme la Panthère noire et le Docteur Strange. Un Docteur Strange qui, si l’on en croit la dernière rumeur, pourrait être interprété par l’Anglais Benedict Cumberbatch, le bad guy de Star Trek Into Darkness. • 6 mai 2016: Captain America: Civil War • 4 novembre 2016: Doctor Strange • 5 mai 2017: Les Guardiens de la Galaxie 2 • 28 juillet 2017: Thor: Ragnarok • 3 novembre 2017: Black Panther • 4 mai 2018: Avengers: Infinity War – Part I • 6 juillet 2018: Captain Marvel • 2 novembre 2018: Inhumans • 3 mai 2019: Avengers: Infinity War – Part II Jean-Baptiste Herment.

You Will Never Stop Listening to The Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack. The only thing that would make this soundtrack better is if it actually came out on cassette.

You Will Never Stop Listening to The Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack

Actually that would make it much worse. No one can even play those anymore and the quality was terrible, not even to mention the tape getting caught in the gears all the time. actually i own four cassette decks. it's a bigger market than you'd think It probably is but it still can't be all that big in an absolute sense. And I wouldn't know any circumstances under which cassettes are superior to other media/formats. I've still got a cassette deck somewhere, and tape can't get "caught in the gears" (unless your tape deck is severely damaged) - it travels between a pinch roller and a capstan.

In Seattle, their are cassette stores. How about the simple circumstance of nostalgia? Making mixtapes was a fantastic thing for a kid back then! Timeline. Univers cinématographique Marvel. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. « The Avengers (série de films) » redirige ici.

Univers cinématographique Marvel

Pour les autres significations, voir The Avengers. Il existe aussi une série télévisée dérivée du nom de Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. diffusée dès septembre 2013 aux États-Unis, avec Joss Whedon pour show runner. Clark Gregg y retrouve son rôle d'Agent Phil Coulson. Fiche technique[modifier | modifier le code] Personnages et acteurs principaux[modifier | modifier le code] Box-office[modifier | modifier le code] (*) : Actuellement en salle donc changement possible Séquences post-génériques[modifier | modifier le code] Pour lier davantage les films entre eux, des courtes séquences ont été glissées après le générique de fin de chaque film, pour présenter un nouveau personnage ou introduire le film suivant. A Marvel Cinematic Universe Timeline. Originally much of this work wasn't mine.

A Marvel Cinematic Universe Timeline

In fact the predominant work was done by Rich Drees who is the Editor over at where an early timeline can be seen. I have now made my own significant contribution to this now. The sharpe eyed will notice the more important changes. I'm very happy to answer any questions regarding the timeline.