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Richard Seymour: How beauty feels

Richard Seymour: How beauty feels

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New Page 1 In this section you will find answers to the following questions: What is matter? What is it made of? What is antimatter? What is it made of? The Secret of the Fibonacci Sequence in Trees As I headed to the exhibit where the hamadryas baboons ( Papio hamadryas ) resided, I knew something interesting would happen over the next few hours. As I walked into the exhibit, I found two mothers pulling their infants' tails to keep them from straying. This particular act reminded me of how some parents put leashes on their children so they won't wander too far. This example demonstrated how similar the behavior of hamadryas baboons and humans can be. Complexity « Tyranny of the Prefrontal Cortex Towards a “Phase Transition” in Anthropology? Myths of the Archaic State: Evolution of the Earliest Cities, States, and Civilizations By Norman Yoffee. New York: Cambridge University Press.

BSF5048 : Importing a Vehicle Into Canada This document is also available in PDF (195 KB) [help with PDF files] Table of Contents At your service Contraction and Convergence and Music 'STRINGULARITY' and 'PER-CAPITALISM' - for a 'Well Tempered Climate Accord' An expression of Pythagoras' 'First Law' 'Well-Tempered' Tuning and UNFCCC-compliance with Contraction & Convergence [C&C]. For being In-Time and In-Tune to be in Harmony with Mother Earth and Nature all musicians really do, especially string players, is to 'count' so as to be 'in-tune' and 'in-time'. It can be said that, 'All life aspires to the condition of music'. Some physicists even argue that, "Music is the very essence of the Universe" Michio Kaku

Great Books of the Western World The Great Books (second edition) Great Books of the Western World is a series of books originally published in the United States in 1952 by Encyclopædia Britannica Inc. to present the Great Books in a single package of 54 volumes. The series is now in its second edition and contains 60 volumes. Synergetics From WikiEducator Introduction All the content following this section is a snapshot of the Wikipedia entry after I got through editing it, before turning it over to other members of our community to continue improving. I don't pretend it's complete. I had some trepidations in writing it, per this blog post.

FearLess Revolution - COMMON COMMONCM is a community for accelerating social innovation. Launched in January 2011 by Alex & Ana Bogusky, Rob Schuham and John Bielenberg, COMMON connects entrepreneurs, designers and creatives to accelerate socially beneficial businesses and ideas using the power of rule-breaking innovation. COMMON's mission is to catalyze a global creative community with the tools, resources and opportunities to design positive social change; all done through the shared values of a collaborative brand. Values Radical TransparencyCollaborationCreativitySustainabilityBeing LegendaryEmpathyPlayfulnessIntegrity "A social venture is more than a business.

The dissipative systems model The theory of dissipative structure upon which the current discussion is based can be treated as the open systems model extended with a capability to continuously impose a revolutionary change or transformation. The theory of dissipative structure Pioneered by the Brussels school of thought in the 1970s (Prigogine, 1976; Nicolis and Prigogine, 1977, 1989; Prigogine and Stengers, 1984), this theory is firmly rooted in physics and chemistry. Nevertheless, it was later applied to urban spatial evolution (Allen and Sanglier, 1978, 1979a, 1979b, 1981), organisational change and transformation (Gemmill and Smith, 1985; Leifer, 1989; Macintosh and Maclean, 1999), changes in small groups and group dynamics (Smith and Gemmill, 1991), and political revolutions and change in political systems (Artigiani, 1987a, 1987b; Byeon, 1999).

Developing Razor Sharp Focus with Zen Habits Blogger, Leo Babauta If you’ve just logged into Facebook or your email for the 10th time today or find yourself thinking in Facebook statuses throughout the day, it may be time to read Leo Babauta’s eBook “Focus: A simplicity manifesto in the age of distraction”. This free eBook contains dozens of practical suggestions to help you enjoy life more, enhance your creativity and get things done. If there ever was an equivalent of steroids for focus, this book is it – it’s a great tool to help anyone develop razor sharp focus and churn out quality work. Art and Aesthetics (Severyn T. Bruyn) Jacques Attali, professor of economic theory and Counsellor to President François Mitterand, describes the form music takes in terms of prophecy. He argues that new art forms are a prophetic indicator of a major social change, even a revolution. Indeed, new music sounds like “noise” before a revolution. He asserts “Music is a herald, for change. That change is inscribed in noise faster than the actual changes are made in society.”

The Truth About Abs: How To Make $1,000,000 Per Month with Digital Products (Plus: Noah Kagan results) Six-pack abs sell. (Photo: San Diego Shooter) Once or twice in the past, I have referred to “someone” who has earned $5,000,000-$10,000,000 per year with e-books and cross promotion. For that, I should apologize, as it’s not accurate: his numbers are now closer to $1,000,000 per month, and “e-book” doesn’t begin to explain what he does. That someone is named Mike Geary.