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Electronic Music Production & DJ School NYC & Online

Electronic Music Production & DJ School NYC & Online
Related:  Ableton y VST Piano Chord Megapack by Nathan Andersen 1088 pages Downloadable Price: $119.99 Printed, Bound & Mailed Price: $159.99 The Megapack includes all eight of my piano training books, plus the ChordLearn 1.0 software (for Windows). See all my piano books Home Study Sound Engineering, Music Production & DJ Courses at Point Blank Music School Vespers Sometimes the most rewarding production tricks or techniques are the simplest ones. Certainly they are often the ones that yield the most “happy accidents,” the term I use for when experimentation yields something that rocks. Over the next while, I’m going to go through some of my go-to tricks for inspiration from unlikely sources – the often overlooked, sometimes misunderstood, always unappreciated devices in Live’s catalog. Today we’re going to kick it off with a not-so-common use of the Live’s Gate. This little guy right here: Everyone (or rather MOST people) know about Live’s sidechain input on its compressor. What many people don’t know about, or at least don’t utilize, is the sidechain in on the Gate device. Like sidechain compression, it’s a useful feature to pull out when making things dovetail together in the mix to clean up a signal, but in general when I use it it’s for an entirely different purpose. Basically the approach is this: 1 – Take a sustained note from a synth.

2-step garage 2-step garage, or simply 2-step, is a typically English style of modern electronic dance music, and a relatively popular subgenre of UK garage.[1] Characteristics[edit] Influences from hip hop[2] and drum and bass, particularly the hardstep[4] and techstep[1] subgenres have also been noted by critics. History[edit] Early years[edit] 2-step rose to prominence[when?] Growing popularity[edit] As the popularity of the sound spread, nights dedicated to it began to crop up, especially in London. "The first set on the first night of Forward, the new depository of the darkstep vibe, sees Sheffield's 2-step pioneer Oris Jay (a.k.a. 1999–2000: Mainstream success[edit] 2000–present: Decline[edit] See also[edit] List of UK garage artists References[edit]

Free music samples: download loops, hits and multis | 456 free great outdoors samples Summer's here, and it's time to rid yourself of that studio tan by stepping out into the great outdoors. Or, if you'd rather, you can stay in your studio and create the illusion of life outside by downloading our selection of nature-related samples What you need to know The great outdoors samples are divided into six folders, each of which is labelled according to the type of sounds contained within it. All the samples are supplied as WAV files so can be imported directly into your DAW or sampler of choice. The great outdoors samples are supplied in a zip file, so you'll need to extract them before you can see them. Example sounds Ambience loop Birds Camping Footsteps On the glacier Water Great outdoors samples: click to download Great outdoors samples (444MB) These samples originally appeared on Computer Music magazine's cover DVD.

Brothers in Music | Electronische live music from Berlin Musikproduktion mit Ableton Live & NI-Softsynths In unserer Seminarreihe mit Schwerpunkt auf digitaler Musikproduktion werden anhand professioneller Produktionssoftware, wie Ableton „Live“ und Synthesizern von Native Instruments, sowie transportfähiger Hardware (Stichwort „Portables Studio“) moderne Produktionstechniken und die vielfältigen Möglichkeiten des genutzten Instrumentariums anschaulich und leicht verständlich erklärt. Vorrangig geht es um die Bedienung der Software zum Komponieren und Arrangieren mit Fokus auf den Live-Einsatz. Vorkenntnisse sind nicht notwendig! Für Termininformationen oder Interessensbekundungen wendet euch bitte per Mail an uns oder nutzt unser Kontaktformular. Workshop-Themen: Wir bedanken uns für die freundliche Unterstützung dieser Seminarreihe beim newthinking store Berlin und den Firmen Ableton, M-Audio, Celemony und Native Instruments!

General Audio Mixing Techniques - Tips and Tricks | Producer Spot This article is an introduction to mixing technique, some great tips and tricks for helping you to better understand the art of mixing. From first you need to distinguish between mixing and mastering, because it’s a fundamental difference in the techniques and tools used and results. Audio mixing, generically defined is the process by which multiple sounds from various sources (records, sample CDs / Banks, synthesis, etc.) are conbined in one or more audio channels, generally in one stereo. In this process the sound signal sources, their frequency spectrum, dynamics and panoramic position are controlled in detail. For a better result, technically and creatively, in the process you must add effects like reverb, delay’s, echo, compression (pumping or ducking effect), filtering, and more. It is important to understand what is the middle of the song. There are some general rules that apply in mixing music. This is just a personal preference, it’s my golden rule. 1. 2.

FAQ Why wont the Chatroom let me in? There may be a couple of possible reasons for this. Firstly is your browser up to date? If it is and the page wont load, then the “Chat Widget” or the “Chat Server” might be temporarily down. If you are getting a message saying your IP is banned turn your router on and off so that your ISP will give you a new one (note this may take more than 1 attempt depending on your provider). Can I join the Chatroom by IRC? How do I get a show? There are no free slots. When I click on a Media Player listen link the music doesn’t start, why? I’ve tried everything and still can’t tune in, why?

Home - Biome Digital Music Production Courses - Sound Engineering Courses - DJ Course | Manchester MIDI School - UK T.E.A.R.S. (The Emotion And Response to Struggle)  Playlist Preview: Subjkts im Kamikaze - Nachtleben  Heute Abend bringt das Freiburger DJ-Duo Subjkts britische Bassmusik der Gegenwart ins Kamikaze. Hier gibt's vorab schon einmal einen kleinen Einblick in die Tracksauswahl von Fabian und Dominik: Diese Tracks hat Dominik dabei: 01. Jorge Takey - The Lion - Kolorit Records Jorge Takei (Wer früher 'Raumschiff Enterprise' gesehen hat, versteht was es hier mit der Namensgebung auf sich hat) und Robophil (unser Gast am Samstag) bilden zusammen JTRP, in deren Produktionen sie eher düstere und atmosphärische UK Klänge anschlagen. 02. 'Could It Be' hat alles, was ich mir persönlich von einem Track nur wünschen kann. 03. Tensnake ist ein sehr vielseitiger Musiker. 04. Die First Lady im Dirty Bird Camp ist nicht nur eine begnadete Produzentin, sondern auch auf menschlicher Ebene eine der angenehmsten Personen, die ich jemals (vor einem musikalischen Hintergrund) kennen gelernt habe. 05. Diese Tracks hat Fabian dabei: 01. 02. 03. 04. Ich habe absolut keine Ahnung wer OJsmooth ist. 05.

Glitch effects in Ableton Live's Sampler - I have been a fan of BT and Trifonic for a long time. They both have the ability to create some stunning soundscapes and beautiful music. In this tutorial, I show how to use Ableton Live’s Sampler to create a basic glitch effect. Using the looping and aux envelope features, the effect will be that the audio accelerates and decelerates. Examples can be heard in the hi-passed beats of BT’s All That Makes Us Human Continues and Trifonic’s Parks On Fire. Although I’ve done this to a drum loop, a lot more processing can be done depending on what kind of effect you’re hoping to achieve. One trick is to use a plugin such as Sinevibes’ Fraction to get an idea of where your glitchs sound good and then then use Ableton’s Sampler to create the accelerate/decelerate. Brian from Trifonic also has a great series of tutorials over at and has done an Elite Session for Pyramind training where he breaks down Parks On Fire. Have you made any cool glitch effects recently? Related May 10, 2015