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Secale cereale L. - cereal rye Distribution in USA and Canada Map for Secale cereale L.USDA, NRCS. 2009. The PLANTS Database ( 28 August 2009). Sachamama Center for BioCultural Regeneration (SCBR) is a non-profit organization in the Peruvian High Amazon in the town of Lamas, Department of San Martin, dedicated to the biocultural regeneration of the region in collaboration with the indigenous Kichwa-Lamistas, the descendants of pre-Columbian inhabitants, as well as with the local Education Board of the district of Lamas (Sp. acronym UGEL). SCBR was founded in 2009 by the anthropologist Frédérique Apffel-Marglin. SCBR shares a worldview in which the human, the non-human, as well as the community of spirits, are all kin to each other.

The Self Sufficient Blog The Self Sufficient Blog is my mini-journal about self sufficent farm living. It... -- keeps you up-to-date on new information and what others are doing to become more self sufficient. ---New methods and creative approaches to farm living. Self Sufficient'ish This is an easy recipe to follow and creates a delightful, if not usual tasting beer. It is very cheap to make and follows a traditionally english recipe. Before hops were widely used in the 17th century all sorts of plant were used to flavor the ale including nettles. Lennonisms: the Quotable John Lennon John was not only a brilliant musician and songwriter but an intelligent, thoughtful philosopher and clever quipster. These are some of my favorite John Lennon quotes. Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans. part of the lyric of "Beautiful Boy"

Living Off the Land: 52 Highly Nutritious Wild-Growing Plants digg HJ: Organic is awesome, but there is nothing quite like wild growing foods. Quite simply, foods that grow wild have the absolute highest life force energy and nutritional and medicinal benefits available. Despite major advances in growing methods in the last few hundred years, humans still cannot replicate the wisdom of Mother nature exactly. That being said, for most people, it would be impractical to try to live off only wild growing foods in today’s day and age, and so these wild-growing plants are more of a treat when hiking than an everyday occurrence.

High Altitude Living In WA & CO Resources - The Happy Homesteader Blog Bruce and Carol McElmurray live in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of Colorado at an elevation of 9,750'. Ed and Laurie Essex live off grid in the Okanogan Highlands of Washington State at an elevation of 4200’. Bruce and Ed, bloggers for The Happy Homesteader at Mother Earth News, have decided to collaborate on a blog about their high-altitude living. Homesteading and Survivalism Store We here at Homesteading and Survivalism Store take pride in our reputation as the center for "How To" products on self-reliance, sustainable living, and other related fields. This reputation has been built from years of service and tens of thousands of satisfied and returning customers. We run a simple and straight forward operation geared towards getting you the right product at the lowest price. Our team is small, caring, passionate, informed, and responsive. You will not encounter automated and impersonal service here. If you have any questions, complaints, or concerns then you can expect a speedy and tailored response.

A BEATLES' HARD-DIE'S SITE: Beatles' Music - Mozilla Firefox 1957 - At the age of sixteen, John Lennon forms the Quarry Men with friends from his school, Quarry Bank Grammar.July 6, 1957 - After meeting Paul McCartney during a Quarry Men performance at Woolton Parish Church fete, John invites him to join the band.February 1958 - George Harrison joins the Quarry Men.January 1960 - A friend of John's from Liverpool College of Art, Stu Sutcliffe is asked to join the group as the bass guitarist. The band decides to change its name to Silver Beatles.August 1960 - Pete Best becomes the group's drummer. The group makes a final change to their name and are now known as simply the Beatles. They go on to play various venues in Hamburg including such clubs as Indra, Kaiserkeller, Top Ten and Star.December 27, 1960 - The Beatles return to Liverpool and play at Litherland Town Hall. DisclaimerUSA*17 U.S.C. 107 permits copyrighted material to be used under the "fair use" doctrine without any permission from the copyright owner.

Poisonous Plants 2 Plants basically poison on contact, ingestion, or by absorption or inhalation. They cause painful skin irritations upon contact, they cause internal poisoning when eaten, and they poison through skin absorption or inhalation in respiratory system. Many edible plants have deadly relatives and look-alikes. Preparation for military missions includes learning to identify those harmful plants in the target area. How farmers can help fight climate change The other week, I spent some time interviewing several business leaders for the North Carolina Sustainability CEnter, asking them about their reactions to President Obama's climate speach. Their responses were decidedly mixed, but one discussion stayed with me. When I asked Charles Sydnor, the owner of Braeburn Farm, about the urgency of climate policy for his industry—he had this to say: