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Law - The Public Library of Law

Law - The Public Library of Law

Home - Supreme Court of the United States LII / Legal Information Institute Jureeka! Legal Antics This site is intended purely as a resource guide for educational and informational purposes and is not intended to provide specific legal advice. This site should not be used as a substitute for competent legal advice from a professional attorney in your state. The use and receipt of the information offered on this site is not intended to create, nor does it create, an attorney-client relationship. Please feel free to contact me via e-mail or otherwise. However, please be advised that an attorney-client relationship is not created through the act of sending electronic mail to me. The comments on this blog are solely the opinions of the individuals leaving them. Further, any information provided on this blog or in the comments should be taken at your own risk. Funniness not guaranteed.

Guide to Law Online | Law Library of Congress The Guide to Law Online, prepared by the Law Library of Congress Public Services Division, is an annotated guide to sources of information on government and law available online. It includes selected links to useful and reliable sites for legal information. The Guide to Law Online is an annotated compendium of Internet links; a portal of Internet sources of interest to legal researchers. In compiling this list, emphasis wherever possible has been on sites offering the full texts of laws, regulations, and court decisions, along with commentary from lawyers writing primarily for other lawyers. Every direct source listed here was successfully tested before being added to the list.

Casetext, the law annotated Top 10 Law Firm Interview Questions One of the worst experiences in law school has been the ritual of submitting applications for summer employment and then going through a series of 20-minute screening interviews that would put a marine drill sergeant to shame when it comes to humiliating and dehumanizing you. Here are my top-ten (least) favorite questions, and how I actually answered them as opposed to how I would have liked to answer them. 1. Why are you interested in this firm? What I said: Your firm handled (insert name of case I read on their website) which I found to be exciting because it was just like another case I was reading in this class I got an A in. What I thought: I looked through your attorney roster and saw that you hire people who do not appear to have any honors and come from bad law schools. 2. What I said: I went to law school because I want to be able to make a difference. What I thought: That's a good question, and I ask myself it daily. 3. 4. What I thought: Pussy. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Justia :: Free Law & Legal Information for Lawyers, Students, Business and the Public Wisdomap Law - Study Aid That Helps Law Students Learn Overlawyered — Chronicling the high cost of our legal system Free Law Project

Public Library of Law; Operated by Fastcase, PLOL claims to be one of the largest free law libraries in the world, containing access to federal and state cases, codes, constitutions and court rules. by thecyberesq May 19