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Renoise - 2.5 Beta Testing Started

Renoise - 2.5 Beta Testing Started
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MATRIXSYNTH - Home of Open ModPlug Tracker | OpenMPT - Discover the music inside... Bitwig | Bitwig Studio Bitwig Studio is dynamic software for creation and performance of your musical ideas on stage or in the studio. Discover the new standard in customized workflow. Bitwig Studio inspires you to take greater control of your music, giving you access to every aspect of your production. Streamline your creative process and quickly evolve your ideas into complete songs, tracks and compositions. Record and arrange, improvise and perform, or do it all at once. Explore a world of creative possibilities, including audio and note expressions, histogram-based value editing, layered editing, extensive bounce-in-place functions, automatic slicing, smart controller integration, and the Open Controller Scripting API.

Audiotool AlsaModularSynth Script Webmaster : Outils Webmasters, Script Clone, Thèmes, CMS REAPER | Audio Production Without Limits Iannix How To Invert Screen Colors in (Ubuntu-based) GNU/Linux Distros | Home of Uninterpreted Facts Are your eyes getting tired of reading black text on a white background? Particularly if you read in a dark room? (Now a previous post describes how Evince, a freedom-respecting alternative to Adobe’s bloated PDF reader, can do this automatically with PDF files.) To have your screen invert colors, all it requires is a one-line script once you download one small package! It can be done by opening your terminal and typing xcalib -invert -alter or, simply, xcalib -i -a Your computer may not have the xcalib package installed, and you may be prompted to install it with this code: sudo apt-get install xcalib [If you are curious, “sudo” invokes root/superuser/admin privileges, so you will need to use the root password. Then, when it’s all done, try it out. [UPDATE: For keyboard shortcuts, see below!] [Author’s note: for more computer tips related to Ubuntu and other Debian-based GNU/Linux distros, check out my Computer Tips category on the right. Then assign a shortcut (click on “New Accelerator…”).

Optimising your PC for audio on Windows 7 .: Focusrite Answerbase All of the tuning tips below should be implemented if you want to achieve high speed, low latency audio recording and playback without glitches with your audio interface. Please note: If you are using the Liquid Mix you must downgrade your FireWire driver to the legacy driver. For more information on how to do this, see the article here. The video here guides you through the following steps. General optimisation: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Advanced optimisation: If you wish to optimise your system further, or you are using a system that is particularly lacking in resources you can follow the tips below for advanced optimisation. Disable Visual effects The visual features in Windows 7 can use resources that could otherwise help to improve audio performance. If you wish to optimise your Windows 7 graphics for the best performance use the "Adjust for best performance".