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VirtualMIDISynth | CoolSoft VirtualMIDISynth is a software MIDI synthesizer implemented as a Windows multimedia user driver, accessible as a standard MIDI Out device. It works on Windows XP (SP3) / Vista (SP1) / 7 (SP1) / 8 (both x86 and x64), and is based on the great BASS library from un4seen. Brief intro If you are a MIDI/karaoke fan like me, you know that MIDI play quality on Windows systems was not really good out of the box. On 32bits systems some better alternatives exist, like the well-known YAMAHA XG SoftSynthetizer S-YXG50 and Cakewalk-sfz+ (both unsupported now). Upgrading to an x64 system was a pain for me: S-YXG50 doesn't work at all, Cakewalk-sfz+ was unusable. One day Ian Luck (un4seen) added to his BASSMidi library a great feature: the possibility to render a live MIDI stream, including SysEx messages. The challenge was to create a good quality synth and keep the end user away from complicated virtual MIDI chains (ever tried VanBasco -> MIDI Yoke/LoopBe1 -> SynthFont chain ?). Main features What now?

Geosphere One of seeper’s goals is finding new and innovative ways for us to interact with technology, art and the world around us. We believe that our technology should be instinctive, natural additions to our lives: there to enrich, simplify and harmonise. The Geosphere is a new outlet for this quest. Created for the PufferSphere – a multitouch, spherical screen developed in collaboration with Pufferfish – this interactive display allows users to navigate the globe and explore the internet in a 3D space. What we have created here is a fresh way to interact with the web, leaving behind the linear, page-to-page method of the past and stepping into a more tangible and embodied relationship with our content. Pins in the map signal new YouTube uploads across the world.

this is onformative a studio for generative design. Publi bicis | EcoTá | Publibicicletas Córdoba, publibicicletas, publibici, ecotactil, marketingbluetooth, publicidad en bicicleta, bicicletas publicitarias, Bici y Bluetooth, publicidad impactante, diseños espectaculares, Córdoba, marketing, bluet Ecotáctil es la empresa número 1 en Publi-Bicis en Andalucía, trabajamos a nivel nacional. Las Publi.Bicis son el soporte más llamativo e impactante que hace que su imagen se mezcle con un concepto limpio, saludable y sostenible.Con las Publio-Bicis usted consigue llegar a zonas donde ostros soportes no llegan:-Zona Centro-Zonas Peatonales-Avenidas -Calles -Plazas -Parques -Interior de Recintos -Ferias -Congresos -Interior de Edificios Las Publi- Bicis captan totalmente la mirada del viandante, por su originalidad e innovación. El equipo de Ecotáctil se vuelca en cada campaña ofreciendo un trato muy personalizado, nuestras azafat@s que van el la Publi-Bicis hacen también la función de rrpp de sus campañas, explicando y orientando al consumidor. Mediante nuestros equipos ecobluetooth incorporados a las Publi-Bicis enviamos a todos los móviles alrededor mensajes no intrusivos en formato gif, jpg, audio o video. El éxito de sus campañas esta asegurado.

FreeJ :: Free Vision Mixer :: FreeJ is a vision mixer: an instrument for realtime video manipulation used in the fields of dance theater, veejaying, medical visualization and TV. Its development started in 2001 and continued actively for many years. What we need to do We need to interact with multiple layers of video, filtered by effect chains and then mixed together. We want to write scripts to control video mixes with keyboards, midi signals, OSC messages, wiimotes, video mouse and joysticks; manipulating images, movies, live cameras, particle generators, text scrollers, flash animations and more. We show the resulting video mix on multiple and remote screens, encode it into a movie and stream it live to the internet. We control the vision mixer locally or remotely, also from multiple places at the same time; all functionalities are designed ad-hoc using javascript. How FreeJ does it With FreeJ we can overlay, mask, transform and filter multiple layers on the screen. Stream online video long live pirate TV! Internals

BMW The 52nd floor of Mori Arts Center Gallery was the location of the latest BMW Art Car Exhibition, ‘Transparent Speed’, and for architect Jun Aoki who designed it the sky was the limit. ‘It's a very fine idea to have cars floating high up in the sky’, said Aoki, thrilled to see his exhibition design of cars in clouds become a reality. Roppongi Hills Mori Tower wrapped in a layer of mist on cloudy days wasn’t enough. Instead, Aoki took as his starting point for the design his understanding of ‘Transparent Speed’, or the experience of how people sense speed. Article direct from Wallpaper .

What Is It | Interaction Design and Digital Production OscVstBridge at Sourceforge NAIAS from the Eyes of a Teacher: Hands on Learning verses Show and Glam — Green and Clean Mom ™ photo credit: NCinDC Being a teacher, it’s not something I can shed. I tend to think like a teacher, where ever I go. As I walked the North American International Auto Show I made some keen observations in regards to education and the different automakers. Lamborghini, Bentley, they oozed sex and too much money. I’m a believer in the theory of multiple intelligences. I come off biased about Ford, I understand this. Here is why I was so impressed with Ford and had I just come to the show without any Ford Motor Company ties, I would still be drawn to what they had to offer at the show. photo credit: Wendy Piersall 1. I had reservations about attending the auto show as a Ford guest, thinking it would make be biased or come off as “paid”. The theme this year for most if not all companies seemed to be new technology and sustainability.

about | The Mega Super Awesome Visuals Company | MSAV Memo Akten enquiries: Subscribe to my low-traffic newsletter Statement My biggest inspiration is nature, and trying to understand the nature of nature, science. Trying to understand and abstract these phenomena, to visualise the invisible, extract and amplify the unseen relationships which sculpt and drive our world. Bio Memo Akten is a visual artist, musician and engineer based in London. In 2013 his work FORMS, a collaboration with fellow visual artist Quayola, won the Golden Nica at the Prix Ars Electronica in the Animation category. A strong supporter of open-source and believer in the sharing of knowledge, he is one of the core contributors to the openFrameworks project and gives lectures and workshops around the world. While his primary crafts include writing software, working with and appropriating new technologies; above all his work focuses on creating powerful emotional and evocative experiences. Memo was born and grew up in Istanbul, Turkey.