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The big list of sound and music assets for your HTML5 game. This week we are publishing “The big list of sound and music assets” that are necessary to make a great HTML5 game.

The big list of sound and music assets for your HTML5 game

Just like every time, we want to address a big thanks to Andre Antonio Schmitz of Cian games: it’s because of him if we are able to talk about lots of interesting stuff in the HTML5 game development world. You may also find very interesting our previous posts about Pixel art tools, 3D HTML5 games engines and 2D HTML5 game engines. SAMPLES — ABLETON BIBLE. Ableton. Ableton Live Video Tutorials: I quickly made an Ableton Live tutorial on making a remix / blend / mash-up back in 2011.


That video went viral, well… as viral as a music tutorial can go anyway. Do to the overwhelming positive response I decided to make some more. Any I have been doing so ever since. If you would like to request a tutorial use the contact page or post on my facebook wall. All source files, Sample Packs, VST presets and patches, music and everything else can be downloaded freely from the link below: For Mac OS X. Login / Register My KVR0Updates 0 items | $0.00New @ What is KVR?

for Mac OS X

Submit News Advertise Search. Crystal VST Instrument. Requirements An Intel processor is the minimum cpu to use Crystal on a Mac (or a better than 1GHz cpu if you're on a PC).

Crystal VST Instrument

Crystal is rather cpu-intensive. Simple semi-modular synthesizers have already been done. My goal with Crystal was to offer something more. So, by its very nature, it will require more cpu than a basic virtual analog synth. After you download and install Crystal, start up your virtual instrument host and load Crystal into your song. Making Music book by Ableton. For many artists, nothing inspires more existential terror than actually making art.

Making Music book by Ableton

The fear that we’re not good enough or that we don’t know enough results in untold numbers of creative crises and potential masterpieces that never get realized. Electronic musicians used to be able to hide behind clunky, emerging technology as an excuse for inaction. But musicians today live in a golden age of tools and technology. A ninety-nine-cent smartphone app can give you the functionality of a million-dollar recording studio.

A new song can be shared with the world as soon as it’s finished. But despite all of this, making music is still hard. Making Music was written both to answer this question and to offer ways to make it easier. Each pattern is presented in the following way: A problem is stated. Who is this book for? TWEAKBENCH - free VST plugins for windows. free VST instruments and free VST effects. 12 Tips On Making a Demo - Make Money From Music. Continuing on from our last load of money making tips we now move to the obvious next step – Make a demo.

12 Tips On Making a Demo - Make Money From Music

Sounds obvious, but a good demo shows off your versatility and musical prowess. Here are MusicTech’s tips on making it your best ever… 1: What THEY want Finding the right libraries for you. Before you even think of submitting, you should know who their clients are, what styles they offer, and how you could fit into their roster. Top 100 Free VST Plugins. For the past few weeks I’ve been getting messages from people asking me if I know of any good free VST Instruments and Effects.

Top 100 Free VST Plugins

I don’t use free VST plugins on my production so I had to do some digging and ask a few people. I managed to make a list of the best free VST plugins and some of them don’t even deserve to be free because they sound really good. I wouldn’t recommend you to download them all, instead choose the ones you know you really need. Our Free Ableton Live Templates. 191EmailShare Over the years we’ve created a great collection of free Ableton templates.

Our Free Ableton Live Templates

But they could be difficult to find, as they were spread all over our website, Facebook page and blog. So we’ve gathered them together in one place for your convenience. Just like our regular templates, our free Ableton templates are fully mixed, mastered and arranged. Ableton ideas on Strikingly. Abletonkurse. 100 Break Beats Warped & Ready! - Joshua Casper. 100 Break Beats Warped & Ready!

100 Break Beats Warped & Ready! - Joshua Casper

Home »Blog Post » 100 Break Beats Warped & Ready! Posted on Dec 26, 2014 Happy Holidays! This is epic. 100 classic break beats stemed out, warped up, and even color coded. Ready to be triggered. The breaks are separated into Raw file, Warped File, Kick, Snare, alt Snare, fills and other. Music-making friends, please enjoy my holiday gift to you: a collection of my 100 all-time-favorite break-beats, carefully formatted for Ableton Live.100 Alt DropBox : 2 dropbox accounts suspended from too much traffic Download alt P.S.: Mirror DownloadTorrent File : TORRENT Moldover!!!!!!! Update: 12/27/14 Too much traffic made dropbox suspend the files. Glitch effects in Ableton Live's Sampler - I have been a fan of BT and Trifonic for a long time.

Glitch effects in Ableton Live's Sampler -

They both have the ability to create some stunning soundscapes and beautiful music. In this tutorial, I show how to use Ableton Live’s Sampler to create a basic glitch effect. Using the looping and aux envelope features, the effect will be that the audio accelerates and decelerates. Home - Biome Digital. Free music samples: download loops, hits and multis. Summer's here, and it's time to rid yourself of that studio tan by stepping out into the great outdoors.

Or, if you'd rather, you can stay in your studio and create the illusion of life outside by downloading our selection of nature-related samples What you need to know The great outdoors samples are divided into six folders, each of which is labelled according to the type of sounds contained within it. Home. 50 Free Ableton Live Compressor Presets.

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