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Attack Magazine - Dance music production and culture

Attack Magazine - Dance music production and culture
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Ten Tips For Better Drums Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Bruce Aisher runs through ten essential tips for getting the most from your drums. Sub-mix Compression While there is often a lot of focus on compressing individual sounds or even the whole mix, there’s also a place for something that sits firmly in the middle: sub-mix compression (sometimes referred to as ‘bus’ compression). What settings to use is really a matter of taste and is perhaps determined by how audible you want the final result to be. The second approach would be to go in with all guns blazing and deliberately squash the hell out of the drums to create an extreme effect. Uncompressed House Groove Update Required To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin. With Subtle SSL Compression

STUDIO - TIMEWHEEL TIMEWHEEL STUDIOS is the base of operation for our artistic collective's work. Located in San Antonio, TX [US]. Working Internationally. TIMEWHEEL's audiovisual projects & services include: Sound Engineering, Music Production TIMEWHEEL ARTISTS Physio Lesser Young Air DINOSAURDEVICE Something Fiction COLLABORATIONS Gonjasufi | Warp Records Strangeloop | BRAINFEEDER RUN DMT | Play Me Records Skytree | Benbecula Records LaJIT | CSMC Records Photography [D.L. [The Underachievers, SXSW2013] Video CLIENTS Dennis McKenna Mitch Schultz D.L. Please contact us if you'd like our studio to work on your project.

Music Careers - Finding Music Business Careers Beatport Five Creative Uses Of Loudspeakers That Can Enhance Recordings 1) Adding More Snares to Snare Drums If you’re presented with an “inherited recording” to mix (one you didn’t engineer) with live drums where no bottom mic was used on the snare drum, or the track sheet says “snare” but all you’ve got to work with is a dull thump, try this: Route an aux send bus output from your mixing console to a small powered loudspeaker (or, if you have an extra power amp, a regular small passive loudspeaker) you’ve placed out in the studio room or vocal booth. I’ve done this, putting my small, powered 5-inch Yamaha loudspeaker right on top of a decent sounding snare drum sitting on its stand. Use a spacer so the loudspeaker itself does not dampen the snare drum head too much. I used the plastic protective ring from a 2-inch reel of tape for a spacer, strapping it and the loudspeaker down to the drum’s shell with gaffer’s tape. Then I put my favorite bottom snare drum mic on the bottom, and brought it up in the mix on another mic input fader. 4) Kick Drum Mic

Les Insoumis | "Vaincus parfois, Soumis jamais" Torrents Proper Audio Recording Levels | Rants, Articles NOTICE: If you don't want to read any this or just don't care to understand it, there's a "dumbed down" version at the bottom. Let me get something out of the way here - I'm going to try to keep this very "fool proof" - I'm not trying to sound or present this very scientifically - This is just the rantings of hundreds and hundreds of posts on a dozen or more audio forums exploding like a volcano recorded with lots of headroom. I just hope to instill a basic understanding of why certain trends and common beliefs are just plain bad. Is this a "miracle cure" for bad recordings? So, if you've been struggling with recordings that sound "weak" or "small" or too dense or "just not 'pro' enough" then please, read on. As a mastering engineer, I work on recordings from pretty much every level of experience. "Ultra rookie" recordings - Those made by people with little or no experience, sounded fine. You're probably recording too hot. First, let's get through a little nomenclature -

Hammarica — EDM News | DJ Bookings | Dance Music PR Agency Tumblr The 10 best lectures on electronic music ever; watch them now Thanks to the wonders of the internet, one’s quest for knowledge really has no limitations. Between the plethora of digitized articles, documentaries, and—on the technical side of things—instructional videos and guides around, there is no shortage of information accessible to those who seek to learn more about the ever-expanding world of electronic music. The lecture, however, makes for a unique form of information sharing as it not only provides the necessary facts and details, but also allows for attendees (and, eventually, viewers) to get a sense of the person behind these facets of knowledge. With that in mind, Beatport News has compiled what we believe are 10 amazing lectures on electronic music, gathering videos from modern innovators, dance music originators, technical wizards, and a few that simply capture a time and place in electronic music too perfectly to overlook. This 2007 RBMA lecture features a young (well, aged a mere 25 years) A-Trak alongside the late DJ Mehdi.

ATOHM FEST · Cantal (France) · 11 Jul 14, 20:00h A l’occasion de ce festival aux couleurs d’Amérique latine, Atomes vous emmènera dans l'univers d'un peuple indigène du centre du Mexique, dont les visions chamaniques et chamarrées font partie des prémices de la culture psychédélique. Imaginez un monde aux inspirations huichols, ou la mythologie et la magie rejoignent le réel... Notre idée : créer un univers, ou vous jouerez l'un de ces magiciens qui redécouvre le monde et ses pouvoirs secrets pour créer des merveilles. Un voyage, une transe, où musique et art seront la trame d'un rêve magique et partagé. Bathed in the colours of Latin America, Atohm festival will guide you into the world of the indigenous people of central Mexico, whose rich colourful shamanic visions initiated the beginning of the psychedelic culture. Imagine a world inspired by Huichol mythology, where mystical magic meets reality... A journey, a trance, where music and art come together to form a gateway sharing a magical dream. NAOLABZ - Spank Crew - France soundcloud

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