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3D Artist - Practical inspiration and advice for the 3D community

3D Artist - Practical inspiration and advice for the 3D community

30 Useful 3D Modelling Tutorials On 02.01.11, In Articles , Tutorials , by Admin In this post you’ll find 30 Useful 30 Useful 3D Modelling Tutorials for your Graphics & Animation related needs. The list consists of several techniques that you may need to use in creating 3D graphics with the help of other software like Photoshop. ‘The Lantern’ – A 3Ds Max Project – Texturing Download Part 1 Part 2 Beanpod Blooming

101 Things you didnt know in 3DS Max... 1. The white MaxScript area in the bottom left of the screen can be used as a quick-access calculator, just type in the sum, press enter and hey presto! 2. Typing, for instance, r40 in a spinner will add 40 to its value (also works with negative values)

Intention Cues Humans are terrible liars. Our body language constantly gives away what we are thinking and what we are about to do next. These are called intention cues and have landed countless criminals behind bars. For animators they are a treasure trove of gestures to sprinkle on your animation for extra believability. Learn how and when to use them here. Intention cues – the other kind of anticipation // - CG artists homepage with fresh CG industry news // Inspiration for CG Artists - ITS ART Master personality in your 3D illustrations Before starting off a new piece of 3D art for my design portfolio, I like to brainstorm and choose wisely (to my best ability) why I want to be modelling a certain subject. What drives me the most towards a direction for my project is the story aspect. Creating scenarios and stories in my head makes the process much more enjoyable instead of creating random characters or scenes. I like feeling connected to my work because without that, I would be creating an empty, but pretty, image. One artist that I admire very much is Norman Rockwell.

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