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ImageAlpha — image minifier (like JPEG with transparency!)

ImageAlpha — image minifier (like JPEG with transparency!)

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Where Can I Get A List of Shortcut Keys/Hotkeys? See the images below for the Mac free and paid and Windows free and paid Mischief hotkeys. Mac Free Mac Paid Windows Free Windows Paid HTML-Image map Creator WYSIWYG - uses AJAX What is an Image map? In HTML, an image map is a list of coordinates relating to a specific image, created in order to hyperlink areas of the image to various destinations. see Wikipedia An image map is an image that has "active regions". Web Designer’s Guide to PNG Image Format Once upon a time, there was the mighty GIF image format, the most popular type of image compression for web graphics. Then, it was announced that software programs using GIF would require a license (this was because of the Unisys patent for the LZW compression method used in GIF). This change sped up the development for its successor: the PNG format. PNG, which stands for Portable Network Graphics, gained popularity and, nowadays, it’s probably the most used image format when it comes to web design, alongside JPEG. In this guide, we will cover everything you, as a web designer, need to know about the PNG image format.

Isolating Line Art in Adobe Photoshop - Tutorial © Robin Wood 2009 <p class="noScript">I notice you have Javascript turned off. Unless you did that to print, the page is more fun if you turn it on. Thanks! </p> Line work can add a lot to an image; but often, if it's scanned, or brought in from another source, you'll find that it's a flat image on a white background, when what you need is just the lines, on transparency. Social Sharing Report for Google Analytics A friend recently asked me for a Google Analytics report that shows which content is getting shared on a site and on which social networks it’s being shared on. No problem, that’s a job for a custom report! Rather than just a simple data dump, I want to explore this segment of people: the people who take the time to share my content. I want to understand:

Free Banner Maker Signup · Log In · Your Profile Layout Text & Fonts Shadows & Effects Border Format Vibrant.js - Extract prominent colors from an image. Extract prominent colors from an image.Vibrant.js is a javascript port of the awesome Palette class in the Android support library. Showcase Use of Vibrant is pretty straight forward, but because code works better than explanation, here's an example: As you can see, Vibrant's first argument is an image. Simplify Archives Quick Tip Thursday: Turn Your Photo into a Creative Cartoon Loading ... Presented by: Nichole Paschal Software covered: Clean, Simplify It only takes 2 steps to turn your photos into cartoons in minutes! Join Nichole Paschal as she shows you how to transform your image into a fun cartoon with Topaz Clean and Simplify.

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Efficient Image Resizing With ImageMagick Responsive1 images2 have been keeping us on our toes for quite some time, and now that they are getting traction in browsers, they come with a scary problem: the need to efficiently resize all our image assets. The way responsive images work is that an appropriately sized image is sent to each user — small versions for users on small screens, big versions for users on big screens. It’s fantastic for web performance, but we have to face the grim reality that serving different sizes of images to different users means that we first need to create all of those different files, and that can be a huge pain3. Many tools out there automate image resizing, but too often they create large files that cancel out the performance benefits that responsive images are supposed to deliver. In this article, we’ll see how we can use ImageMagick134 — an open-source command-line graphics editor — to quickly resize your images, while maintaining great visual quality and really tiny file sizes. ImageMagick