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2D to 3D software

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AutoDesk 123D LOOK! Do this !

Autodesk ImageModeler. After Effects. Q-PLUS Labs. FlexScan3D and HDI 3D Scanner Alignment and Merging Tool. FREE Software to CONVERT Photos Into 3D VIDEOS. 3D from photos ( 3D Scan of Small Cup using TriAngles 3D Scanner. 3D models created from photos. David-laserscanner software. Next Engine. Automatic 3D surface fitting to photographs with Tgi3D SU PhotoScan. Convert 2D to 3D. Create 3D Face from a Single Photo. Loomis Faceworx: model a 3D head from two 2D images. Looxis Faceworx is a free 3D modeling program that can construct a textured 3D model of a person’s head out of two 2D photos (one from the front, “mugshot” style, and the other profile style from the side).

Loomis Faceworx: model a 3D head from two 2D images

With this program you can create a modeled 3D head and then export it as an .OBJ file for use in other 3D modeling software such as Sketchup or Blender. As a starting point you will need two well light photographs of the subject whose head you want to model, and, once imported into Looxis Faceworx, the process will require a degree of manual intervention on your part to best map your subject’s phase/features onto the 3D model. Here are more notes on this program: <img class="alignright" alt="The 3D head in action" src=" width="200" height="150" border="0" hspace="8" />The learning curve: is very shallow. Just go to help then video tutorial and you will know everything that you need to know within 5 minutes.

FaceGen modeler

Adobe CS. PhotoSculpt 2D to 3D from photos. Photosynth, 2D image to 3D space. VideoTrace: Rapid interactive scene modelling from video. Project Photofly Online 2D to 3D. 3DVIA Shape. Make3D. Insight3d 2D to 3D extraction.