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Create 3D Face from a Single Photo

Create 3D Face from a Single Photo

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Loomis Faceworx: model a 3D head from two 2D images Looxis Faceworx is a free 3D modeling program that can construct a textured 3D model of a person’s head out of two 2D photos (one from the front, “mugshot” style, and the other profile style from the side). With this program you can create a modeled 3D head and then export it as an .OBJ file for use in other 3D modeling software such as Sketchup or Blender. As a starting point you will need two well light photographs of the subject whose head you want to model, and, once imported into Looxis Faceworx, the process will require a degree of manual intervention on your part to best map your subject’s phase/features onto the 3D model. Here are more notes on this program: <img class="alignright" alt="The 3D head in action" src=" width="200" height="150" border="0" hspace="8" />The learning curve: is very shallow. Just go to help then video tutorial and you will know everything that you need to know within 5 minutes.

Advances in Real-Time Rendering in 3D Graphics and Games - SIGGRAPH 2010 Advances in the real-time graphics research and the ever-increasing power of mainstream GPUs and consoles continues generating an explosion of innovative algorithms suitable for fast, interactive rendering of complex and engaging virtual worlds. Every year the latest video games display a vast variety of sophisticated algorithms resulting in ground-breaking 3D rendering pushing the visual boundaries and interactive experience of rich environments. The focus of this course lies in bridging the game development community and the state-of-the-art 3D graphics research, encouraging cross-pollination of knowledge for future games and other interactive applications. This course is the next installment in the now-established series of Siggraph courses on real-time rendering, bringing the newest and best of graphics practices and research from the game development community, and providing practical and production-proven algorithms.

3D Printing: 2,500 Ft² House PRINTED in 20 Hours Source: | Original Post Date: November 15, 2013 – The second industrial revolution is here, thanks to a relatively new invention: the 3D printer. This amazing technical achievement can be used in most of the fields one can think of, with unparalleled financial and time-saving advantages. Recently, NASA used a 3D printer to make parts for a rocket engine, which performed just as expected. They also plan to launch a 3D printer into space next year, in order to help astronauts manufacture spare parts on the ISS.

Realistic Eye Modeling for 3D Characters by Krishnamurti Martins Costa I'm posting a very simple tutorial on how to model and apply shaders to get realistic eyes, the "windows of your character's soul". A lot of times, bad eyes can "kill" your character literally, even if it has the most perfect modeling of the world. The importance of the eyes is exactly this: give life to your character. Therefore, don't underestimate this very important step of CG character construction... if not, you've only created "puppets". There is a quite big camber in the cornea, in the iris area. That irregularity, that all of us have, can become a great problem for a CG character.

EMBOTS: Embodied Agents Research Group VirtualConstructor (COHIBIT) At Volkwagen's Autostadt in Wolfsburg, two virtual characters, Jara and Taron, invite visitors to build model cars with real car pieces. Using camera and RFID technology for input, the two characters seamlessly interact with the real world. They are controlled using statecharts, modelled in our Scenemaker tool. The project was also presented at CeBIT-07. A cooperation with Augsburg University, Charamel and Autostadt.

Modeller: 3D Face Generator 3D face modelling software for Windows. Create faces from one or more photographs, or at random. Edit faces in over 150 ways, including race, age and gender. Choose between different mesh structures and UV layouts. Export to most 3D file formats, complete with animation morphs. OC3 Entertainment FaceFX is OC3 Entertainment’s cutting edge solution for creating realistic facial animation from audio files. FaceFX is the culmination of years of experience working with lip-synchronization, 3D graphics, and facial animation. The product makes it easy to batch process thousands of audio files for your game, add expressions to a single animation without ruining the lip-synchronization, tweak an animation to perfection, or integrate the entire solution into your art pipeline. FaceFX Unlimited for Game Developers FaceFX technology has been used in the development of over 150 triple-A game titles. Full source code to FaceFX Studio Unlimited gives developers the flexibility they need to integrate the solution with their development pipeline, with full batch processing capabilities.

The Rigged Avatar File One of the best features about this rig is that all of the inverse kinematics have been worked out in advance. This means that when you move the foot controller around, the rest of the leg follows...and bends in much the same way a human leg would bend. This is true for the arms, spine and neck as well. When you first open the file, you will notice that only the controllers and mesh are visible. The bones in the avatar skeleton have been hidden on purpose so that it is easier to see what the controllers are doing to the avatar.