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Introduction: False assumptions of modern astronomy What is wrong with present-day accepted astrophysics It is not scientific. In today's world many people characterize themselves as being 'scientists'. Only those who always carefully follow the scientific method are deserving of that title. ThunderboltsProject Looking for a fast track to comprehensive education on the Electric Universe? Those most eager to learn are invited to the EU Workshop, November 14-16, 2014 at the Sheraton Phoenix Downtown. This event will be led by Wal Thornhill and Dave Talbott, who are preparing full summaries of their life's work, something that has never been presented publicly.

The Electric Universe (Book) The last 150 years have seen immense progress in understanding electrical phenomena, and we are seeing voluminous evidence of plasma and magnetic fields (always caused by electric currents) in space. Nevertheless, the conventional cosmology taught today remains essentially a theory based solely on gravity and nuclear fusion. The Electric Universe introduces the universe that many in mainstream science ignore, and authors Wallace Thornhill and David Talbott offer a sweeping critique of today's popular cosmology. They show that galaxies, stars (including our Sun), and comets can be best understood through the well-tested behavior of electricity—the one force about which astronomers seem to know almost nothing, a force that is 1036 or more times as strong as gravity. Compelling, highly readable, and superbly illustrated, this book provides a comprehensive introduction to what will surely be the beginnings of a scientific revolution in the years ahead.

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Zen Cart!, The Art of E-commerce 4 oz DMSO.BZ Sample Bottle Super Introductory Special 4 oz. Sample Bottle $15 (plus tax) total, including shipping to anywhere in the country (USA Only- the cost of shipping is prohibitive for other countries) for a 4 oz. sample bottle of the DMSO.BZ solution of DMSO. NOTE: These ship 1st class or parcel post, not priority mail. The Electric Sky (Book) The Electric Sky is a 6” x 9” soft-cover book of 256 pages with full-color graphics authored by EE Professor Don Scott, a member of the Thunderbolts editorial staff. The book contains sensible science for the experts written for the public, and represents the first substantial public exposition of the latest developments in the Electric Universe/Plasma Cosmology that is challenging the current “gravity only” system of thinking. It further undermines the “scientistic” cosmological mythology of the “big bang” and the “expanding” universe, while replacing it with confirmed electrical engineering and high energy plasma explanations. An old thinker, one William of Occam said, Entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem. (New creations ought not be multiplied beyond necessity.) This is the classic razor used to slice bad arguments to bits and might be used on black holes, dark matter, and other new "creations" expressly employed to justify wrong ideas.

Holographic dark information energy Holographic Dark Information Energy gets my vote for the best mix of arcane theoretical concepts expressed in the shortest number of words – and just to keep it interesting, it’s mostly about entropy. The second law of thermodynamics requires that the entropy of a closed system cannot decrease. So drop a chunk of ice in a hot bath and the second law requires that the ice melts and the bath water cools – moving the system from a state of thermal disequilibrium (low entropy) towards a state of thermal equilibrium (high entropy). In an isolated system (or an isolated bath) this process can only move in one direction and is irreversible. A similar idea exists within information theory. Landauer’s principle has it that any logically irreversible manipulation of information, such as erasing one bit of information, equates to an increase in entropy.

Commentaries Choose from over 90 Bible Commentaries freely available online at for sermon, Bible study, and Sunday school preparation. A biblical commentary is a written systematic series of explanations and interpretations of Scripture. They are written by some of the most knowledgeable theologians in church history. Thunderbolts of the Gods (Book) Thunderbolts of the Gods by David Talbott and Wallace Thornhill introduces the reader to an age of planetary instability and earthshaking electrical events--the wars of the planet gods--in ancient times. This 108-page full-color monograph, based on the life work of the two authors--standing on the shoulders of many others--, offers a wide range of material and evidence resulting in a synthesis of historical investigation and the newly-revised plasma cosmology. The authors claim that celestially-caused upheaval occurred so recently as to have profoundly affected early human cultures, provoking “incomprehensible” myths, symbols, and commemorative practices.

Human Physiology - Neurons & the Nervous System The human nervous system consists of billions of nerve cells (or neurons)plus supporting (neuroglial) cells. Neurons are able to respond to stimuli (such as touch, sound, light, and so on), conduct impulses, and communicate with each other (and with other types of cells like muscle cells). Nervous system The nucleus of a neuron is located in the cell body. Extending out from the cell body are processes called dendrites and axons. These processes vary in number & relative length but always serve to conduct impulses (with dendrites conducting impulses toward the cell body and axons conducting impulses away from the cell body). Bible Commentaries Online Links updated August 2011 The commentaries linked to on this page differ widely in their quality and usefulness for different purposes. Some are of a devotional nature, and are designed to help preachers and intelligent laymen. These usually offer little help on technical questions, but they often prove most helpful in guiding readers in larger questions of interpretation. Others are written from a highly critical perspective, and these are usually of no help in important theological matters, but I include them because they are often most helpful in the difficult and detailed questions about word usage and in their discussions of the cultural background. Then, there are many commentaries by learned conservatives who provide good technical help while remaining true to the Christian faith.

Kristian Birkeland Kristian Olaf Bernhard Birkeland (13 December 1867 – 15 June 1917) was a Norwegian scientist. He is best remembered as the person whose theories of atmospheric electric currents elucidated the nature of the Aurora borealis. In order to fund his research on the aurorae, he invented the electromagnetic cannon and the Birkeland-Eyde process of fixing nitrogen from the air. Birkeland was nominated for the Nobel Prize seven times.[1][2]

Symbols of an Alien Sky (DVD) Based on more than two decades of systematic research and cross-cultural comparison by comparative mythologist David Talbott reconstructs a cosmic drama when planets hung in the sky close to the earth--an epoch of celestial wonder giving rise to time-honored symbols. Symbols of an Alien Sky will introduce you to celestial spectacles and earth-shaking events once remembered around the world. Archaic symbols of these events still surround us, some as icons of the world’s great religions, though the origins of the symbols appear to be lost in obscurity. Cultural history seems fragmented and contradictory. But as demonstrated in this introductory episode, there are also levels of deep agreement between the cultures.

Hail the first sound ‘lasers’ Two independent groups of physicists have unveiled the first phonon "lasers" – devices that emit coherent sound waves in much the same ways as lasers emit coherent light waves. Sometimes called "sasers", one of the devices emits sound at about 400 GHz while the other operates in the megahertz range. Such very high frequency sound could be used to probe the interiors of tiny objects – and the ability to create laser-like beams of sound could lead to new imaging applications. Indeed, the differences between the two devices suggest that sasers could be made to operate over a wide range of frequencies. At the heart of any optical laser is a medium with an electronic transition that involves the emission of a photon.

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