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[December] 'Sex by Surprise' at Heart of Julian Assange Criminal Probe

[December] 'Sex by Surprise' at Heart of Julian Assange Criminal Probe

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been accused of "sex by surprise." Is that against the law in the United States? - By Jessica Grose Julian Assange's lawyer told AOL News on Thursday that the WikiLeaks founder has been charged with "sex by surprise" in Sweden. Though the lawyer says he doesn't know what "sex by surprise" means, the Swedish prosecution office announced that they are charging Assange with "rape, sexual molestation and unlawful coercion." These charges allegedly stem from consensual sexual encounters with two separate women that became nonconsensual at some point during the act. (Update, Dec. 7, 2010: Julian Assange was arrested in Britain by an extradition unit on Swedish charges of unlawful coercion, sexual molestation, and rape.)

State of the Nation Well, it's a good bet the dying newspaper industry would reap benefits, given who's helping to write the proposed amendment to the Media Shield law awaiting Senate approval: From sponsor Sen. Chuck Schumer's website: Schumer and Feinstein are working with representatives of the newspaper industry in crafting the new language that will explicitly exclude organizations like Wikileaks—whose sole or primary purpose is to publish unauthorized disclosures of documents—from possible protection. 6 Shockingly Evil Things Babies Are Capable Of As anyone who's ever encountered babies in the wild can tell you, they're shiftless little balls of deception and greed. Those of us who stand up to walk, and sit down to poop may not be Mother Theresa, but it turns out we had a long way to go from our babbling drooling selves. Yes, unless you're a borderline sociopath today, you were probably at your worst before you ever uttered a word. It's science! It seems crazy that a barely functioning human infant could be cunning enough to lie to get out of trouble, but it's true. Baby You was such an asshole that you started lying before you could even speak.

[December] As WikiLeaks founder turns himself in, will the cyber leak war end? Julian Assange, the founder of WikilLeaks, is planning to turn himself into police to face questioning over allegations of rape and other crimes in Sweden. The question is whether that will end the cyber leak war that has been happening for weeks. The case is a test of just how far internet freedoms can go, since WikiLeaks has come under fire from governments around the world for making classified documents public on the internet. It’s unclear whether such leaks would continue if Assange is arrested and prosecuted, although Assange has said himself that if anything happens to him, further sensitive documents would automatically go live. Newspapers have reported that Assange is expected to hand himself into police as early as Tuesday, after the Swedish authorities issued a European Arrest Warrant.

Could WikiLeaks story put a damper on battlefield intell? Could WikiLeaks story put a damper on battlefield intell? Most of the reaction to the dumping of classified Afghan war documents at the WikiLeaks whistleblower Web site has so far focused on the broader damage the release might cause to the U.S. in that fight. But might the affair also impact the future ability of frontline troops to do their job? Julian Assange to be questioned by British police Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, is expected to appear in a UK court today after his lawyers said he would meet police to discuss a European arrest warrant from Sweden relating to alleged sexual assaults. As the legal net continued to close around the whistleblowers' website and the US attorney general, Eric Holder, said he had authorised "a number of things to be done" to combat the organisation, Assange appeared to be reconciling himself to a lengthy personal court battle to avoid extradition to Sweden. Jennifer Robinson, a solicitor with Finers Stephens Innocent, which represents the Australian freedom of information campaigner, told the Guardian: "We have a received an arrest warrant [related to claims in Sweden]. We are negotiating a meeting with police." Another lawyer representing Assange, Mark Stephens, added: "He has not been charged with anything. Stephens explained that the interview would happen in the "foreseeable future" but he could not give a precise time.

WikiLeaks Please support our site by enabling javascript to view ads. ANTIBES, France — Now that the dust has settled, what was the impact of tens of thousands of classified Afghanistan War documents dumped on the internet by Was it — as most of the mainstream media immediately pronounced — the biggest intelligence leak since the Pentagon Papers? It was certainly the most voluminous.

Michael Jackson Balding, Incredibly Thin and Had Tattooed Facial Just after Michael Jackson’s sudden death in June last year, rumors started circulating that the late singer was severely emaciated and bald. Although such allegations were frequently shot down, the coroner's report released on Monday confirms them, and adds new, graphic information. Sixty-one photographs of the former pop prince were taken prior to and throughout the procedure. According to the report, Jackson’s hair was “sparse and connected to a wig.” “There is frontal balding and the hair can be described as short and tightly curled,” the report claimed. Jackson hair line was tattooed on, as were other facial features. Assange could face espionage trial in US - Crime, UK Mr Assange is in a British jail awaiting extradition proceedings to Sweden after being refused bail at Westminster Magistrates’ Court despite a number of prominent public figures offering to stand as surety. His arrest in north London yesterday was described by the US Defence Secretary Robert Gates as “good news”, and may pave the way for extradition to America and a possible lengthy jail sentence. The US Justice Department is considering charging Mr Assange with espionage offences over his website’s unprecedented release of classified US diplomatic files. Several right-wing American politicians are pressing for his prosecution and even execution, with Sarah Palin, the former vice-presidential candidate, saying he should be pursued the same as al-Qa’ida and Taliban leaders.

Pakistan under US and UK attacks: A look at history Saturday, August 7, 2010 Strategic Issues Photo: Adnan Abidi, ReutersM. Serajul Islam Pakistan has suddenly become the scapegoat for what is going wrong in Afghanistan. The latest documents released on WikiLeaks (92,000 documents in total) reveal that in Afghanistan USA is losing the war and the truth is far removed from what the Obama administration has been telling the people.

What English Sounds like to People in other Countries As a neat little exercise, I have compiled a list of videos to show what English sounds like to people around the world. As English speakers, we have a lot of fun imitating what certain languages sound like to us, such as French, Italian, and Chinese. One Great example from Family guy. Let’s turn the tables and see what other people think we sound like. 1. The best of the best: Adriano Celentano- Prisencolinensinainciusol 5 Passages from the WikiLeaks "Afghan Diary" That Bring the Bizarre, Tragic Reality of War to Life August 6, 2010 | Like this article? Join our email list: Stay up to date with the latest headlines via email.

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