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Welcome to the Orion's Arm Universe Project

Welcome to the Orion's Arm Universe Project | Your source for gaming maps and mapping objects Clarkesworld Magazine - Science Fiction and Fantasy : Issue 84 Writing and RPG-Related Generators Aphelion Webzine: Editorial Hello and welcome to the April 2014 issue of Aphelion Webzine! Everyone on the staff has been hard at work to bring you this new issue. As usual, there are plenty of stories, poetry, Flash Fiction, and our Forums section is open for reader comments on each piece. Thanks to the feedback offered to the writers in the Forums, they learn what they have gotten right, and where they could make improvements. Please do visit the Forums and let people know what you think of their work. The beginning of a story often seems to be the most difficult part to write. One tool in that quest is called a Narrative Hook. My most famous example from my own stories is: That's the trouble with time travel, said the man with blue hair. That one simple pair of sentences launched the entire Mare Inebrium spaceport bar series. But to get back to the hook... Try that yourself sometime. Well, there should be loads of new stories and poetry for you to enjoy in this issue. Dan And here's a link to my Sound Cloud page: - EPIC Adventure System Adventures are best presented when they provide a structure within which the game master can direct player action. The Epic Adventure System allows the Game Master to use any existing characters in a role-playing environment Easy Playable Interactive Checklist The Epic Adventure System makes use of the talents of the Game Master to conduct an adventure set against existing or provided background material. Easy: The Epic System can be implemented with a minimum of effort by the Game Master and with absolutely no new playing techniques for the players. Playable: The Epic System is created to be playable. Interactive: The Epic System provides for interactive participation by the Players. Checklist: The Epic System Checklist provides simple record-keeping for all aspects of the situation. Using a stage play metaphor, the Epic Adventure provides a format for role-playing adventures which maximizes the use of available material and maximizes the participation of the game master. X Act 1 Foundations