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Science and Tech Ads. This 78-page book on physics is selling more copies than 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Apparently, Italians find physics more sexy than S&M – at least for reading material.

This 78-page book on physics is selling more copies than 'Fifty Shades of Grey'

Since it was published last September, Carlo Rovelli's book Seven Brief Lessons on Physics has sold more copies in Rovelli's native country, Italy, than E.L. James' smash hit Fifty Shades of Grey, The Spectator reported. And the translated English copy has quickly risen to become Penguin's fastest-selling science debut in the publishing company's history.

So what's Rovelli's secret? After all, it's not like physics is a topic that people flock toward. Well, for starters, Rovelli is an expert on the topic. Rovelli is also an avid writer of popular science, so he has a knack for transforming complex ideas into clear, simple concepts. Return to the Haikyo- Asama Volcano Museum. This was my second time to go to the Asama Volcano Museum.

Return to the Haikyo- Asama Volcano Museum

The first was on my first haikyo road trip back in 2007- back when I was packing only a cameraphone to shoot with and cared far more about the explore than I did about the photography. It was an amazing place to ‘discover’ for ourselves, our nerves on high wires the whole time as the ethereal music rang out from the rooftop. In the two intervening years the balance of my interests has changed, with photography coming to the fore, perhaps naturally, over exploring. The Asama Museum has been shot pretty extensively though, and it’s becoming a challenge to see it in a new light.

Critical thinking web. Nuclear Power Plant Demonstration. Clocks. Metric (or Decimalized) Time The day is divided into 100 parts (centidays), plus decimal fraction.


Think of it as a percent of the day. Watch the synchronisation of 32 metronomes (with an explanation behind it) - The Feed Blog. (CBS News) A little over a year ago I posted a video on The Feed that showed a physics principle on display in the form of five metronomes that synched to each other with time and the right conditions.

Watch the synchronisation of 32 metronomes (with an explanation behind it) - The Feed Blog

And it was very cool to watch we all learned something from it. So how about a quick refresher course, this time with 32 metronomes. Watch physics unfold in the video above. Search for element 113 concluded at last. ScienceDaily (Sep. 26, 2012) — The most unambiguous data to date on the elusive 113th atomic element has been obtained by researchers at the RIKEN Nishina Center for Accelerator-based Science (RNC).

Search for element 113 concluded at last

A chain of six consecutive alpha decays, produced in experiments at the RIKEN Radioisotope Beam Factory (RIBF), conclusively identifies the element through connections to well-known daughter nuclides. The search for superheavy elements is a difficult and painstaking process. Such elements do not occur in nature and must be produced through experiments involving nuclear reactors or particle accelerators, via processes of nuclear fusion or neutron absorption. Since the first such element was discovered in 1940, the United States, Russia and Germany have competed to synthesize more of them. Stunning images of snowflakes under a (frozen) microscope [20 pictures] Researchers at Beltsville Agricultural Research Center have gathered samples of snow from around the country and are studying them under a microscope.

Stunning images of snowflakes under a (frozen) microscope [20 pictures]

To keep the flakes in their original shape, they’re viewed on a surface that has been chilled to -170 Celsius, or -224 Fahrenheit. (The microscope they use is understatedly labeled “low-temperature.”) Here are some of the amazing images coming from their research… On an interesting side note, man-made snow doesn’t vary in shape like natural snow does, and, in fact, doesn’t even look like natural snow at all when magnified. It’s just little blobs… (via The Daily Mail) BELT DRIVE TURNTABLE Philips Thorens Verdier Melco Micro Mercure NOTES DIY. Mr.

BELT DRIVE TURNTABLE Philips Thorens Verdier Melco Micro Mercure NOTES DIY

Yamamura and the Melco Turntables A few years earlier, in 1981, I stumbled upon the Melco turntables which were for the first time on display in Paris. I had an interesting conversation with Mr. Yamamura. With his firm Belco in London he imported these heavy turntables which boasted of platters weighing which boasted of platters weighing up to 35 kg. Platter Damping and Constant Speed In the process Alexander and I had experienced all sorts of construction problems that needed specific solutions: damping, decoupling, mechanical and acoustical feedback, constant speed, etc.

Introduction to Astrophysics. 10 Enormous Numbers. Technology One of the first questions that kids often ask is “What is the biggest number?”

10 Enormous Numbers

This question is an important step in transitioning to a world of abstract concepts. The answer is of course that numbers are generally considered endless, but there gets to be a point were numbers become so big that there really is no point in having them, they have no real importance outside of the fact that yes technically they do exist. The (Zoomable) Milky Way. 1242a - VISTA gigapixel mosaic of the central parts of the Milky Way.

This striking view of the central parts of the Milky Way was obtained with the VISTA survey telescope at ESO’s Paranal Observatory in Chile.

1242a - VISTA gigapixel mosaic of the central parts of the Milky Way

This huge picture is 108 200 by 81 500 pixels and contains nearly nine billion pixels. It was created by combining thousands of individual images from VISTA, taken through three different infrared filters, into a single monumental mosaic. The Wall of Time. Physics Downloads.

Download Physics Notebooks UC Physics Lecture Demo PDF files: Click on the links below to download the files.

Physics Downloads

The following PDF file is the entire Physics Lecture Demo Catalog: UC Physics Lecture Demos Index UC Physics Lecture Demo Catalog (30 MB PDF file) Babbage Difference Engine in Gigapixel. Scale of Universe - Interactive Scale of the Universe Tool. We Choose the Moon: Pre-launch. Light & The Eye. Color Wheels are wrong? How color vision actually works. Color theory is a little obsession of mine. You’re here for startup advice, but this week I’m taking an indulgence.

Leave a comment if you want to see more or fewer of these little distractions. Why are artists special? Ask any artist to explain how color works, and they’ll launch into a treatise about how the Three Primary Colors: red, blue, and yellow form a color “wheel:” Why “wheel?” Geometry of the Universe. Mapping & Cartography. The Logic Lab: simulating simple circuits of logic gates. WorldWide Telescope. Murphy Laws. WebGL Globe. Periodic Table Of Videos.