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Drive™: The SciFi Comic, by Dave Kellett

Drive™: The SciFi Comic, by Dave Kellett
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Station V3 - Updated Daily! The Intrepid Girlbot · odd tales of robot fancy · Updates Tuesdays & Fridays POWER NAP - the sleep of reason brings forth monsters ATTILATHE.COM Moon Town - Through all the changes at Moon Town, and now back to its roots as The Adventures of Ace Tripwire, Moon Town has enjoyed a great, loyal fan-base. In my haste to put out the best comic I can, I have been guilty of accidentally disregarding these lovely fans, even to the point of recently deleting the archive to start over. It’s time for Ace Tripwire to become what I meant it to be all those years ago, but there’s no reason to turn my back on Simon Tripline, Cassie, Flagg, Jimmy, Vin and all the aliens we came to love in Moon Town. This archive is rebuilding. Anyway, that was the reasoning behind putting the archive back up, but doing it at a page a week — to give me time to catch up!

reMIND - a graphic novel SORE THUMBS by Owen Gieni and Chris Crosby ABOUT SORE THUMBS (courtesy of Comixpedia) Sore Thumbs is a manga-style webcomic drawn by Owen Gieni and written by Chris Crosby, which started on March 8, 2004. It is more or less an allegory of the current political landscape in America. Sore Thumbs mainly centres on the trials of Fairbanks Greensworthington and his sister Cecania. Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. Cecania Greensworthington - The main character of the strip, as most of the stories are either about her or involve her in some way. Fairbanks Greensworthington - The Proprietor of the Sore Thumbs Video Game Shoppe and Hot Dog Stand, Fairbanks is the outspoken, extremely conservative brother of Cecania. Harmony Nickel - Cecania's bubbly best friend and Fairbanks's love interest, she quit her job as a doctor in the middle of a brain operation to do nothing after finding out that work was hard. Sawyer Kaden: The earnest and kind hearted rural beau of Cecania. Coleman the Bear: A dwarf adult blue polar bear.

[ Jump Leads ] A British Sci-fi Comedy Webcomic relax, we understand j00 Butterfly Butterfly at 5 Minute Marvels! September 28th, 2011 Check out this new Butterfly fan art from my pals over at 5 Minute Marvels! Flutterfield September 13th, 2011 Here’s Flutterfield, Butterfly’s My Little Pony universe counterpart. Warren Ellis’s Three Panels Open September 12th, 2011 Click here for a special Butterfly guest strip for Tree-Man & Butterfly for the Gulf July 9th, 2010 Hey there Butterfly fans! CLICK HERE FOR THE eBAY AUCTION PAGE This oil spill is going to be with us for a long time, and is the result of human error, not just in the unsafe design of BP’s deep water oil drilling machinery, but also in our lax regulations of such endeavors. Process shots of this hand inked drawing can be found here. If you’re looking for more content from me while Butterfly’s on a break, Project: Rooftop‘s back and going strong, I’m posting art at my new Tumblr blog, deviantArt, and of course, Twitter. Butterfly’s Hourly Comics / 5pm March 25th, 2009

Interactive Comic - NAWLZ - Season 1 and Season 2