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Streamdın We create amazing digital experiences We are digital strategists, creatives, engineers, and mentors. We are the digital agency of today creating amazing iPhone, iPad, Android, and Web experiences for tomorrow. By the numbers Exploring the Twitterverse Brian Solis inShare216 Happy New Year! Twitter officially launched to the public in July 2006. By 2008, the universe of applications developed to enhance the Twitter experience was boundless. While the ecosystem was burgeoning with apps, the ability to track and manage the apps designed for specific purposes was elusive. Tweetdoc: cómo hacer un backup de los tweets relacionados con un hashtag Probablemente alguna vez hayas celebrado un evento apoyándote en los medios sociales, bien para crear expectación y masa crítica, o bien para retransmitir lo acontecido en tiempo real. En esto del tiempo real, Twitter es el rey y el uso de esta plataforma como herramienta para desarrollar este backchannel está ya muy extendido. En este mismo blog ya hemos hablado de VisibleTweets como una opción excelente para proyectar tus tweets en pantalla. ¿Pero que ocurre a posteriori? ¿Te has convertido en trending topic?

Paratweet The Most Complete Twitter Application List Available - 2011 Edition I believe this is the best, most complete and accurate list of valuable Twitter applications available on the internet right now. To be fair, I absolutely have merged and plagiarized other older and outdated lists that I found (the larger ones are credited below). However, I spent a good deal of time to clean out the dead applications, delete the apps that were overly quirky or being developed, focus more on the apps that increase productivity, and add in many of the new great apps that have come out over the past six months - particularly in the productivity / business apps section where my primary interest lies. I have also tagged the tools that cost money / have a premium option ($) as well as if they have a valuable free option (F/$).

Fresh and Exceptional Twitter Bird Design Icons Designers Don’t seem to get tired of designed new twitter birds each day. Bloggers don’t seem to be complaining about it either, they keep changing their twitter Icons again and again. And Twitter users don’t seem to be tired from tweeting either, Looks like the entire world is happy and so are we presenting a Roundup of Fresh and Exceptional Twitter Bird Design Icons. You might’ve seen Twitter Birds, a lot of them before. So We dont want to recycle the old Icons and show them in a new list again and again.

Twıtter Wall Custom Design Random qr code with transparent background QR code generator Custom QR code link to Twitter Comments here (tumblr post) : "QR code to Twitter" Color : | | Background : | 50 Free Social Media Icon Sets Nov 25 2011 Social media icons are integrated into every major website design today. They are frequently displayed prominently in sidebars and headers in order to promote such things as RSS feeds, Facebook fan pages and Twitter profiles. They are cropping up all over, creating a near endless demand for these resources. Twitter 360 Comment afficher sa bio Twitter ou son dernier Tweet dans la signature d'un mail Comment faire pour afficher son dernier tweet dans la signature d’une email ? jusqu’à présent, vous vous contentez certainement d’ajouter un lien vers votre profil Twitter. Les utilisateur de Gmail peuvent aussi utiliser WiseStamp qui est une extension pour Firefox et Chrome permettant d’enjoliver sa signature.

Fountains Tweets Images Appearance Create Words enregistrer des messages audios sur internet et les diffuser Envoyer des twitts écrits ne sera jamais remplacé par quelque chose de mieux comme une vidéo ou un message audio. C’est mon avis, mais c’est logique, car c’est une question de rapidité. Un texte écrit est encore la meilleure façon de passer un message. Cela dit, j’étais un grand utilisateur de seesmic pour envoyer des messages audio privés à ma famille. C’est donc qu’il a une niche dans ce type de service Si vous voulez envoyer des messages audios sur twitter ou uniquement sur un réseau bien à vous, voilà cette liste de 8 services.

Siete Aplicaciones y herramientas útiles para Hashtag en Twitter Los hashtags son las palabras que etiquetan las conversaciones y que se escriben con un signo de # delante y no sólo sirven para etiquetar conversaciones en Twitter sino que son útiles para organizar la información. con tantas aplicaciones diseñadas para ayudarte a sacar el máximo provecho de tus hashtags puedes caer en una confusión, por lo cual aquí te listamos algunas de ellas, para que les saques el mayor provecho: Estas herramientas te ayudan a descifrar las muchas veces complicada superposición de significados hashtags.