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The Most Complete Twitter Application List Available - 2011 Edition

The Most Complete Twitter Application List Available - 2011 Edition
I believe this is the best, most complete and accurate list of valuable Twitter applications available on the internet right now. To be fair, I absolutely have merged and plagiarized other older and outdated lists that I found (the larger ones are credited below). However, I spent a good deal of time to clean out the dead applications, delete the apps that were overly quirky or being developed, focus more on the apps that increase productivity, and add in many of the new great apps that have come out over the past six months - particularly in the productivity / business apps section where my primary interest lies. I have also tagged the tools that cost money / have a premium option ($) as well as if they have a valuable free option (F/$). Finally, while application selection can be a personal thing, I tagged my favorite app (*) in each category. Simple Web Based Clients and Twitter Viewing Tools (*): Can't go wrong with this -- web, iPhone, etc. Track The Latest Trends and Tags Related:  Twitter tools

Create PDF, DOC, XML and other docs from Twitter tweets! Wildfire Social Media Monitor Using Google Spreadsheets to extract Twitter data Posted November 20, 2009 in How-to, twitter | 24 Comments so far Last weekend I was looking for ways to extract Twitter search data in a structured, easily manageable format. The two APIs I was using (Twitter Search and Backtweets) were giving good results – but as a non-developer I couldn’t do much with the raw data they returned. Some extensive googling led me to this extremely useful post on Labnol, where I learnt about how to use the ImportXML function in Google Spreadsheets. Data you can extract from Twitter This walkthrough will teach you how to extract two types of Twitter data using Google Spreadsheets – tweets and links. Tweets are extracted using the Twitter Search API in conjunction with ImportFeed. Links are extracted using the Backtweets API in conjunction with ImportXML. I’m in a hurry, can I just do this right now? If you just want to do it – instead of learn how to do it – just open this Google spreadsheet I’ve created. How to extract tweets containing links

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LongURL | The Universal Way to Expand Shortened URLs Twitter + Email: Tweet via Email, Twitter Email Alerts, Twitter Notifications Provides Real-Time and Historical Twitter Analysis For brands, developers and curious users, PeopleBrowsr is rolling out an interesting new tool. helps people and companies "visualize, study and measure" Twitter conversations happening all over the web through general and custom reports and graphs.Topics and trends are stored and indexed, so researchers (be they corporate or otherwise) can get data on conversations with some historical context, as well as real-time stats. The user interface is simple and friendly, with a robust custom dashboard for subscribers. Subscriptions for premium features start at $20 per month. This is one of the most full-featured apps we've seen for analyzing Twitter data. There's a set of developer tools, as well. triturer twitter jusqu'au bout des bits Ayant un peu abandonné mon compte twitter au profit de google plus, je viens un peu de me ressusciter en testant le site qui permet non seulement de gérer nos listes de façon optimum, mais de suivre “en masse” des nouveaux comptes twitter (je vous laisse juge de l’interêt). Par exemple, vous pouvez suivre toutes les personnes qui ont fait un RT de vos messages. Quelqu’un qui vous fait un RT ne peut être que sympathique non? Alors il faut le suivre! Avec ce site vous pouvez commencer à suivre du monde en opérant des filtres plus ou moins savants. Exemple : vous pouvez suivre les personnes suivis par @korgben qui ont plus de 1000 followers et qui followback plus de 80% des gens qui les suivent! En fait vous pouvez manipuler les listes comme bon vous semble, voilà une capture de tous les filtres disponibles. et vous pouvez affiner la recherche avec le profile de l’utilisateur. Maintenant, voilà la question qui tue: à quoi ça peut bien servir?

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