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The Most Complete Twitter Application List Available - 2011 Edition

The Most Complete Twitter Application List Available - 2011 Edition
I believe this is the best, most complete and accurate list of valuable Twitter applications available on the internet right now. To be fair, I absolutely have merged and plagiarized other older and outdated lists that I found (the larger ones are credited below). However, I spent a good deal of time to clean out the dead applications, delete the apps that were overly quirky or being developed, focus more on the apps that increase productivity, and add in many of the new great apps that have come out over the past six months - particularly in the productivity / business apps section where my primary interest lies. I have also tagged the tools that cost money / have a premium option ($) as well as if they have a valuable free option (F/$). Finally, while application selection can be a personal thing, I tagged my favorite app (*) in each category. Simple Web Based Clients and Twitter Viewing Tools (*): Can't go wrong with this -- web, iPhone, etc. Track The Latest Trends and Tags

Create PDF, DOC, XML and other docs from Twitter tweets! The CIA Open Source Center Tracks the Pulse of the World Through Facebook & Twitter The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency has a crack group of analysts tracking the Internet, including tweets and Facebook messages, that takes the pulse of the world. Located in McLean, Virginia analysts at the CIA Open Source Center are known as the "vengeful librarians" according to a report from the Associated Press. These librarians are tracking up to five million tweets a day from places like China, Pakistan and Egypt. It is sometimes disconcerting to know what the U.S. intelligence complex is doing, right in your backyard. Open Source Center Set Up After 9/11 The CIA facility was set up after a recommendation from the 9/11 Commission. The Green Revolution in Iran in 2009 was when social media like Facebook and Twitter really came to the forefront of the center's analysts. The U.S. media does much of the same thing, albeit on a much smaller scale. (Disclosure: I worked for at the time and was in the newsroom during the Discovery Building news.

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LongURL | The Universal Way to Expand Shortened URLs 10 Twitter Analytics Tools to Investigate Your Marketing ROI There is a common opinion that Twitter is not very much of a social network and it is rather a place for marketers. It is obvious that every marketer or entrepreneur that starts Twitter campaign has its own master plan of how to conquer the hearts of the target audience via this fast-growing and unique network. There are tons of various software that will help you optimize work with Twitter, but today we want to draw your attention to the Twitter analytics tools that will help you know your marketing efforts ROI. Number of followers, their geolocation, impressions and other information that will be extremely useful for any considered Twitter user. The following list contains 10 various pieces of software containing options in their arsenal and we would love to tell you more about each of them. Of course some of these tools are already well-known among the web users (like Hootsuite or Tweetmeme) but we are sure you’ll find several new names here. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

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Tweek Auto Post - Schedule Tweets for Future | Free Software Tweek Auto Post is a free Twitter tool that lets you schedule tweets so that you can tweet automatically at a certain time in order to enhance Twitter with this free tweet scheduler. If you have tweets that have to be published at a particular time than Tweek Auto Post is the free Twitter tool for you. You just have to enter your tweets in Tweek Auto Post to schedule tweets. Update (1-Sep-2012): This software is not available any more. Sponsored Links Built-in Account Viewer: In the main window of Tweek Auto Post, you will get quick account information of your Twitter account. Tweek Auto Post has profile view link, whereby you can check your Twitter account from within the free tweet scheduler. Unlimited Customizable Posts: You can create unlimited posts with Tweek Auto Post. “Post Now” Option: Apart from the ability to schedule tweets, you can also post automatically in real time to enhance Twitter.