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Visibli: Optimize Your Social Media Engagement

Visibli: Optimize Your Social Media Engagement

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Manifiesto Cluetrain en Español Los mercados son conversaciones. Los mercados consisten de seres humanos, no de sectores demográficos. Las conversaciones entre seres humanos suenan humanas. Se conducen en una voz humana. Ya sea transmitiendo información, opiniones, perspectivas, argumentos en contra o notas humorosas, la voz humana es abierta, natural, sincera. La gente se reconoce como tal por el sonido de esta voz. : Publisher Social Sharing Benefits - Social Sharing Analytics to Generate Revenue and New Users to Website - Revenue + New Viewers + One Dashboard Generate Revenue: A 300x250 display ad that can carry your advertisers or ours. The ad unit appears only after a user has shared your content. New Viewers: Our integration with the major social networks, our proprietary URL shortener, our Share Text copy and paste functionality, and numerous other features offer your audience everything they need to easily share your content with the world.

Social Analytics Extend Your Brand Engaging Followers means sharing great content -- even if it isn’t your own. The Engagement Bar shows your brand above each linked page to keep you top-of-mind. Get Started The Educational Use of Fakebook Fakebook is a cool tool for generating fictitious Facebook profiles about popular personalities in history. This tool is very easy to use and has several educational advantages in education as we will see below. To start using Fakebook, you simply need to enter a name at the top of the page, then proceed to add friends, posts, comments and profile information. You can also save your work and edit it later. In a recent update, Fakebook Animated was introduced to allow users to watch the timeline of their fake Facebook profiles unfold over time.

4 Promising Curation Tools That Help Make Sense of the Web Steven Rosenbaum is a curator, author, filmmaker and entrepreneur. He is the CEO of, a real-time video curation engine for publishers, brands, and websites. His book Curation Nation is slated to be published this spring by McGrawHill Business. As the volume of content swirling around the web continues to grow, we're finding ourselves drowning in a deluge of data. Where is the relevant material? Where are the best columns and content offerings?

Para Recomendar Meet New People Tweet this page... Conversations Tweeters Hidden tweet. Unhide International Network for Social Network Analysis 6 ways to persuade your boss to say 'yes' to social media One of the most difficult problems in the social media world is getting the boss to understand and support an initial effort. If you hope to pressure your boss into supporting your nascent social media initiative through a "grassroots" effort, it's not going to work. Not in the long run. For effective, lasting organizational change to occur, it must be supported from the top. How do you gain that support when your boss doesn't get it? Who is the "sponsor" of your social media effort?

18 Free Wikipedia Tools For Better Research Wikipedia is an ocean of information where one can easily get lost. We have selected 18 really awesome tools that will allow you to get more out of wikipedia and utilize it in a more productive manner. All these tools are completely free: 1. Similpedia:

Un editor de ADN que podría curar casi el 90% de las enfermedades genéticas Podría hace viable en la clínica el famoso 'corta y pega' genético SONIA MORENOMadrid Actualizado Martes, 22 octubre 2019 - 07:41 Un nuevo sistema de edición genética perfecciona a la tecnología CRISPR, ofreciendo en teoría la posibilidad de corregir la gran mayoría de mutaciones en genes responsables de enfermedades. SocialWhois » Home Page The Case For Social Media in Schools A year after seventh grade teacher Elizabeth Delmatoff started a pilot social media program in her Portland, Oregon classroom, 20% of students school-wide were completing extra assignments for no credit, grades had gone up more than 50%, and chronic absenteeism was reduced by more than a third. For the first time in its history, the school met its adequate yearly progress goal for absenteeism. At a time when many teachers are made wary by reports of predators and bullies online, social media in the classroom is not the most popular proposition. Teachers like Delmatoff, however, are embracing it rather than banning it. They argue that the educational benefits of social media far outweigh the risks, and they worry that schools are missing out on an opportunity to incorporate learning tools the students already know how to use. What started as a Facebook-like forum where Delmatoff posted assignments has grown into a social media component for almost every subject.

4 Time Saving Content Curation Tools Content curation services, which had been one of the choice tools of marketing experts for some time now, are finally entering the mainstream. Some research done by the guys over at LikeHack showed that this service is now often used not by marketing consultants but by ordinary people. This is due to information overload and the rising need for content filtering. For this reason, content curation is evolving from not being only a professional tool but a tool that saves web surfers time as personal service. The demise of Google Reader is only going to accelerate the use of these tools as people switch to these emerging technologies to filter their content to save them time and increase content relevance.

Social media in education ~ classrooms, schools & the organisation Exploring the role of Social Media in Education The aim of this workshop is to demonstrate the importance and relevance of social media in twenty-first century education as demonstrated by the publications of organisations such as Educause, the PEW Internet and American Life Project, the Chronicle of Higher Education and the research of individuals such as Danah Boyd, George Siemens, Mark Pesce (blog), Bryan Alexander, Kevin Lim and other researchers across the globe. This practical workshop has educators in mind and is designed to enlighten the individual regarding the appropriate application of social media in an education setting. Positive exemplars will be shared with the participants and they will have the opportunity to explore a range of education sites that deploy social media.