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Clarifying My Views about Anthropogenic Climate Change Recently, a deservedly prominent integral thinker expressed to me his concern that what I have said about anthropogenic climate change may be inadvertently giving comfort to those who claim that humans have no influence on Earth’s climate. Given the consequences of the worst case scenario of climate change, including temperature increases of up to 4 Cº or more and dramatic rises in sea level, I am glad that my interlocutor encouraged me to clarify my position in regard to the role played by humans in climate change. I have never intended to give "aid and comfort to the enemies" of rational discourse needed to develop a more sustainable human culture. I believe that human activity, including but not limited to burning fossil fuels, is contributing to climate change.

22-Year-Old's Sci-Fi Digital Short Gets Hollywood's Attention Science fiction movies are among the hardest and most expensive films to make in Hollywood. You need a big budget and a lot of people working on it. But not if you're Kaleb Lechowski. The 22-year-old German who studies digital film design made his own animated Hollywood-style sci-fi short — and now he's headed to Hollywood. Why the 'Idle No More' Movement Is Our Best Chance for Clean Land and Water Photo Credit: Caelie Frampton January 13, 2013 | Like this article? Join our email list:

Sandy puts climate change back on the US election agenda The images of a paralysed New York City at the mercy of Hurricane Sandy's wall of water have forced climate change on to the political agenda in the final week of the 2012 presidential election campaign. Even before Sandy made landfall political commentators were debating whether the storm would be better for Mitt Romney or Barack Obama. In any event it has brought forth statements from prominent Democrats and elected officials on climate change and spurred public debate about the neglected topic. Campaigners said the devastating storm could turn out to be the October Surprise of the elections, exposing Republicans' failure to engage with an issue that is no longer a distant threat, but a present day danger. Bill Clinton, campaigning for Barack Obama in Minnesota, attacked Romney for using climate change as a laugh line in his convention speech.

Disney goes back to it's older (better) ways in the stunning Paperman Here’s a fun fact to definitely not make you feel old: The Lion King came out 19 years ago. Since then, in my own humble opinion, the quality of Disney’s productions hasn’t quite reached a similar standard. Until, that is, today when we came across this utterly mesmerising short film entitled Paperman straight from Walt Disney Studios themselves. The way they capture you is by no means groundbreaking, but is a surefire way to get you all weepy and slushy on a Wednesday morning. Sandy forces climate change on US election despite fossil fuel lobby Cross-posted from The Guardian Such is Big Energy's hold on DC, neither Obama nor Romney talk about climate change. But Americans are joining the dots Here's a sentence I wish I hadn't written -- it rolled out of my Macbook in May, part of an article for Rolling Stone that quickly went viral: "Say something so big finally happens (a giant hurricane swamps Manhattan, a megadrought wipes out Midwest agriculture) that even the political power of the industry is inadequate to restrain legislators, who manage to regulate carbon."

It’s Not Easy Being Green by Joseph Heath - The Literary Review of Canada A couple of years ago, while contemplating the dandelions running riot alongside the road in front of my house, I decided it was time to get a weed whacker. I went down to my local Canadian Tire to see what was available. Being an environmentally sensitive guy, I picked out a nice 18-volt battery-powered one. I returned home, plugged it in overnight and set out the next morning to wreak havoc on the obstreperous dandelions. The results, however, fell somewhat short of expectations.

Modern green movement: Eco-pragmatists are challenging traditional environmentalists over scope of nature Photo by Harley Soltes. In 2005, two renegade greens tried to kill off environmentalism in broad daylight. The environmental movement, they said in a provocative essay, had grown stale and ineffectual. It was beholden to a wooly-headed, tree-hugging worldview that was as dated as lava lamps, bellbottoms and Billy Jack. This save-the-Earth brand of environmentalism, which has long idealized wilderness (as true nature) while simultaneously designating humanity as the scourge of the planet, "must die so that something new can live," Ted Nordhaus and Michael Shellenberger wrote in "The Death of Environmentalism" (PDF).