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Playstation have created an installation that challenges people to insert their fingers into a machine that shock them, as a stunt to promote the new ‘inFAMOUS: Second Son’ game. People step right up, insert their fingers into the holes in the machine, before it charges up and starts increasing the shock over 5 long seconds… If you make it all the way, you win the new game! Great stunt for Playstation Belgium, but not many YouTube views… Created by TBWA. (Thanks Rindert)

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Nike: Sneak & Destroy On Facebook Places  This was a cool experiential campaign from Nike to promote the Varsity Destroyer jacket. Teaming up with Koi Fusion, a popular food truck, Nike tweeted clues to followers in search of the Koi Fusion truck, once found, you had to check in with Facebook Places and then order a secret menu item… The Destroyer Burrito. Get there in time, with the right info and you scored a special Destroyer jacket + free Burrito. Great to see a little Facebook Places being worked into campaigns already! Be Sociable, Share! BakerTweet Nitty gritty We built a wall-mounted, Wi-Fi device with a large, friendly dial for doughy hands. It had a bespoke Arduino circuit board and hygienic wipe-clean controls.

BrandSimple: The Blog Will an apple a day make McDonald’s a healthier brand? Posted on: July 29th, 2011By: Allen Adamson I’m not sure whether or not McDonald’s is trying to change its brand image to become known as the healthier fast-food place but, if so, one action is not going to do it. Read my latest column on and you’ll discover, as all good companies know, that branding is a marathon event, not a lap or two at a time. As for now, a couple of extra apple slices might give McDonald’s a healthy boost for the short term, but it’s the long term that matters. Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung / Forum: Qualitative Social Research FQS is a peer-reviewed multilingual online journal for qualitative research established in 1999. FQS thematic issues are published tri-annually. In addition, selected individual contributions and contributions to the journal's regular features FQS Reviews, FQS Debates, FQS Conferences and FQS Interviews are published as soon as they have undergone peer review. FQS is an open-access journal, so all articles are available free of charge.

AdFreak Need a new reason to cry at weddings? Tosando, a Japanese company that offers musical instruments and lessons, is pleased to oblige with this intense, time-tripping tear-jerker. The short film tells the story of a widowed, middle-aged father and his daughter on her wedding day. Video: Introducing Google Instant Search  You’ve probably heard about the new Google Instant Search, so here is the introduction video to help you understand exactly what instant search is, how it works and why it’s so great. And I’ll tell you what, instant it is! Loving it so far. Instant search may very well change the SEO game from a visual and language perspective.

7 Exciting Web Development Trends for 2011 At the end of December, you read Andrew's list of the hottest technologies, tools, and resources to come from 2010. Today, we're going to look forward, and take a peek at some exciting emerging technologies and trends. A Word from the Author HTML 5 Showcase: The Wilderness Downtown  I remember seeing this as it launched last week and was itching to post it, I held back a few days, because I wanted to showcase it as a video so everyone could get the full visual experience (it only works in Chrome browser, so naturally, the demo was built by Google!). This is by far, the most powerful HTML 5 demonstration I’ve seen yet, and it’s pretty easy to see why when you look at the serious javascript at work here… The HTML 5 demo has multiple choreographed windows triggered by music points, interactive bird flocking to your mouse and in time with the music , custom rendered Google maps , perfect real-time compositing over the top of maps, some advanced procedural drawing that delivers velocity influenced tree branches from the mouse and even 3D canvas rendering! So, enough of the nerd stuff, this is bloody amazing, check it out, you’ll be glad you did.

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