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Where can I find industry and company financial ratios? Financial ratios are often used to compare a company against an industry average or other companies in order to benchmark or measure a company’s performance.

Where can I find industry and company financial ratios?

Industry ratios are often useful when creating the financial components of a business plan. This article discusses several resources that can be used to find industry and company financial ratios. With the exception of the Yahoo Industry Research Center, all resources listed below are subscription resources. If you are not affiliated with Ohio University, check with your local library for access, as many of these resources are commonly held subscriptions at academic and public libraries. Larger companies and industries If you are researching larger companies and industries, you may find the resources below more useful than the ones above.

Mergent Online Mergent Online allows you to do an advanced search for companies with the same SIC or NAICS code and then create a comparison report. Damodaran Online: Home Page for Aswath Damodaran. MAGNA GLOBAL Advertising Forecasts: 2014. Globally, media owner advertising revenues grew by +3.2% in 2013 to $489.6 billion.

MAGNA GLOBAL Advertising Forecasts: 2014

This is in line with our previous forecast (+3.0% in June 2013). As the world economy gradually improves in 2014, so will advertising spending. We now expect global advertising revenues to grow by +6.5% (previously: +6.1%) to reach $521.6bn, which will be the strongest year-on-year growth since 2010 (+8.4%, following the 2009 recession). The non-recurring sports events of 2014 (Sochi Winter Olympics, Brazil Soccer World Cup) and the US mid-term elections will contribute to the global growth of television (+7.5%). That compares a with a modest 1.8% growth in 2013 for TV globally. Valorisation de JC Decaux SA (FR0000077919 - ticker:DEC) par les multiples boursiers. Commentaires Le ratio EV/EBITDA est un ratio pertinent pour la valorisation boursière.

Valorisation de JC Decaux SA (FR0000077919 - ticker:DEC) par les multiples boursiers

JC Decaux SA a un ratio EV/EBITDA DE 8.63 sur les 12 prochains mois. Ce ratio est inférieur à la valeur médiane de son peer group: 9.75. Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings Inc (CCO) P/E Ratio(ttm) Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings Inc (NYSE:CCO) P/E Ratio 0.00 (As of Today) As of today, Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings Inc's share price is $7.09.

Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings Inc (CCO) P/E Ratio(ttm)

Nabil Hijazin: Pioneering Iraqi outdoor advertising and serving clients since 2004. Nabil Hijazin is the Managing Director for Diyar Outdoor, the pioneering and largest outdoor media network in Iraq.

Nabil Hijazin: Pioneering Iraqi outdoor advertising and serving clients since 2004

We spoke to Nabil about the challenges Diyar faced and the Iraqi advertising market. Q1. Bourse d’Alger : Avenir Décoration frappe à sa porte. La société à capitaux privés Avenir Décoration, spécialisée dans l’affichage urbain et la location d’espaces publicitaires, compte s’introduire en Bourse, a-t-on appris samedi auprès de la Commission de surveillance des opérations de bourse (Cosob). « La Cosob a reçu une lettre d’intention d’introduction en Bourse adressée par la société algérienne à capitaux privés, Avenir Décoration », a indiqué une source proche du régulateur boursier.

Bourse d’Alger : Avenir Décoration frappe à sa porte

Selon la même source, la société est en train de préparer son dossier et de lever les contraintes déjà identifiées en vue de lancer le processus d’introduction en Bourse. « Une fois toutes les contraintes levées, la notice d’information et le prospectus prêts, la commission examinera le dossier relatif à l’intention d’introduction en Bourse de cette société pour donner son accord à la réalisation de cette opération », a-t-on souligné. Mourad Hadj Saïd. Notre management est centré sur un critère : la satisfaction clientèle Mourad Hadj Saïd est, incontestablement, l’homme qui a modernisé l’affichage publicitaire en Algérie.

Mourad Hadj Saïd

Pour ce manager hors pair, l’affichage est devenu «un véritable observatoire, un baromètre fiable de la vitalité d’une économie». En exclusivité pour Dziri, Mourad Hadj Saïd revient sur son parcours, ses réussites et nous parle de ses futurs projets. Factiva. Who's Who in Jordan's Advertising and Media. Trinet (Al-Amal), a fully fledged outdoor advertising company commenced its operations in the year 1996, when it pioneered the launch of Tri vision outdoor boards in the Kingdom of Jordan.

Who's Who in Jordan's Advertising and Media

Since it was established, Tri vision could foresee the business potential of these outdoor boards in the coming years. With this vision, Trinet set out to establish the biggest outdoor network in Jordan and has now become the largest independent company, operating more than 500 advertising displays all over the country; Tri vision, backlit and static boards. The commitment to deliver high quality products and services ensured a large, diverse and repetitive portfolio of advertising clients and the market leadership.

Having established Trinet as the market leader in Jordan, the company then expanded to Dubai, in 2001, by establishing Trinet Outdoor Dubai. Recently, Trinet received an award from the government of the UAE for excellence of achievement, due to successfully installing a 450m X 10 m billboard. Middle East Online Advertising Market Research Report. Financial return vs. marketing skill - billboards unpacked. We all know that big guys with big money tend to win bigger, it is no secret that the best way to reap big rewards from billboards in Africa is to start with a battalion of cash.

Financial return vs. marketing skill - billboards unpacked

That way you can subsume fledgling enterprises that have great assets but lack volumes to service big brand needs. In the same breath, the brand managers who buy faces have no reason to be attuned to the media owner's investment model and their EDBITDA, ROI, PE multiples and so on. The media owner's CEO's mind is not directed to growing client's brand share, strategy, tactics, call to action and all those KPI's that their clients measure themselves by 'that is typically the reserve of their account managers'. Their mind is tasked with financial investment issues such as sell out ratios, site growth and other media owner issues that satisfy investors. Out-of-home advertising: Billboard boom. All it lacks now is a drinks dispenser ROADSIDE billboards, posters on buses and subway escalators, ads in airport terminals—a type of publicity known as out-of-home advertising—used to be the dull end of the industry.

Out-of-home advertising: Billboard boom

No more. The falling price and improving quality of flat-screen displays mean that static posters printed on paper are being replaced by snazzy digital commercials with moving pictures, sound and sometimes interactive features. As some advertising media, especially newspapers, see their audiences fade, streets, airports and other public spaces are becoming crowded with more potential viewers than ever, as people continue moving to cities and travel more. Opportunities in out-of-home in Africa. One burgeoning market for wide format printers throughout Africa is out-of-home (OOH) advertising, a week before FESPA Africa, we talk to the continent's leading companies. Whether it is the more established billboards, the soft signage that is growing in popularity or the more technically challenging applications such as vehicle wraps, the scope of the opportunity is enormous.

Lyn Jones, Marketing Manager of Continental Outdoor Media, which operates in 14 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, says that the OOH medium is one of the most effective for advertisers in Africa. “A recent survey we did of major brands throughout Africa found that OOH is key to the media plans of many advertisers and marketers. That’s not particularly surprising when you consider how effective OOH is with regard to recall and awareness, not to mention the overall positive perception that the average consumer in Africa has of billboards and other OOH mediums.” This presents a significant opportunity for OOH media. JCDecaux Middle East - Global Outdoor Advertising Market to Reach US$43.8 Billion by 2017, According to New Report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

With the corporate landscape fast changing into brandscape, branding and marketing efforts are expected to witness vibrant activity in the upcoming years with advertising emerging into a major beneficiary of the trend. Global Outdoor Advertising Market to Reach US$43.8 Billion by 2017, According to New Report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc. San Jose, CA (PRWEB) October 05, 2011 Follow us on LinkedIn - With the corporate landscape fast changing into brandscape, branding and marketing efforts are expected to witness vibrant activity in the upcoming years with advertising emerging into a major beneficiary of the trend. New Botswana outdoor media report. Outdoor Advertising - Jordan Media and Advertising Guide. The OUTDOOR advertising in Jordan is one of the most reliable advertising tools with large number of reputable outdoor advertising companies and competitive rates: Energy Outdoor Advertising 106, Al Husani Center Paris Street, Amman-Jordan Tel: +962 (6) 5818013 / 5813018 Fax: +962 (6) 5818056 Hills Outdoor Advertising Um Othaina, Mogadishu street – Building no 5P.O.Box 2069, (11821) Amman, Jordan.

Exploring Opportunities for Outdoor Advertising Business (Page 1 of 3) By Ekundayo Adeniran and Dada Ajai-Ikhile THE parade of progress of the Global Outdoor Advertising business in Africa has come and long gone. Delegates from all over the world have since returned home to take advantage of insights gained at the greatest showpiece that created so much buzz and blitz in Lagos, as have not been witnessed in recent times. Some beat a retreat to recharge their creative batteries for the next edition of the great conclave of ideas about the global outdoor advertising business, the first of its kind in Africa. For three days, the George Noah-inspired LASAA, with the support of Governor Babatunde Fashola, moved people in the outdoor advertising business, to fashion out a raft of solutions in saving the industry from being cut down from the lofty heights it presently occupies in the media landscape by a swarm of every day marauding threats.

Outdoor Advertising: A View from the Industry - outdooradvertising.pdf. Continental Outdoor : Africa Business Directory. This is advertising that's accountable, in-your-face and operates 24 hours a day – its the most reliable source of advertising where power cuts don't affect your advertising reach. With markets and businesses becoming so agressive and competitive, its found that people spend more time travelling or out of the household therefore making billboards more effective. Research Monitor - Middle East. Out-of-home advertising. Bankmed > Publications > Special Reports.